mark knopfler is god

Yesterday I wuz bored. This is what happened:

Joel made this fantastic high-tech tribute to the God Among Men that is Mark Knopfler (out of Dire Straits)

Mark Knopfler News, quite bewilderingly, declined to link to it. Unfortunately, some people found out about this and started appealing to the guy who runs it. Joel managed to obtain the relevant correspondence, including my unfortunate contribution.

Craig of Flip Flop Flying wrote:

I understand that you to link to more / -as lifelong terrible Straits lover and Knopfler ventilator, I find this, around a terrible dishonor to be indicate. I sick by largely quantity of info what is copy on one hundred similarly websites, and find it very renewing to see to something what to be completely to be intended to have to celebration of this large man and its music. It is one my faves. I think that you should set her inside.



I then wrote a mail pupporting to be from

Hi Terry,

I understand you have declined to link to I find this a little disconcerting, as it is by far the most favourable online tribute I’ve seen to myself.

Whilst there have been a lot of mediocre tributes to have appeared recently, the page at rathergood is an absolute tour de force, summing up what it is to be in Dire Straits far better than any other piece I’ve seen.


Mark Knopfler
(Guitar, Dire Straits).

Mark Knopfler News became agitated, but still there was no concession.

Andrew Sheerin of Hairytongue sent this:

Hi Terry,

I have the privilege of knowing Mark Knopfler quite well. So when I realised you were actively discouraging rightly deserved praise of this guitar legend (I’m referring, of course, to your refusal to link to Joel’s tribute page – I felt compelled to phone Mark and get his side of the story. Here’s what he said.

In the words of the great man himself. Please. Re-think.

All the best,


You can listen to the recorded conversation by clicking here to download.

At this point, Mark Knopfler News told Joel “please tell them to stop.” In fact, Knopfler himself was invoked against the perpetrators: “I can assure you that Mark himself would be seriosuly unhappy”

So we backed off.

99% of the above text was not written by me, but by someone far more talented.


  1. yes, indeed woo. many woos. woo x 2 to the power of woo, infact.


  3. Well words are not enough to decribe the
    magical mark knopfler.He is a legend who has enthraled us all whever he plays those magical strings

  4. With respect from Kazakhstan!!!

  5. i think that romeo and juliet is the greatest song ever recorded. i also want to say that making movies is my favorite all time album. mark knopfler is the most talented guitarist and lead vocalist to me. i love the passion in his voice and it is still there after all of these years. thank you mark and dire straits. you inspired my love of music, good music that is. sincerely, janet pinkerton forever fan!!!!!!

  6. one more thing, i personally think that mark knopfler deserves every bit of respect and recognition that there is, and that still would not be enough!!!! that is just my opinion. i am just a forever fan an ordinary everyday person. i just hope that others see this and if they have knowledge of what great musical talent is, they will agree. i am terminally ill with cancer and have alot of rough days, but when i hear marks voice and guitar, my mood totally changes back to good. i relax and remember how good things were for me personally in those days and i get a whole new sense of hope and goodtimes. i do not know how many other people can say that of them, but i am. his voice is peace and calm for me. so please do not deny one of the greatest artists his due!!! janet pinkerton

  7. knopfler is the best worker on his job songwriter and playing and janet pinkerton i also get a better day whit is our music and ear also the notting hillbilies or the song the next time im in tonw neck and neck album . janet you will be on mi mind . sorry if my english is not so god

  8. ,,,,,,,dIRE sTRAITS,,,,, are the best band ever,, I think that private investigations is the best song after sultans of swing,,, I love you mark,, if you come to algeria ,,, i will be happy to,,, learn you some guitar!!!!! I think you never heard me playing down to the water line!!! hmmm,,