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As interesting an evening as I’ve had in, well, this week. First of all I plunged briefly into the murky world of the UK bloggers, followed swiftly by a trip to see Sweden’s finest garage punk diehards The Hives at the Notting Hill Arts Club. During the gig I was standing behind an incredibly beautiful girl, someone I was sure I’d met before. We exchanged a couple of glances, but nothing more, and when I left she handed me a flier for a club she’s obviously involved with, California Love (1st Sunday of every month, Shepherds Bush Green opposite McDonalds). I clocked the email address at the bottom, and realised that she’s the daughter of an old boss, someone I haven’t seen in the best part of 15 years, when she must have been no more than 14 years old. Suddenly I feel ready to collect my pension.

i am not depressed

“You show some mild symptoms of depression. It does not seem to be serious, but check to see whether you meet the criteria of a depressive illness diagnosis. In any case, keep an eye on the symptoms listed. If they get any worse or persist for prolonged periods of time (weeks or months), you should consider consulting a physician. It would not hurt to talk about it when you see your doctor the next time.” Brilliant. I score 26 out of 100. 25 and below is categorically “not depressed”, but that extra point marks me out for medical concern. Why do I bother taking these tests?

boring! boring!

In my ongoing research to discover the most boring inhabitants of the web, often sites will pop up from nowhere that really do take some beating. Today’s contender is, which is part of the New Century Basket Webring. Somebody hold me back…

what took so long?

I’m really surprised this has taken so long. Friends Reunited has probably been the success story in the UK over the few months, and it’s usually the successes that are plagiarised and spoofed quickest. But it just hasn’t happened, until the arrival of bullies reunited. [via linkmachinego]

small penis link

My God. Someone in France has linked to my shallikillmyfishornot feature. Very nice, you might think. Except that next to the link is a photo of the torso of a man with an incredibly small penis. I’m not sure I’m happy about this at all…

The latest on Ritchie, by the way, is that he’s been more frisky of late — currently he’s undergoing a course of fish medication. Your prayers are appreciated.

head shape

“A Cleveland man has been charged with felonious assault for trying to shape his 5-month-old son’s head to make it look more like his own.” He has pleaded not guilty.