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Globalgasm. ‘Cause the world needs a sexual smack upside the head. Next event is held on December 1st. Make sure you come.

a question

If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

little grey porn

“I’m sure you’re wondering what a Little Gray cat is doing with his own website. The story in a nutshell is that I was saved from certain death by a kind but exploitive photographer, who decided to bring fame and publicity to himself by making me the most famous cat on the web.” Awwww, how cute — a cat with his own website. The term “expoitative photographer”, however, should give you a clue that all isn’t quite as it seems. [via nefarious hex]


If I’m at a loose end and looking for inspiration on the Internet, I often find myself at Metaspy Exposed, which is a live feed of search requests submitted to the Metaspy search engine. It refreshes every few seconds, giving an often bizarre insight into what people are try to find:

Credit Card Number Generator and Downloads – Naughty, naughty.

stain removal methods – made a mess?

Asian gay thumbs – you what?

Satanfucker – really?

Tractor Serach Engines – is there such a thing?

If I became an evil overlord – well, here’s hoping – er… why don’t you just type in the URL?

Teletubby Porn – right, I think I’ve seen enough for today…

surprise surprise

“By cobbling together a handful of browser-based bugs with flaws in Passport’s authentication system, Slemko developed a technique to steal a person’s Microsoft Passport, credit card numbers — and all, simply by getting the victim to open a Hotmail message. Heh. Surprise, surprise.

i’m tired

“But when the AOL 6.0 CD-ROM arrived in my mailbox one day, I paused. For here was a disc offering 700 free hours online! And all I had to do was use them in a single month! (Lessee, 31 days in a month, 24 hours in a day equals 744 hours. Seven hundred hours of online time. That leaves 1.41 hours per day for sleep.” But that small detail didn’t stop the author from trying to take full advantage.