god’s website

God has a website. Unfortunately, he hasn’t got round to updating it, but I expect that he’s pretty busy around this time of year, and should be forgiven.


  1. If anyone ever told you that life was easy, then the were terribly mistaken. So many people suffer and strive, trying to make their lives better. What is human nature? Theoretically isn’t everyone out there in the world trying to make their lives better. The scientists who strive to create new medicines for disease, are they doing it for themselves in the event that they may end up with the disease or for the greater good of mankind. Does anyone really know what mans purpose on earth is? Is man existing simply because of science? Or is there some other purpose. Is there some mysterious force controlling the lives of all the humans in the world. Why is it that fish rely on just the basics? Fish and other animals to not attempt to get more then they need. They just get their food and water and they are happily on their way. Why is it when a deer sees another deer being eaten alive by a wolf they do not stop and cry? Why is it humans feel a need to burry their dead and cry and weep about death. Is this because simply humans brains are so much more complex that humans feel the need to expand and grow. What is this force that guides humans through life and makes them care. Can we all simply say that humans are more civilized then other animals. Can we truly say that we are more civilized when we feel no concern about killing others. How is it that life is so precious yet we treat it like dirt. Why is it some people see the value in our existence yet some do not? Are we humans better then any other organism on the planet? Yes life is difficult for humans but do you think that it is any better for animals? I feel that if we are all destined to be where we end up in life, then what is our purpose for existing. If we are already predestined with conflicts and consequences why is life so hard. Why is it that our human race is so advanced yet some still believe that the human race is the only sign of intelligent life out there? Questions, that is all humans have deducted from their lives, the constant questions about our existence and our purpose in the universe.