goodbye little mitch

I am in mourning. It is with great sadness that I formally announce the death of “Little Mitch”, one of my goldfish, found floating upside down in the aquarium this morning. He will be sorely missed, most of all by his tank-mates Ritchie, Copper Gavin, and the other one.

Little Mitch was flushed down the toilet and towards the sea at precisely 7.34am this morning.

RIP, little fella.

To preserve the memory of our dead friend for all of history, a eulogy has been written by Mark Mitchell, after whom the fish was named. You can read it here



  1. Is that the one with the eye? Please don’t tell me it’s the one with the eye…:-(

  2. No, it’s the fat orange one. The one with the eye is still thriving and quite grotesque.

  3. hello. you have a fish with some sort of deformity, or, extra eye? curious.

  4. We have a fish which has one eye five or six times bigger than the other, which unbalances the poor fella and affects the way it swims. We’re afraid of putting sharp objects in the tank in case his big eye bursts, especially as it seems to be getting bigger all the time.

    In an unrelated story, another fish died yesterday (Copper Gavin). We think there is some kind of great sickness in the water, but we’ve proceeded to buy a replacement called Walken.