can’t spell

A book arrived through the post from Amazon today, Steve Lamacq’s Going Deaf For A Living. For the unititiated, Steve is a BBC Radio One DJ and former NME journalist. I worked with him during the early days of London’s Xfm, before it got taken over by The Man, and wondered what he might have to say about those heady days. And so I quote:

The chart itself would be faxed through from one of the major Oxford Street shops. We then scanned through it, and if we didn’t have some of the records, station all-rounder Frazier had to leg it round the corner to buy them. Sometimes he nearly didn’t make it back in time.

Frazier? FRAZIER? I’ve known the bloke for ten years and he can’t even spell my name! Jeez. To add insult to injury, he recently tried to chat up my flatmate’s girlfriend outside a bar in Islington. That’s stardom for you.

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  1. Fraz,

    I know ex “girlfiends” of yours that call you Frazier.