black is the new black

I hate black backgrounds on websites; they always seem so 1990’s, so cheap, so pornographic. Then today I find two sites in my referral logs which are both black, and both look just grand, thankyou very much. The first uses lurid green fonts and is really rather attractive, whilst the second uses lurid green fonts and is also rather attractive. Is this a trend? Also in the “friends of blogjam” section is, which is the Spanish version of a feature on my old Dutch favourite, lubacov. Dave, who runs said site, is sadly suffering from RSI and won’t be posting for a while, and I’d suggest you e-mailed him with comforting words, but he can’t use his computer. Get well soon!


  1. I use white text against black on my personal website for one, simple reason — clinical studies have shown that it’s easier on the eyes than the traditional dark text against light background designs favored by most websites.

    It’s interesting, tho — you associate black backgrounds immediately with the 90s and pornography, whereas the second green-on-black site you link to is entirely evocative of the Matrix…

  2. 90s, pornography, and let’s not forget sad, fat goths whinging on about themselves and their suicide attempts on sites with black backgrounds with dripping blood and skull accessories. it’s them damn goths wot have spoiled black backgrounds for the rest of us! :) add to that “E/N” sites (which don’t make sense to me. is there anything more to an E/N site than just an often poor weblog with porn links and banners, and a webcam trained on a spotty teen who needs to get out more/get laid?) and the thought of using a black background loses its appeal quickly.

  3. it seems like Sports Radio is the biggest offender. Jim Rome’s site sucks. I can’t read it, much less look at it. And a whole bunch of other Sports Radio sites, and radio station sites where the GM or Sales Manager have any input seem to suck just as bad. Black is the new BUY A CAR NOW/BIG BILL HELL home of challenge pissing.