1. Merry Xmas Fras, hope you have a fab 2002. Any plans to come down this way again soon?

  2. The Pets Overnight is a joke from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the Playstation 2. Its a satirical advert on one of the in-game radio stations. There are others out there on the net from the game.

    Happy holidays all.

  3. I’ve been playing GTA 3 at home which is how I found the site. It’s a brilliant and brutal game, and extremely non-PC. Nice.

  4. I think this shit is mean to the poor fucking animals I mean come on you are ordering a fucking pet and sending it in a fucking BOX I mean first of all ask this question to yuorself would u like to be shipped as a baby to your new parents in a bow fuck no. Hell these shity qwebsite are so cruel to animals and i think it is curelty and it should be illegal they are animals not letters not make up being shipped to you not toys you buy online i mean these are real live animals not dead but when they get to your house they will want to die most likely if you want an animal so badly go get off your ass and drive somewhere and buy a dog and you may want a very unusal pet who cares suck it up and just keep it a dream for the sake of the animals

  5. Pets by mail? do they don’t get suffocated and die upon delivery? I wonder how this stuff works. Can somebody tell me please? Thanks!