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I must admit, I really don’t know what to make of this. The site was apparently built as a protest against the act of child circumcision, and doesn’t pull punches in the way it depicts the procedure. Warning: Don’t read during mealtime.

The perfect gift

Know a Star Wars freak who has absolutely everything? Looking for that perfect gift but can’t think of something that isn’t on his watch list? Or do you just want a good chuckle at the expense of those who obsess over any of the above? Check this auction.

slow dance

Another Kilburn blogmeet last night, attented by the usual suspects (myself and Marcia), plus our latest recruit David. Amongst the many subjects up for debate was teenage slowdancing. Remember? A school party, a two litre bottle of cheap cider, and the chance to fumble ungracefully with the object of your adolescent desire at the end of the evening. Mine was Cindy Petry, a beautiful (if unaturally proportioned) brunette. Finally there was the music… awful, sappy, romantic ballads. The three that stick in my memory are:

  • Adrian Gurvitz — Classic
  • Chicago — If You Leave Me Now
  • 10CC — I’m Not In Love

Nowadays that music makes me shudder, but Cindy Petry, where are you? I miss the dancing…

tourettes ‘n shit

It’s been a busy busy busy couple of days. Our office has moved to the West End of Good Olde London Towne, just south of Leicester Square amidst the tourists. I’ve not had time to surf, so I’ve just cobbled together a few links of minor import from other sources.

First off, great use of a terrible URL [via Stu]. Next up, terrible use of a great URL. Moving along, we have the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Shalom, my friends. Finally, some very distressing news indeed. That giant cat? It was a fake!. I’m devastated.

goodbye little mitch

I am in mourning. It is with great sadness that I formally announce the death of “Little Mitch”, one of my goldfish, found floating upside down in the aquarium this morning. He will be sorely missed, most of all by his tank-mates Ritchie, Copper Gavin, and the other one.

Little Mitch was flushed down the toilet and towards the sea at precisely 7.34am this morning.

RIP, little fella.

To preserve the memory of our dead friend for all of history, a eulogy has been written by Mark Mitchell, after whom the fish was named. You can read it here



The Japanese have come a long way since Space Invaders. The latest craze to hit the arcades in Tokyo is Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, whereupon a player can select from a variety of foes and then proceed to, er… spank them. Amongst the choice of targets are “ex-girlfriend”, “prostitute” and “child molester”. Upon completion the machine will issue you with a card that’ll explain “your sexual behaviour”. In my humble scientific opinion, this is well-and-truly fucked-up.

so shoot me

OK. I apologise. I go away on holiday, and then don’t bother updating when I get back. I’m sorry. So shoot me.