1. Im so confused and frustrated! like i have stong feelings for my dads cousins son! he is so flippin hot! I like him a whole lot and i think the feeling is mutual, cuz like we went to a family cabin this weekend and we were flirting and i layed on him and he was saying stuff like sweet! like he said if this guy i like touched me or tried to make me have sex with him he would kick his ass!!!!! he is sooo much fun and i like him alot! i really wanna b wiht him….. but i dont wanna at the same time bcuz he’s family u know! like we had the same great grandma!!!! it would be weird!!!! but i like cant stop thinking bout him now! its sooo frustrating! i just want him soooo bad!!!!!!

  2. So what he’s ur cousin? I say go for it!

  3. Hello! When I opened this page and read your messages.. I was surprised coz am not alone..a deeply madly inloved with my first degree cousin..I just knew that i love him when i spend my summer vacation in the province..it just happend very fast..at first, it was difficult for us, coz we see each other secretly..when my mom knew about this, she stopped me from going to their house, and every time i go out, she think that i’m goin to meet my cuz..but nothing stops us..we lovrd each other so much that’s why no matter what they do to stop our relationship it didn’t work, and that makes our relationship stronger..at present we’re apart but our communication is always open..we talk on phone every night and on sundays we see each other on the net..we have a lot of future plans and 1 of it is, getting married on 2009..so for those cousin lovers go for it and be happy..God bless..