jeff cohen

“Outrage is the natural and appropriate response to the mass murder of September 11. But media should not be glibly encouraging retaliatory violence without remembering that U.S. retaliation has killed innocent civilians abroad, violated international law and done little to make us safer.” Jeff Cohen at


  1. I think uur an ugly crap nd Sean Astin & Cory Feldman are WAYYY HOTTER THAN UU!

  2. hi! Ther Goonies rock and chunk was a great roll n i no he isnt the best lookin of the lot but give him his props he stared in 1 of th most famous movies in history a movie that has touched lot of people’s live and made a stain in history 4 the largest kid cast of the 80s and can u MARIA say u did that!!

  3. Just a quick note to people visiting this page. This is NOT Jeff Cohen from The Goonies. You might want to try Jeff B. Cohen if you’re a Goonie fan!


    I am Mr.Kazeem Mohammed,the director in charge of auditing and accounting section in the BANK CENTRAL OF COTE D’IVOIRE in west Africa.

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  5. where the fuck is chunk? this is deceptive!!!!!