male pregnancy

Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. At least for the moment. This is the reason blogjam has been unavailable for the best part of a day and a half, and it appears as though my web hosts were an innocent party in all the turmoil. So I’m back, and linking to stuff again, like this site proclaiming to be a guide to the first genuine male pregnency. Push, Mr Lee! Push!


  1. I am Gay

  2. I am Gay

  3. you are all gay

  4. you are all gay

  5. i am a male and 30 weeks pregnant

  6. what do you mean you are pregnant? that is just wrong for a male to become pregnant. why must you always be in competition with us?(females) why must you take the only thing we can do differently from you away from women? if god wanted males to become pregnant than he would have gave you the uterus and the painful periods every month. let us be the ones that can bring a baby in the world and not males.

    • what is your problem? do you relize what you are saying? if a mae where to get pregnate maybe it would change the way that most of them look at us. maybe they will see that we are not just peaces of meat that they think they can tenderize. If a male got pregnate maybe they would relize that us wemen go through more than what they think and that we have feellings too. that it is not easy popping hudge watermelons size humans out of our punonies along with taking care of them and everything else. maybe they will have more respect for us and see the troubles that we really go throug. not only that if men got pregnate birth control would be 100% effective lol.

  7. Yes I am Still gay and single

  8. Duh, I’ve always known Kyle was gay!!!!

  9. I am a man and i would love to carry a baby and i am not gay.

  10. _imasbigasahouse_3rdee

    I am also a pregnant male, who is carrying his boyfriend’s baby. Of course it was an accident, and curse you Rick! (the father, well, the other father.)

    • so how did this happen? i dont mean for you to get technical or anything its just with you being a male in all how is it phyisically possible? is it the chromozones?

  11. I think that this is so wrong!!! if god wantted men to have the privalige to have a baby he would have. and god is aginst being gay!

    • you know all this talk about god. if you really look at every religion they are all preying to a god. however it dosent have to be societys god. and how do you know that god is a man because a book says so. books say so many things and this is comming from a book that has been translated so many times and things have been taken out of it so you dont really know what is true and what is not. i’m not saying that majoity of societys god does not exsist, i just think you all shouldn’t talk so much about this person. if you really want to get into it god suposidly put us humans on earth as we are. we were born naked. there is no dress code so if these men are getting pregnate no matter how bazare this sounds to society if you think about it sientificly it could happen. we are who we are and they cant help the fact that they are getting pregnate. you say god is against being gay then why do we have chromozones that go wrong. its the chromozones in the brain when you are born that bake you you. i just watched a tv show on lifetime about this boy that was haveing gender identity problems. he was born a male but he wanted to be a girl. these things he coulnt understand well push come to shuve after she ended up dead (long story watch a girl like me for more details) the boys mother found out that the reason for this gender poblem was because in the begining every one is a female. later on in the pregnacy things begin to split and go there right ways well not on her son case he a male one the outside but his brain was a females brain. so basicly his brain devloped and haveing the way a female would think. society thinks that these people are freaks but in all reality they are not. i have a friend that has 3 overies and 2 uteries. she is 7 months pregnate and could possibly have another one that is 3 months. these things happen all the time. these people are who they are and they cant help that they have these problems. society thinks that these people are freeks and abnormle and are sceared of them becasue of these abnormalities only because they dont understand them. if society would just educate them selfs and not be so closed minded they wouldn’t be so sceard and would understand them more. oh and by the way u say that god is against gays and you are so hummble of ur bible the bible was written in greek. this was back in the greek and roman times. shakespear being roman and even the greeks scientist still believe that most of them had homophobic tendencys and that some of them where actually gay.

      • yeah and what does male pregnacy have to do with being gay its the cromozones? yeah and it also states in the bible that “the’ll shay not judge” i thought all of this was done and over with. people need to grow up. and how can people say that this is not possible we have done descovered that there is conjointed twins.

      • while i agree wid u i got 2 say their is little errors in th bible. but uther than that i agree with u.

  12. Those of you that think this is real need to slit your wrists and remove yourselves from the gene pool. IF you have children then you need to slit their wrists too.

    Also, you could look into the sky while its raining. You’ll probably drown and not even realize it.

    • you are a dick go educate your self before you talk any moreof yur bullshit. you are stupid here let me educate youso you dont have to get off of your lazy ass and get a dictionary. stupid means lack of knowledge so go educate your self. k? thanx

  13. Um, people, please chill. Male pregnancy may be just possible, but it would be so dangerous in reality that not a lot of men would *want* to go through it. There would probably end up being a unanimous agreement to leave the childbearing to women!! Ultimately, it would not pose a huge threat to humanity. I hope.
    Also, if some guys want to role-play or goof around about it, let them. Some people just have strange senses of humor. Relax.

  14. Are you guys really pregnant or just lying Send me pics of you guys I dont believe you

  15. I think that male pregnancy is beautiful and that God allowed us as a civilization to discover how to make it happen.
    I am a female that is 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I am also Christian. Methodist. There is NOTHING in the bible that says God doesn’t want men to carry children. Anyway, good for all of you that are taking that leap. Women spend half their time bitching about how they wish men could feel what it’s like to give birth and to have periods… Well…we got our wish and now they just want to complain some more. Get over it!

    • I am a male and my partner is 6 months pregnant. Before she became pregnant, we had a lengthy discussion on how her pregnancy could change our life. Lately, sometimes we also do a role playing: I put on a quite large fake belly (made from water balloon) just to get an idea of how it felt (well, physically) by being pregnant and doing stuff around the house. I called it pregnant simulation and during the weekend I could spend the days with the belly on night and day. Seriously, being pregnant is not an easy thing to do. I really admire women who are pregnant and embrace the miracle that God has given them. If I could be pregnant, no doubt I will take my partner’s place to carry the baby for the whole nine month.

    • no not me you all do what you have to do fuck these people that chose to be idiots and not educate them selves.

  16. I am Gay!!! But i am a gay female. There is nothing wrong with being gay we can still go to heaven for you christian people so quit judging us. I love my girlfriend do you have a problem with that. And for all the gay people rainbow pride

  17. Please stop blaming the bible for human decisions…..god’s not one of us…yes i appreciate the fact of you taking the risk but please note dont judge the words of the bible for your own desires…..on the day of judgement we are answerable to nobody but god alone.. kaluia1 god bless …plz lets not bring the mights words of god b/w conversations like this…i request u…..thx

  18. Please stop blaming the bible for human decisions…..god’s not one of us…yes i appreciate the fact of you taking the risk but please note dont judge the words of the bible for your own desires…..on the day of judgement we are answerable to nobody but god alone.. kaluia1 god bless …plz lets not bring the mights words of god b/w conversations like this…i request u…..thx