a whole sausage!

This evening I received an email from someone I went to college with though friends reunited. This is all it said: “Are you the Fraser with gorgeous hair who could swallow a large sausage whole without gagging?”. Jeez. Is that my legacy? What people will remember me for? Perhaps it’s time I took a good hard look at my life.


  1. oh fraser i’m so proud of you…

  2. Hey… that’s not so bad, though. I think you should embrace your true self… (*teehee*) Remember when you were a kid and wanted to do something you weren’t really allowed to and then asked your parents to be allowed a number of outrageous things so that the thing you *really* wanted to do would seem less insane? (Like: “Mooom! Can I glue the livingroom furniture to the ceiling??”)

    Ok, maybe you didn’t do that… But it’s the same thing, you know. I can no longer remember why. But it is. I’m sure it is.