So we’re now officially at war. At which point I’ll get on my soapbox to make two points:

  • This is not a war against terror. I don’t think the USA will be storming into Belfast to sort out the Real IRA or into Catalonia to silence ETA. This is a war against America’s enemies, enemies created by the USA’s own policies of sanction and denial. Call it whatever you like, but Blowback has come home to roost.
  • In times of great national trauma, why does the Britney Spears dead in car crash rumour always resurface?


  1. Even if they *would* go to Catalonia to stop ETA, I doubt if they would succeed. ETA operate from the Basque Region, which is about 250 miles west of Catalonia. Then again it wouldn’t be that bad – they’d be dropping humanitarian help at the same time, wouldn’t they?

  2. Wow. I thought Catalonia *was* basque country. Show’s how silly I am, doesn’t it? I’ll keep out of politics from now on.

  3. The official name in Spain for the Basque Region is Euskadi. Oh yes, I’m smart.

  4. In Catalonia we are also nationalists, but we don’t believe in terrorism, we just believe in democracy.