and it came to pass…

All things must pass and, like George Harrison, it was finally time to say goodbye to Ritchie. After much discussion on various favoured methods of fish euthanasia, we settled on the freezer method.

Goodbye, little fella. You’ll be missed.


  1. I was fortunate to spend some precious final moments with Ritchie just a few days prior to Doctor Lewry’s undesirable but essential undertaking this morning. Few would fail to feel sympathy for the distressing apology Ritchie became in his ultimate weeks. Imagine your entire hapless body incessantly contorted by the sheer weight of your right eye. The continuous anxiety of accidentally scraping against the imitation ancient ruins adorning his residence only to drown in his own eye-pus must have been enough to beg an end to it all.

    R.I.P. little fella