2. purr-lease! enough already! why not place a random goldfish generator? i like goldfish. cute kittens are boring.

  3. hmmm… a random goldfish generator… now you have me thinking. However, there can never be enough cute kittens.

  4. I agree with Fraser. There can never be enough cute kittens. Cute kittens rule.

  5. when they’re put in jars with a couple unnecessary bones removed, yes.

  6. luba shut it! i agree with fraser& anja!kittens r not boring!so unless u want 2 b scratched by my cute kittens get a life!lol lotty :-)

  7. cute kittens are not boring they rule

  8. kittens are cute, no question, but in glass jars or glasses is just funny, hilarious in fact

  9. oh how cute for who ever owns them you are really lucky…………….

  10. We love kittens sooooo much! Their are just sooo cute!

  11. hey the kittens r adorable!i love almost all of them!


  12. hey i forgot 2 say that i almost want them all!!!!!


  13. I Do not agrre with the people that say about goldfish.I mean who really wants to keep looking at the same kind of fish? I think instead of Goldfish a puppy random!But I really love kittens more than anything I mean they are so cute


  14. hey the kitties are really cute but i don’t think that people should hold the cat by the skin on the back of the neck only the cat mom should!!! the cats were really cute though

  15. kittens rule!!!!!!!!!! i love them all exept those weird ones that look like deformed goldfish.im sure they are nice but they arent really cute….i LURVE the piccie with the tiny kitten in the ladys hand! i just melted,right there and then on the carpet….made a huge stain…………well,i g2g and eat….cya!

  16. my cat is cuter than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. they r ssssssssoooooooooo cute i want some

  18. the kittens are soooooo cute.

  19. I think some of the kittens are very cute but get rid of the horrible ones they aren’t very nice at all .If you want to no why, it’s because i enjoy looking at pretty cats but if you put the manky ones on people will stop looking at your website and tell there friends so do somthing about it. I know i would,
    Lots of luv
    rowan gibson age 10

  20. the kittens are too cute not to keep I have to sister kittens that look just alike the kittens in the pictures

  21. Hey, I have one question for you how ols is that kitten? And are you going to sale that black and white kitten? If you are how much are you going to sell is for? you can e-mail me at badgirl_4ever18@ yahoo.com

  22. I love the random kitten generator alot! i love looking at kitten pics! I really want a kitten and i’m getting one. I have all the stuff for one and i have the name – just no kitten :( i’m hoping to get one soon. And I really think that Rowan should get some manners. Those cats are livng beings and there are humans that love them. All the kitties in the generator are very beautiful. None of them are ‘freaky’.

  23. its soooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  24. Trevor & Breanna Bridges

    That kitten in the middele looks like ani


  26. Some of the cats are ugly!!!!!!!! Who ever owns the ugly cats sure are FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especialy
    the ones that are cross-eyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are cute cat lovers, not ugly cat lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We get jealous
    when we see all those cute kittens!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I like kittens. Kittens are probably my favorite pets.I mostly like white cotton ball kittens.


  29. they are soooooooooooooooooo cute i want them all to my selfb ahhhh

  30. they are soooooooooooooooooo cute i want them all to my selfb ahhhh

  31. they are the cuyest thing ever

  32. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooovlyyyy

    they are the cutest things ever

  33. any type of kitten is cute, for the 2 ashleys i used to have a such adorablke cat just like the ones in the pic now she’s ugly that she got older, so they will get ugly when they get old

  34. Hey, Toni, (… I mean the other one…. anyway ) shut your mouth. I think kittens are cute. And Lola or whatever your name is you can shutup 2. I like kittens and I love this site so if u dont like it then dont look at it. I mean go back 2 your stupid fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. this is a really cute piture that you have

  36. I think this is a really,really good picture because i’m a cat lover myself.

  37. I like this picture because i love cats,kittens,dogs and puppys so i really love this picture a lot.

  38. The mother and father must of been so cute to give birth to these four little kittens.

  39. Your kitten is so cute.You are luckey to have a cute kitten like that.!!!!! I have a big cat at home and he is my baby!!!

  40. That picture is is cute is that the mother and her baby sleeping together they are so cute together.!? HAVE FUN WITH THEM…..

  41. I love your kitten he is just the cutest!!!!!! he looks like my cat Buddy he is a little black kitten

  42. I just looooove your kitten. He looks like the magnet with that photo it says BORN TO BE WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. the kittens r very cute and the one in the sink of water was very cute.

  44. I love them all i have 2 cat’s anyway the people that said some of the cat’s are ugly you guy’s keep your conments to you’r self

  45. I think your kitten is the cutest it reminds me of one of my old kittens that i had named Mya. We couldn’t keep her though because she was sick and dying. She was a new born. we had to give her to a vet. but your kitten looks exactly like her. your pretty lucky.

  46. how cute im hanging

  47. kittens rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter what they look like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. these kitten pictures are truly the cutest and sweetest ever aside of course from my adorable kitty.. i am partial to him though!! but yes they are very sweet indeed!!

  49. the kittens where sooo cute! i really like them i like the one in the ladys hand it is soooo small! dude why do you guys want to look at fish there boring!

  50. Ii could sit here all day and click kitties..I LOOOVE Kitties, they are friends!

  51. Awww…. They’re so cute! I like most of the kitties, but there are some ugly ones. The older cats are kind of boring. But anyway, most of the kitties are sooooo cute! I like the one on the fence. It reminds me of a squirell. But a very cute squirell. I think you should make a puppy one too. Thats all I have to say. ~Pip~

  52. You people that call the kittens ugly make me sick. They are all wonderful beautiful cute kittens.

  53. You’d think we were the only ones with emotions. But these photos prove us wrong!!
    Christa Taylor
    Age 10

  54. It’s Christa again. i just want to let everyone know My favorite cats in the world-Emma,Yohhan,And a beautiful calico cat who’s name I can’t remember.
    I also have a request. this cat/kittten website- will you do one for puppies? And lemme tell ya, my dog will be the first one on it! BYE BYE!
    Christa Taylor
    Age !0

  55. I think that all the cats are cute. But the white one is the cutest. Me and my friend Alex were rating them from 1-5 and the white one was 100. Because he or she was so ccuuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Hi I am Allie’s friend alex and the pictures of the kittens are sooooooooooo cute they r 2cute

  56. dude one more thing

    I think every cat deserves a gold medal

    this is alex and i think cat’s and kitten’s should have a day of their own

  57. the picture of the kitten on the puppys head is sooooooooooooooo adorabel.

  58. this sight would be even better if my cute but fluffy cat was on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. It’s not good for any animal to be put in glass jars with a couple of NECESSARY bones removed. Let me do that to your first born and see how happy you get about it.

    Goldfish suck!

  60. It’s not good for any animal to be put in glass jars with a couple of NECESSARY bones removed. Let me do that to your first born and see how happy you get about it.

    Goldfish are the opposite of cute.

  61. Awwww!!!! This cat is sooooo adorable and so are most other ones!!


  62. the cat number 2 is soooooooo cute!

  63. This site turns me into an idiot. I actually wrung my hands and said, “Careful, little kitten! Crabs pinch!” Awww.

  64. They are so CUTE!!! NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  65. I like kittens…
    never was able to eat a whole one though…

  66. Without a doubt, the cutest one is the little cream cat that is peaking out of the cutout in the blue box he is in.


    bunny= anything cute (dog, hamster, snake, etc)

  67. I love kittens they are the purrr-fict pets

  68. aww i love cats i got 5 of them u dont really need to put dogs in they r cute but cats r better and gold fish suck all they do is sit and swim all day ans all u see them do is open thir mouths and cats are much more enetertaining that goldfish and dogs

  69. thats hella mean holdin your cat like that just to let you kno

  70. All I have to say is… whoever thinks goldfish are cuter than kittens has never had a warm kitty to cuddle and dote on ^.^

  71. All I have to say is… whoever thinks goldfish are cuter than kittens has never had a warm kitty to cuddle and dote on ^.^

  72. Eek! Sorry for posting twice…

  73. I love little kittens or cats because they are so cute and little and adorable.i asked my mom can she bye me one she said they are exspensive.so please if there is any kittens for free email me thank u.

  74. I think the kittens are wonderful. keep em comin!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. this is the cutest cat i have seen for a long time, i really want a cat but my mom and dad are severly allergic to them, one of my mom’s friends has one of those non-allergenic cats and my mom had no symptoms so we might be getting one and it’s picture here

  76. Looking at the pictures of the little ones just bring a big smile to my face. :-) I used to not like cats they scared me. No they did, when I was younger, but now my boyfriends cats are so cool. I jsut love them.

    What a neet site thanks so much you made my night

  77. adorable little dears arent they fat ones look so cuddly the first one looks like my kitty

  78. i hate your ugly little kittens

  79. ur kitten is so cute i wish i had a cat like that its a dorrable

  80. ur cats are cool.There so cute.
    There like my kitten.

  81. This site is cruel and definitely NOT cute.

  82. I agree, all of these photos of the kittens were just the cutest!! And for all of you who say they are ugly need to have an evaluation of some sort, or need to start taking some antidepressants. Keep it up! I love the kittens!!!

  83. …mmm, dinner.

  84. No way.

    The black kitten amongst the fly amanitas obviously is an escapee from http://www.mycathatesyou.com

    You will be very sorry when those Feline Legions descend upon you for spririting away One Of Their Own.

  85. The only thing wrong with these cats is they need to be fed a nice big bowl of antifreeze and put down for a nice looooong nap!

  86. your kitten is soooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuute

  87. kitties are gay

  88. You are GAY!!!!

  89. Um…. the person who insulted cats were is sooo wrong this site is only for people who really like cats! So go away!

  90. Kittens are soooooooo cute.
    Are there some kittens avaliable on this site?

  91. most of those ‘cute’ kiten pics r soooooo crule!!!
    they’ve been placed in those positions just for our entertainment!
    some of the kittens in those pics are deaf and blind!!
    it isnt funny or cute!

  92. this site is sooooooooo crule!!!
    most of those kittens were places those positions just for our amusment!!
    some of the kittens were blind and/or deaf!!
    its not fair on them!
    its HORRIBLE!!!

  93. how cute a kitty on shrums

  94. Elle get a grip the picture i posted was a slide taken out of a video with no strings attched

  95. Trevor & Breanna Bridges

    That kitten in the middele looks like ani

  96. Oh wow! Two of those cats curled up together in a sprawl look almost EXACTLY like two of our cats! O-o Everyone comments on their unusual “fawn” color, I’ve GOT to find out what kind of cats these are!! This is the first time I’ve found other cats that look like them!

  97. dyllyn rae goodenow

    I love the black-and-white dollhouse kitten!!!!!!!!!!

  98. dyllyn rae goodenow

    lovley kittens!

  99. the white cat in the sink is scary as hell, it gives us nightmares

  100. the white cat in the sink is scary as hell, it gives us nightmares

  101. your cat is so cute i love it my cat is brown and white

  102. your kittens are very ugly

  103. your kittens are very cute i have five kittens and they are very cute the mom is brown and white

  104. cats have servants, dogs have masters

  105. who ever said bad things about kittens, shutup! u r stupid freaks!!! kittens r the best and u guy can go 2 ur goldfish if u guys dont like these kittens!!!!!! speshaly u the 2 Ashleys! u guys STINK! u no u like kittens! :)

  106. Hey Nicole again! Go Cindy!! u rock! ur so right! well g2g bye!

  107. I think that kittens are sooo unbelievably cute because at the moment i am looking after 2 kittens because our cat had kittens before she died and we gave 2 of them to my sister and now we have to get them de-sexed as we did today, anyway i think that in years to come cats might rule the world!!!!!, so take that anybody who hates kittens :p (smiley face).By the way i’m only 11 so i am quite small to you guys!

  108. I think kittens rock! U guys r just jealous because ur pets have there heads up there butts.
    (not ur dogs, though) Anyway, kittens rule. :D
    By the way, I’m 11 like Hannah.Go girl!

  109. I’m 11 and have 6 cats that make me laugh all of the time. Little kittens are the cutest. And if any of you don’t agree with me, then you are really stupid!

  110. im 9 so im really small to u guys well luba u stink i hate u cats rock!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) well im out g2g

  111. they r sooooooo cute and cuddly and some look like my own cats!aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. i just put a comment in (above)and i forgot 2 tell u. im 11 and i hav 3 cats (well 1 died and she was 21!and she was beanie)my youngest 1 is called tinker(because she is 1!)and my other 1 is called bobby(i dont no what 2 say about his name!)and he is really skinny and hes also 2. tinker on the otherhand is well lets just say ‘fat’ but not huge.beanie was white with black sploges on her back.she died a week after new years day. well bye for now. cya!

  113. i only WANT a kitten

  114. This is a wonderfu website.

  115. i think kittens r sooooo cute and frisky at a time

  116. i like kittens because they r furry and cuddly and playful

  117. i like kittens because they r furry and soft

  118. i think kittens r very kool.Some r very frisky.
    they have butiful colors that come to gether.
    they have big,and little tails.they r big and some r not.i think cats and kittens r fun to play with and have for pets.

  119. kittens r cute some r ugley butt still cats

  120. forget cute kittens.dogs r a lot better then cats dogs …RULE… MORE THEN CATS

  121. dogs rule and cats DRULL!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. cats take a DUMP to much dogs do not

  123. u r soooooooo right nicole!!!!!!! CATS ROCK!!!!!!!! and who ever says cats arent sweet cuddly and cute, ur losers!
    ~ Karen~

  124. Cats r so cute!! I love them. I have one her name is Precious. So does My friend Nicole. her cats name is Jack and he isnt even one! there both great!! I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!! :)

  125. cats are the cutest things inthe world like nicole and karen think so 2 i know cause i know them they rock like me lol :) :)

  126. hey sup all dont u people think cats are the cutest.cats rule u drule presten.caitlynu rock 2

  127. u people who hate cats u are rongi will give u 10 things why cats r cool even if there is a hundred more reasonslol.cuddly,sweet,cute,kind,loyal,funny,
    pretty,soft,small,o did i say there cute lol :)

  128. i think all kittens are cute. there’s never an ugly kitten

  129. kittens are so cute. they are all over the place. theres never a dull moment with kittens! :)

  130. i LOVE the pictures

  131. ive luved cats since i was 10 but i think im to old for them but i tought the little kitty on the plate, the orange kitty on the bag is cutt to

  132. cats sux goldfish rock

  133. This site has got to be the hands down gayest thing I have ever seen in my entire site. Now that I have seen that society has stooped to such low levels of stupidity I am going to go and lay down on railroad tracks.

  134. a really sporty cat ah!!!!!!!!!!!!


  136. this for the one one the towlet he looks like he is havein a hang over from cat nip!!!!!!!lol

  137. AwwwWWww, Very cute Kittties,awesome site, get more *adorable pics soon. i’ll be back to check all the pics again in a while.
    ~ Jordan x0

  138. These Graphics are wonderful, and the cats are adoreable. Dogs slobber too much. Cats RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. those kittens are the cutest

  140. ur right B, but i doubt having a world ruled by kittens wouldnt be very fun. But i love how u think they would rule the world. KITTEN POWER!!!!

  141. hey ashley arent kittens awsome?

  142. yes nicole there aswome

  143. is any body on?

  144. Courtney shut ur mouth u dont no how boring it would be lookin at the same fish over and over. so once again shut ur pie hole

  145. these are so cute!!!!!!!!! but i feel bad for some of them.

  146. fuck you all fuck the world i hate cats

  147. Lolo u suc u arent sposed to say bad words u freak of nature!!!!!!! Lolo get a life I mean, kittens r cute!! Im srry but its all true Lolo, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!

  148. lolo u suck ur arent supposed 2 say badwords.u freak of nature.lolo get a life i mean cats are cute.im sorry but its truelolo u SUCK!!!!!
    :( :( :(

  149. cats r so cute they r aswome

  150. Lolo stinks Lolo stinks i dont like Lolo i dont like Lolo lolo u suck!!!!!!!!!

  151. hey kitten fans! suppy? Karen Ashley and Nicole r so right!! and Lolo u suck!!!!

  152. :) GO CATS GO GO GO CATS!!!!!!! lolo sucks!!!

  153. kittens rock lolo drules

  154. kittens rock lolo drules

  155. I love rabbits there’re so cute am scared of dogs. i got chased when I was little

  156. That could not be any cuter,good luck

  157. lolo,is wronge

  158. Peasant_Chick ^0,0^

    I love this site! I’ve spent hours here saving pics a adorable kittens. ( But some do kinda freak me out.)
    P.S. Screw u lolo. U dog ****ing freak.

  159. sup? Chick wat ever ur name is stop sayin and puttin stars 4 bad words!!!!!!! but ur right



  162. COOOL!! AWSOME!!! WOW!!!


  164. hey these kittens r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! Even though some look diffrent, that dosnt mean there freaky or ugly!!!! I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. there so cute look cuddly and friendly and look lovable

  166. there so cute look cuddly and friendly and look lovable

  167. i have two cats getty kittens at a store and my two cats names are bandit and jellybean there both brothers there black and white white with black spots

  168. i have two cats getty kittens at a store and my two cats names are bandit and jellybean there both brothers there black and white white with black spots

  169. i also like all of them can i see more please i put mine on here

  170. i also like all of them can i see more please i put mine on here

  171. who ever thinks that there UGLY GET A LIFE i love every single animal in the whole live world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. who ever thinks that there UGLY GET A LIFE i love every single animal in the whole live world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. i don’t care what other people think because pepole do have feelings about what you say hey any cute guys on

  174. i don’t care what other people think because pepole do have feelings about what you say hey any cute guys on

  175. i am 11 and still have a great time playing with my cats turtles and a bunny a bird a hamster and many more

  176. i am 11 and still have a great time playing with my cats turtles and a bunny a bird a hamster and many more

  177. the one that said i put mine on there i meant to write i might put mine on

  178. the one that said i put mine on there i meant to write i might put mine on

  179. Sierra dawn flietner, U r so right!!!!!!!! I mean sides some like spiders and Giant sgiuds, I love almost every animal to!!!!!!!!!!!! KITTY POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  180. everyone read luba’s message shes #3 if she thinks kittens are boring then why is she on this website?

  181. ppppppeeeeeerrrrrfffffeeeeccccttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. ur right Sierra Dawn Flietner! and thank u for agreeing with me to! lol! :)we should talk some time!!

  183. Sierra dawn flietner Ashley my cuz thinks ur so right to!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!! KITTEN POWER!!!!! lol!!!!!!

  184. I would give u my screen name Sierra dawn flietner but then every one would would be IMing

  185. Riley u are so right maybe we can talk some time! :)

  186. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the kitten is so cute

  187. hey sup? im bored! THESE CATS R THE BEST!!!! i mean besides my cat lol

  188. hi! im bored. THESE CATS R THE BEST!!!!!!! i mean, be sides my cat, Jack! lol

  189. hey is any body gonna leave comment?

  190. is any one gonna send a comment

  191. is Sierra on u r aswome want 2 talk

  192. does any 1 want 2 talk

  193. hey ashley i’ll talk

  194. puppies are nice but cats and kittens RULE


  196. hey sierra dawn flietner wanna talk?

  197. i got a new kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. hey chicksrule its ur cuz IM me k i want 2 talk 2 u kk well u know were 2 reach me remember u can always just call u know the # bye ttl :)

  199. Sierra dawn flietner u wanna talk wait we cant cause we dont wanna give out screen names oh well, KITTEN POWER!!!!!!


  201. hey TIGGSGIRL2004 wanna talk some time? ur so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KITTEN POWER!!! lol i will stop that

  202. eek. th.. these.. r adorable. I never had a kitten. My dad doesn’t like them. Do you have any free kittens on this site? um.. plese.. could you e-mail me and tell me…?

  203. Sofa Javed I have a friend on this website her name is ashley. O and 2 more Nicole and Karen so I have a lot of friends!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  204. Great site!!!
    I don’t know about others who own kittens but mine always steps in his poop after he takes a dump! LOL…Then when I’m on my way to the bathroom to give him a bath, he squirms around and gets very stink poop on me too! Maybe he is spreading the love!

  205. LOL!!!!!!! Well Beth my cat dosnt do that. But he dose go to sleep in the sink and the bathtub (When theres no water in them!) I should put a pic of him on this site! Well any way, keep up the good work on it!!

  206. right now my cat is sitten with me. His name is Jack he is the cutest kitten ever!!!!! Well u guess also think urs are to but I think mine is. Well g2g byes! :)

  207. well u think urs are to
    Thts wat i ment at that last comment


  209. i think fittens rule i got one the other day it is calles pheobe it is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  210. ccccccccuuuuuttttttttttteeeeee

  211. hgarhgfbnghrfjbfcygrhrggdfhbfhdgfh ssssssssssssssooooooooo cccccccuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  212. I wanted kitten ever since I was 4. My mom and dad said “no get a fish” and I got a fish. It was boring boring BORING! Then one day it died. I didn’t feed it at all.(on purpose) Then I asked my mom and dad again and they said “no get birds” and I got birds. 2 of ’em. They pooped so much the house stunk! So we set them free. Then I asked them again and they said
    “no get parrots” and I did. 4 of ’em. One died. The others were really sad so they wouldn’t eat or sleep. So we gave them to the S.P.C.A. Then I asked my parents again, and they said “NO MORE PETS!!!!!” Now I’ve been sad ever since, and every day I sob on my pillow.

  213. I really like all the picyures and i do have a couple favorites but i still like them all!

  214. Sofia Javed age 11


  215. Sofia Javed age 11


  216. Sofia Javed age 11


  217. well I have one kitten and if u keep them inside there indoor cats but if u put them outside, there outdoor cats. some times we let him come on the porch with us so he is a half indoor cat and half outdoor but we still love him!

  218. All Kittens Are Cute So Peaple Stop saying The Pushed in Face Ones Are Ugly They are all so cute

  219. My Cousin Just got Alittle Black and White Kitten She Would Be So Cute On This Site

  220. IKnow I may Be Getting Annoying But i Have To Say Something Ijust Got a Puppy [don’t Get Me Wrong I Love The Cute Little Thing And I Am Very Thankful For Him]And This Site Is Making Me Jealous

  221. KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your kittens!dogs r ok,and fish suck!!BUT KITTENS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Katie is my best friend! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO agree with her!!

  223. Katie is my best friend! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO agree with her!!

  224. HEY chicksrule!! SOFIA has no idea who u r!!She’s MY friend!!!!!!!!!!!


  226. Thanks so much for the moment of zen–I could actually feel my blood pressure dropping! The kittens are adorable and gave me a great boost on a really tough day. Great job!

  227. Is This a comment site or a fued site

  228. I’m sobbing right now ’cause I don’t have a kitten. HELLO? DOES ANYONE HEAR ME?!!!!! I’M SOBBING BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A KITTEN!!!!!

    does anyone even care?

  229. Sofia u suck and i hope u never get a cat u loser!!!!!!!!!!!! And Katie u suck to i hate u!!! And who cares if ur her friend sofia and katie u r the snottiest people ever stay off this site!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. sofia and katie r losers i hate them they SUCK!!!!


  232. I mean cuttier.

  233. Hi! I would just like to make a short remark about your cats.


    what are you thinkin puttin the on it. and it cant even load fast!!ya im talkin to you!you wANA peice of me? huh?

  234. Hi!! I am availble anybody want meeeee!! this is wut im looking for in a man…
    3.metally hansom
    4.a little retarded
    5.wears tight close
    6. is gay
    7.moster toes
    8.shiny gold earing
    9. flashy blingbling neckless
    THAnk you Thank you….GOOBAS!
    hey wait is this a cat site i thought was find your soul mate! Well what do ya no!?!? Ill still send this is because maybe a man find me here!!:)

  235. hello hello….
    i hate you maria!
    you backstabing waRT!
    you wart you wart i tell you has ruined me life
    should i say it again?
    yes maria i kno i kno your mole… tell your mole…Mary…i say sorry.
    and ms.foong…you have NO chancewith a man i tell ya! oh oh thekitties dey okay! byby

  236. CHICKSRULE YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. i’m sorry chicksrule.

  238. i’m sorry chicksrule i’m really sorry me and kaitlyn said a lot of bad things. your right I don’t deserve to have a kitten.

  239. the small kittens are very cute especially the striped tabby ones

  240. o its ok and the mean things i said about u guys, I didnt really mean. I say stuff like that to blow off some steam

  241. why did u say all those mean things when i just said that if u keep cats in there indoor cats and stuff like that??? just wounderin

  242. Glad you accepted me apoligy chicksrule! We said that ’cause we were mad. (at somthing else) we always act stupid when we are mad.

  243. hey all Lolo u stink u shouldnt say bad words

  244. my kitten is the best it gets sooooooooooooooo wet



  247. My kitten died on 8/28/04 and seeing all this makes me feel good Thanks

  248. They are sooooooooooo cute

  249. awwwwww there so ccccccccccuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeee

  250. When life is tough look at the kitties!! Great site!1 It makes me smile!

  251. They are ssssoooo cute I lllllooooovvvvveeeee them so.I can look at them allll day!

  252. that picture is soooo cute!! I love kittens~

  253. Most of you need to grow up! I’m an animal rescuer and spend all my time trying to save all kinds of animals, so those of you that think it’s “cute” to downgrade animals of any kind need therapy. If you don’t want to look at the kittens, get off the site! Is that too hard for you to understand? By the way, I do understand that you have your own “speech”, but I choose to use correct English and a lot of you need to spend more time with your spelling! As I said, it’s time to grow up children.

  254. I for one love cats. They are so cute. At one time i had 7 kittens and 3 adult cats and they are just to cuts…… I love the web site

  255. and all u people that say cats suck then why do u get on the web site….i think u have a little cat love in u

  256. we like the 1 with its eyes wide open it looks like it is trying to say I love my eyes

  257. we like the 1 with its eyes wide open it looks like it is trying to say I love my eyes

  258. All kitten lovers r rele frikkin dumb! Sure kittens r cute and innocent but when they grow up they became evil, ugly, and all-together mean. I can’t believe how people like cats. Wake up people! THEY ARE EVIL!!!!! Dogs are our only hope for decent pets in this world.(Fish too). So people learn how to hate cats!!!!

  259. Dave are you domented? not all cats are mean. They are probably only mean to you bacause you harrass them you animal abuser. Some cats are really sweet. Like male tabbys For instance. Plus there are some evil dogs out there{iMean only some} not all animals Are steriotypical I think You Should do some research

  260. Love this site EXCEPT for the picture of
    the cat in the microwave….don’t we
    have enough sick people hurting animals?
    Kids or sick people could see that and think
    it’s a cool idea. We don’t need to encourage it or joke about it.


  262. they are all sooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  263. hey! i went on vacation 4 a while. srry. And Sofia we are friends now? If we r, good. And Dave, ur a retarded animal abuser like Julia said! ur such an imature freak who i no dosn’t love dogs or any other animal!!!!!!!!! And u know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  264. Your kitten is so cute!What is hisher name?

  265. MINE?!

  266. even though the kittens eyes r still shut dont mean it isnt adorable. i think all cats or kittens r adorable cause my favorite animal.

  267. I love kittens so much i have one and she doesnt leave me alone i got her out of the pet shop when she was 8 weeks and now shes 10 months everywhere i go she will follow she licks my lips and things like that she refuses to leave me alone we got her because our 7 year old cat was hit by a car and died:( Im so sad I have had 11 cats so far and im only 11 I love cats more then u guys will ever know sorry for taking up all this space but im just a kitten lover!!!:)And my cats name is callie shes so cute!

  268. these kitties r so cute!i want 1!oh,yeah, i cant.oh well.i luv ’em anyway:)

  269. Me? I love them! I have three cats of my own.And a dog.She smells. She’s not trained very well. i don’t like her very much.

  270. i have 2 dogs 1 cat and a hamster so the dogs could eat the cat (But they dont lol!) And the cat could eat the hamster and he has tryed!! My pets are the best ever in the world!!!!!!!! did i mention they were the best? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. Does any one have any info bout Kittens today? Jus wounderin?? :) :) :)

  272. you better regret that kittens are boring!because they are definitly cute and cuddly!

  273. 3 cats, 1 pitbull & a fish. Happy family. My pitbull is such a baby he thinks hes a cat. Hell sit in your lap. 13 kittens at one time ——- no more!!! spay and neuture your cats!!

  274. THERE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. I LOVE UM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  277. Madi u mean My kitten?


  279. you have a very cute kitten. it’s colors are nice. How old is it?

  280. I think ur kittens r great dey so small n cuddly just like my pussy

  281. yals kittens r so cute!just like mine,g2g.

  282. I hate kittys they are soooooooo gay, if you do not think so, SUE ME! @$$

  283. Regarding how you say Ms.Fooong. Your name glares when I say it!I am 34 and I am Mexican. I speak fluent Spanish and English. I am a bit on the chubby side, how you like it. I am vedy vedy rich. I have plenty how you say bling blings to give around. I am now living Beverly Hills, California. Come to my house, 462 Bev Street anytime. It is the big brick one. The biggest of them all! Ill be waiting for you madam. I have 789 million dolla. Plenty Plenty to give around! Call me at 456883220 or respond on this website madam Fooong. Love ya babe!


  284. To Mr.Bohncei,
    You sound perfect for mwa! Meet me at the Rose Tulips asap. Be there at 9:45. Good Bye. I love you baby. Or shall I say Nathineli or however your lovely name is spelled!


  285. Kittens are adorable.. Then they turn into cats and you have to suffocate them because satan takes over their brains.

  286. shutup max no u dont u dont no what ur talkin bout and i would say i bad word but im not gonna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. All the kittens are so cute I want one so bad but my mom is ilergict!!!!

  288. well u could get one with short hair and it wouldnt be as bad thats wat i did cause my bro is alergic to cats to so we got one with short hair and my bro dose great with him

  289. i think all kittens are cute even this one

  290. wat kitten?

  291. I mean wat one????

  292. Hi!! I was away fer a couple days. sorry! kittens are cute no doubt!!!

  293. hey chicksrule… if you have a cat and that cat has kittens… can i have one?

  294. kittens should not drink!Getting drunk is for peaple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. ~-*-~babygurl69~-*-~

    ohh!!! i love cute lil kittins i just want to kiss them their soo cute!!! ahhhh i want one untill they grow up then u can have them lol…

  296. yal’ fucky like fuck

  297. Lolo shutup and Sofia I do have a cat but one he is two young to have kittens to we have to get him fixed and besides if he did meat a girl cat and they had kittens, I wouldn’t no how to get one to u srry :(

  298. i mean two

  299. o um one more thing Sofia Im ur friend but not Katies. Its cause she is a selfish little brat srry for sayin that bout ur friend and I am not sayin that to blow off steam i mean it!! (Can we talk like maybe on IM one day?)

  300. it is so cute and fluffy i would have hundruds if i cuold love leah xxxx leah.
    i agree with a person kittens arnt ment 2 get drunk leave it to us !!! but its still sweet !! bless it!!! love shannon xxxx

  301. shannon and leah xxx

    i recon most of da cats on this site are cool + cute but not as cute as the little black and white one oi absolutely love ummmmm
    we wish we could adopt them and eny one who is horrible to them should get off this site coz they are all sweet and all adourable so leave them alone if u think there horrible coz they are the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetist things on this earth
    we love them and this website its the best better then all the rest

    lots of love to the kittens
    shannon and leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  302. The cats and kittens rule forever! I have 103 and still loving them! P.S most of them were adopted from the pound, you give them a little love they love you 103 times more right back!

  303. shanon and leah u are so right!! Exept u spelled like 8 words wrong lol! im not laughin at u dont worry

  304. that cat is but ugly

  305. the picture was badly taken. it needed to be less bright the cat wasn’t that cute

  306. i have to agree with jessica the cat is but ugly- i mean i have a frog that looks better

  307. your cats is ugly you got that out of a little cat magazine cause i have the same magazine and the cats on the back look just like it also my cat is real and she is black and shes better then cats out of a magazine my cats name is spookey

  308. there are vsome very cute kitens on this site the cutest isthe ine that’s just had a bath

  309. o that’s ok chicksrule im just desperate to get a kitty. and lolo SHUT UP!!!!!!

  310. lolo stay OFF THIS SITE!!!!!!! I MEAN IT MR. PATOOTI-PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. eek! the F word! ouch that hurts lolo! what’s with you?! i meen if you hate cats that much then why do you get on the site?! well, if your not gonna tell yourself to stop hen ill stop you!!! SHUP UP AND GET OUT MR. PATOOTI-PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  312. Precious kittens!

  313. this website is adorable some ofthe kittens remind me of my kittens,cats are the best pets you could ever have

  314. that kitten is sooooooooooooooooooooo????? if any 1n thinks the cats are horrible then send me a e-mail to chrisfranklin_8@msn.com so u can do that as 4 the people who think there cool so r u luv to kittens and as 4 the people who think there horrie stuff u…………….lots ov luv leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi dudes megan speaking here hope that you think the kitten is cute if you dont then you better watch your tounge if you do think that the kittens are cute then you are cool but if you dont

  315. Sofia thanks for exepting me not wanting to be katies friend and ur sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooo right about lolo i mean, Mr.Pat-ooti-pants lol jk

  316. kittens r so adorable i wish i had one.

  317. my kitten Jack isnt even one year old!!!!! I love him he is the best ever ever ever ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did i mention he is the best? lol srry :)

  318. cute little kittens!

  319. CUTE KITTENS!!!!

  320. I love the kitten generator and for that one guy who likes goldfish go to goldfish.com not kitten.com I mean if your going to go to kittens.com you are obviously going to see kittens not goldfish unless a cat a is eating one!

  321. the kittens are sooo…. cute.
    i hope that their owners love them.

  322. i love you’re kitten its so gorgeous it’s so beautiful can i have it lol hahahahahah

    so beautiful keep it that way


  323. heelo. still want kitty. still dont have one. out of ideas. tried. cant do it. brains empty.

  324. u stole that line from love that dog (one of the best and sadest books) o well KITTIN POWER!!!!!

  325. THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!!!!

  326. THESE KITTENS ARE SO ADORIBAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. awwwwwwwwww they are all so cute i have got one she is called holly

  328. my favorite comment was the one where the person said that you should only show the cute kittens and not the “ugly ones”. shall we do that with society too? take all of the ugly ppl and just hide them away so we dont have to see them? ppl like that are the reason society is so screwed up. btw…. i love the site. just thought i’d add my lil bit. email me if you want to discuss it. stussy69_210@yahoo.com

  329. yo yo yo waz up

  330. someone went on my name!

  331. Really cute! I want to see another

  332. CAts r soo cute i love cats

  333. THER SOOO CUTE!! you did a fine fine job on this . Ther all so cute I was on for 30 min. looking at all of then over and over agein. This is great. you are pob relly nice Thanks for a great web

    Sara Zavala

  334. awwwwwwwwwwww those kittens r sooooo cute i want one i wish my cat was still a kitten that kitten that aws in the grass aws the cutist fricken thing iv ever seen awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  335. ur sucha LOZER luba kittens r extremlt cute and just to let u know cats eat goldfish so ha kittens are way beter i sooooooo agree with stephanie go 2 a goldphish cite and u toni can shut ur mouth!

  336. v.cute! love the kittens!!

  337. mine is cuter

  338. your cats suck mine is the cutest in the universe and if you have any thing to say about it then shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  339. Aren’t I Purrrrrrrfect

  340. This is soo awfully cute…gimme moooore! more kittens! I love them!

  341. NICE PAGE!

  342. The kittens are so cute i would love to put mine in but i cant:( i love(L) those kittens!:)

  343. i love cats i think they are so cute but i also like dogs alot alot!!:)


  345. by a little gurl,krista

    you have a cute sleeping little kitten and i love it when he is closing his eyes like that

  346. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. heelo. my mommy and dad wont let me have a kitty because they’re not indoor animals and im like yes they are and they are like no theyr not.

  348. ttttttttoooooo ccuuuuuuuutteeeeeee

  349. need kitten. hey how much does a kitty cost?????my mom says thar to expensive.

  350. I really love cats, thats why i love this website.

  351. Oh my god, i LOVE THIS WEBSITES, its cute and fluffy, just like my cat at home! love ya!

  352. Hey! Cool beans I say my kitties on the generator! I feel like a proud momma!
    The only thing that stinks about the generator is that it’s almost too random – I’ll see the same pic over and over and not as many new ones!
    Anyway, great idea!!

  353. Free with any box of poptarts! A kitten!

  354. hey sofia tell ur parents that if you let them (the kittens) outside alot then there outside cats

  355. but what if the kittys die in the winter chicksrule?

  356. and what do you do with the kitty when your on vacation?

  357. um im not shore if tehy die in the winter and when ur on vacation, jus bring it with u OR get some one to watch it for u

  358. my kitten Gypsy rules the word cute

  359. kittens in jars is cruel not cute or funny

  360. luba get a life you freak

  361. that last comment was a bit mean

  362. actually i think kittens r reallt cute now becky thanks

  363. i love them soooooooooooo much ! cn i ‘ave them all ! i fink dis website is wic man ! i love saving all the pics ! jst totally kwl !

  364. if u h8 kittens i h8 u !

  365. hey iz there any 1 ‘ere ? dis website is flippen popular , especially wit all da comments ppl ‘ave sent ! sum 1 spk 2 me !

  366. rok on lil dudes!

  367. does any 1 have msn messenger ?

  368. Well me kitten Jack rules the UNIVORES of cute sweet cute sweet ect ect kittens. Ans lula im glad ur startin to like kittens I cant beleive u said all that bout kittens. its probaly cause u dont have 1 and ur taken ur anger out on them.

  369. oops i meant and (srry bout that)

  370. but chicksrule, wont the kitty die from the cold outside in winter? I live in Pennsylvania, and it snows really bad here.

  371. well are u gonna let it out side in the winter?

  372. CUTE , CUTE, CUTE

  373. hi bex !!!!!!!!!!

  374. i kno u cnt send 1 bck bcause of ur virus thing , but jst wntd 2 say urrrrrrr kwl !

  375. HI ! If u love kittens and u wnt 2 tlk ’bout kittens then contact bawden4@hotmail.com

  376. jenna, u shouldnt tell ur s/n o welllol KITTEN POWER!!!

  377. * oh well lol (thats wat i meant)

  378. is any body there?? Sofia wat did ur parents say?

  379. THIS WEBSITE IS THE HEIGHT OF CUTENESS! i came across it while surfing the net one day and now i always go on it when i need some thing cute to cheer me up! I LOVE IT! p.S I LOVE MY BABY MAISY ROO TOO!

  380. hey um the person called chicksrule wot r u goin on ’bout ? luv jenna xxxxxxxxx i luv tlkin ! i do i dooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!


  382. hi chicksrule (thou i dunno who the heck u r)

  383. Sofia is askin me bout kittens

  384. hi “chicksrules” r u there ?

  385. im soooooooooooooo bored !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! answer me sum 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! im bored :( :(

  386. no 1 der me jenna !!!!!!!!!

    hi , i luv kittens 4 eva xx o and i luv ben , i luv u ben !!!!!!!!!!!! i kno u fancy me ! xxxxx sexy !

  387. yes im here wanna talk?

  388. I love cats. Toni i think your dumb. But Lisa your right about the qute cat in the sink. Keyman don’t even bother to say stupid things like that.Preston, I have a cat so don’t even think about making fun of cats like that!!!!!!

  389. unknown, u are so right!! o and u probaly meant to, but cute is Cute not Qute

  390. is any one there?? Im bored to tears really i think im gonna cry!!!!!!!!! lol :)

  391. HELLO???????????? ANY ONE THERE?? im sick today. Sofia wat did ur parents say about a kitten???

  392. if there are any cute latin or puerto rican GUYS out there let me know i have some **** for you cat pictures yeah! so cute!

  393. Guy for me (perfect)

    1.latin or puerto rican
    4. first time havn sex
    5.big ****
    6.moans alot
    7.can wait till 6:00 in da mornin


  394. yeah Maria i’ll date you and have sex with you and do alot of other things to like..**** sounds good? hello sexy chica?

  395. my address is 4561 N. Lilly flower pond Ave. 34452 can you come 2night?

  396. hey Maria i’ll go instead!im way hotter

  397. i have blond hair used 2 be black and love puerto rican chica’s like YOU i know how to treat a girl like you with Respect alot of guys don’t do that

  398. well i can’t decide i know how! guess

  399. which eva 1 will…………..

  400. Well MR.BOHNCEI im probably richer than you and here’s why, im 24 and grew up rich and famous i live in the BEATIFULL AND TROPICAL PUERTO RICO i live in an island house in copa marina’s Guinica and am puerto rico long black hair and better that u. YOU need tou shuts ya mouth and get a life. I had to take lessons to learn english and still talk spanish and italian(some)(italian) tabien? ci? asi asi whater bendeha! get your own life and let these wonderfull people alone! all exept DAVE and MARIA what a bad bendeha. HASTA LUEGO at least I don’t live in a brick house cocki head kibesa! Adios non-amigo hasta luego

  401. Beyonce knowles (really!)

    well samantha maybe u and me can hang out i agree with anything you say and everything you wrote=) your so cool come see me in Atlanta some time this month tabien? ci! (whateva that means!)heheheh bye latina

  402. samantha will you go out with me?

  403. IM already taken by a guy named BRANDON DAVIS get a lig=fe dave

  404. ok yea sure say wat u guys wanna say and ci means yes. And how did we get from kittens to dating? jus wounderin

  405. im so bored

  406. HELLO?? PLEASE SOME ONE TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  407. hi ya do u wonmt to speak to me if u r on here

  408. any one

  409. hi zoe and leah. Sup?

  410. is any one there?????????????????? :(

  411. is any one there?????????????????? :(

  412. Ilovecatssomuchithinktheyaresoocute. ihaveacatthatcryswheneverigosomewhereandshesleepsonmybed.

  413. So cute! If you like kittens and cats, but cannot have one of your own, please remeber the Humane Society always needs volunteers! My friend felt sad because her dog had a full lifetime with her. When she went to donate his items, they told her they would love for someone to walk any of their dogs. So now she was several K9 friends, until she feels she can commit to another pet of her own.

  414. Most useful webtool of all times.

  415. i have a kitten that gos were ever i do and really loves me and sleeps with me allmost every night! he is the best best best best best best best best best ect. ect. best cat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  416. HELLO???? iz any one there? Sofia wat did ur mom and dad say??

  417. im bored

  418. if have any questions then you can talk to me

  419. hey ppl its chicksrule but i jus changed my name. Tell me if u like or not. like, take a vote and tell me.

  420. hey ppl its chicksrule but i jus changed my name. Tell me if u like or not. like, take a vote and tell me.

  421. hey ppl its chicksrule but i jus changed my name. Tell me if u like or not. like, take a vote and tell me. o and ask me any questions u need to.

  422. any questions if u need to. srry bout that

  423. any questions if u need to. srry bout that

  424. any questions if u need to. srry bout that

  425. what^ yall i so totaly love kittens o and im bord

  426. any questions if u need to. srry bout that

  427. is any one going to talk

  428. i like it kittenbabygrl

  429. i have 5 cats so feel free to ask me anything k

  430. You should put a voting feature on the site so the top rated pictures can be seen

  431. all these cats are to cute i want one

  432. is any one there who wants to talk

  433. i understand what you mean krista my cat might have more kittens but im not positive

  434. aw come on someone talk please PLEASE!


  436. that cat is so cute my mom said we had to get it…

  437. hey kittenbabygrl ( chicksrule ) I
    think that ney nickname is good but im just csed to chicksrule.

  438. i meant used.

  439. i meant new.

  440. This is so cute.I have kitten at home!I wish i had another one..I felt like cuddling those cute KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. hi everyone, i put my cat on the web too she’s really cute, her name is Jemini

  442. the too cats in the window are soooooooooooo cute.

  443. no 1 der me jenna !!!!!!!!!

    hey kittenbabygirl i wnt 2 tlk im bored !

  444. hey ppl hey um i think im gonna keep my name chicksrule any one wanna talk? oh s/n please not on this web site

  445. hey chicksrule im glad you kept your name. wanna talk?

  446. im bored.:(

  447. ARGH! im so bored. :(

  448. oh, by the way chicksrule, im not allowed to have a kitten. :( but thanks very much for ideas. :)

  449. IM BORED

  450. is any one there. if there is than please talk

  451. hey kittyluvr3d ill talk. :)

  452. ha! im only 11 years old and im drinking coffee for the first time right this second! it tastes like muddy water!

  453. hey chicksrule should i change my name? Sofia is my real name & that seems kinda borin

  454. to bored. to bored. to bored. to bored. ARGH!!!!!!!! sigh. :(

  455. um……… sofia*………. i know you dont know me but i would luv 2 get 2 know u beta my name is Dawn Funk so what do u say?????????

  456. ok well i gotta go but hopen ta talk with ya tomorow sofia k g2g byes

  457. what this site needs is more cute kittens.

  458. Cute kittens!!!!! When I figure out my new digital camera, I will post pictures of Salem (pure black) and Tux (he looks as though he’s wearing a tuxedo), they are sure “lookers”. They were feral cats, hand fed since they were two days old. They love to be with people. Hey, their four month birthday is tomorrow October 2, 2004. Kathleen, Salem and Tux from Massachusetts

  459. hi again , i go on the website , but no 1 wnt spk 2 me , y ? am i borin ? o well , c ya xx

  460. that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. Can someone please talk.

  462. all the little kittens are sssssssssssssooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. they look sooo soooo soo cute i want 1 are they for sale becouse if they are can i have one ore 2

  464. i like them all. i wish i could keep them

  465. um sofia , hi xx

  466. uh, Hannah covererach or whatever your name is, these kittens arent fer sale their peoples kittens.

  467. um no prob 4 the ideas sofia and i like ur name. u should keep it and hi dawn. im so bored any one wanna talk??

  468. i have 3 cats and i love them all i have a tabby ,a white one ,and a black and white one and all the cats on here are cute and some look a little weird but its wrong for some of u to say they are ugly

  469. Hey! I personaly think that all cats/kittens are awesome!!! even if they play rough (notice I didnt say they were mean cause their not)and I just found a kitten in a tree. I couldent belive it cause this loveable thing could not get up there all by them selves that means that SOMEBODY LEFT IT THERE TO DIE! CRUEL!!!@!!!!!1!!!!!!!!q@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  471. hi 2 u to amanda o & I still want 2 talk o amanda they took code lyoko off the air so it only comes on at 9:30am on saterday :( no

  472. i love thm but i like dogs better

  473. there ugly

  474. it looks just like my kitten cooky!!!!

  475. Its a cutie pie

  476. sup yall

  477. dose anyone wana talk to me today? well is there anyone there

  478. i have to say that your picture of your kittens is the cutest thing i have ever seen

  479. I LLLLOOOVVVEEE cats but i fell so sorry for that little cat in that wheel chair and gold fish are so0o0o0o0o boring if u wanted to see fish then go on a fish web site

  480. It looks as if their talking some secrets out. I wonder what their thinking about?

  481. I love your kittens they are so cute! I want to keep them all everyone in my family goes on this website to see the cute little kittens!

  482. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute can i have them or one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  483. that is just so looyyyyyyyooooooovveeeeeeeellyyyyyyyy

  484. Cute and funny.I like cats and kittens.

  485. My kittens name is Buddy.My kitten is funny.Kittens are the coolest.cats are fuuunnny.

  486. cats are not gay Michelle and jgh.

  487. hey y does no 1 spk 2 me ! :(

  488. this kitten looks like the one im getting named roxy

  489. this is the same exact lookin kitten im getting*i named mine roxy

  490. hi Jenna my name is Kayla.I will spk to you.

  491. Awwww!!!how cute.

  492. My kitten looks like that.

  493. The kitten we saw was sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute,that i wanted to buy it.saddly my dad is allergic!

  494. the kittens are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  495. the kittens are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  496. kittens are the best.they even rule over dogs(sorda).they should take over the world!!!(sorda)

  497. kaitlyn daily magizine says thet cats rule her world,and they are better then dogs(sorda kinda!!!)

  498. sorry we massed up on the last onr!!!!

  499. sorry we messed up on that one to!but cats still rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorda kinda maby-ish!!!)

  500. kittens are the best!!!!

  501. Hey cassidy kaitlyn, are you who I think you r? because i have 2 friends named Cassidy and Kaitlyn but Cassidy moved to Yale.

  502. hello. i talked to my dad and asked him if i could have a kitty cat. he just sighed and told me as long as i take the responsibility to do it and that my mom will let me, im allowed………………Well i know whats gonna happen already. i know how adults are so i know i will never get one. :(

  503. who ever has these kittens are very lucky.

  504. I love these kittens just by looking at them.I have a cute little kitten my self.she is orange,white,and black.

  505. hi kayla ! do u ave a e-mail address ? frm jenna x

  506. I was on this web sight last night with mt friend,but todays kitten,sleeping on the couch or pillow,is even cuter.Too bad my dad is allergic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  507. Kaitlyn?! Is that you? my buddy! my pal! its me sofia!

  508. im sorry if i bothered you kaitlyn,cassady. i can tell your not who i think you are cause if you were you wouldn’t turn me down.

  509. Hello. I really would like a kitten for Christmas, but my mum and dad don’t really want one. But I said I’d keep him in my bedroom and play with him and clean the litter-box. But how do I make them notice that I really do want the responsability(spelt wrong) to look after the lucky kitten! HOW!?

  510. The Tiny tiny kitten was awsome and adorable!! My friend here wishes her cat was that small and adorable still!!!!!!!!I want a kitten soooo bad!!!!!!!!!

  511. they are as cute as a botton

  512. Although my dogs would eat the kitten,or my dad would sneeze it out the door!I would totaly get a kitten!I wouldn’t care if my mom said NO!I would get one from JACKS AQUARIM!Those kittens are adooorrraaaabbbllleeeee!!!!!

  513. My cat,Tommy,is white and is the most adorable!!!!!!!!!I have a dog too!If my dog gets loose,he will go after my poor adorable cat,Tommy.This may sound like my cat is saying this,but it’s not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  514. Awwww!howcute.

  515. Awwww!how cute.

  516. hey bethany, you r just like me. i want a kitten to and my parents dont want one. i told them ill keep it in my room and clean the litter box but thay dont believe me. you r just like me. dont give up on asking them.

  517. The kittens are so,so,so….. Whats a better word then adorible?They are so cute,that u cant say how cute they are!Shut your trap if u say that EVEN 1 IS NOT CUTE!

  518. kittttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinssssssssssssssssssah!

  519. Hey Sofia*! the parents won’t say “yes”. I asked them today and i’m going to keep asked until they notice that I really would like a kitten for Christmas! AND THIS IS TO ALL THE CAT LOVERS THAT WANT A KITTEN… DON’T GIVE UP! IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING, GRAB IT! I trying! BYE!


  521. omg…how old is she/he? that’s simply adorable.

  522. i want a kitty like that. Orange kittys are so cute.

  523. hey, haley jane. were you talking about ME when you said ” how old is she, thats simply adorable!” yeh, well….

  524. don’t talk about me like that… ta tar!

  525. hi!i’m Bethany. I wish i could have a kitten 4 christmas. but my mom is not saying yes,she says they’re cute and tiny. but she thinks about the scratching, ripping and the claws!
    but you know you can’t have everything! bye! wrtite make something, what can I do! HELP



  528. HEY Y WON’T ANY OF U SPK 2 ME !!!!!!! :(

  529. HELLO ! AM IM INVISABLE 2 U LOT ?????

  530. i wil spk to you jenna

  531. All kittens are cute no matter what the case so if you have a problem with them get off this web site!!!!

  532. Oh ya some of you guys need to learn to spell just nodden with yall

  533. how adorable i have never seen such a pretty kitty besides mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  534. no 1 der me jenna !!!!!!!!!

    o fanx kayla @ least u’ll spk x

  535. i think they are all sooooooooo cute you just can’t get enough. whoever took all the pictures and to all the people who own you must be ver very very lucky ’cause they are all soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  536. Love kittens!! THey are SO CUTE!!!!

  537. I totally agree with kim and chatnoire kittens are soooooooooo cute! And this webside rocks!

  538. Jenna.U dont have to answer this but do u live in a apartment or a house? Because sometimes they wont let u have a kitten if u live in a apartment. Its sucks not to have a cute kitten! =(

  539. this kitten is so cute because i absolutely love cats!!!!

  540. I’ve never seen such a fluffy cat it’s so cute

  541. 2 andrea i liv in a house , and im nt aloud 2 have a kitten , its nt fair !!!!!!!!!!! is kittens ur favourite animal ???? there sooooooo mine ! frm jenna

  542. hi jenna. i live in a house too and im not aloud to hav one either. that sucks!

  543. These kitten are sooooo adorable. I want my own now :D

  544. I love cats and these kittens are just precious


  546. They kittys are so cute I WANT ONE SO BADLY!

  547. Kittins are so cute that that icould always hang around the kittin

  548. there r so fucking ugly

  549. What a sweet little bunch of babies, adorable =^..^= purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  550. Zims Santa Suit....

    So cute! And festive! Must resist! Noooooooooooooooooooo

  551. The three kittens are SoOOOOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad I want to scream but we can’t,my mom is asleep!!!!!!!!!

  552. “If only I could touch a kitten with the soffest hair in the world!” Says KJ Magizine.It would be awsome (sorta kinda)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  553. hello :))

  554. Awww! So cute……..FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

    just kiddin sooww kjoot!

  555. i love these kittis! i do wish my cat would help out in the kitchen!


  557. these kittens are adorable i want them!!!!are thy for sale i hope so because there sooooooooooo cute. love them so much

  558. no 1 der me jenna !!!!!!!!!

    THESE KITTENS R NT 4 SALE !!!!!!!!!!

  559. That is such a cute kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kitten Lover,

  560. these kittens r soooooooooooooooo cute! i want them all! if there were more kittens in this world as cute as these, then there would be a whole lot of cute kittens!!!!!!!!!!!! KITTENS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  561. your kitten is so cute! i want can have your email please.

  562. The kittens are so cute!! Love them!!

  563. Soooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

  564. ilove tabby cats as they are so cute and i love them because i have a tabby cat called simba!!

  565. hello my name is gerdy and I think that your kittens look like they have been run over by a car and are freaky, like my face. one of the photos actually made me scream of horror i don’t know about you but thats just sick!
    adios and damn all the cats they belong with satan
    ( they look like his minnions )

  566. gerdy r u domented? y do u even come on this site?

  567. I looooooooooooooooooove kittens!!!! They are soooooooooooooooooo precious! I could look at them all day!

  568. i love cats and kittens!!!!!!!!i think that hey are so cute

  569. if u don’t even like kittens y do u even cum on this website ?

  570. blah blah blah blah blah blah blha blah blah blah blah blah

  571. I think cats are awsome! Well hey I have 4 of them myself.

  572. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

  573. AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW How cute is he for dinner or do I have to find somthing else?

  574. That kitten looks SO much like my cat Dazul


  576. Awe what a cute kittie.

  577. hi sofia


  579. i wanna hug it !!

  580. it looks a mit ………. but if it wasent wet it will proberly be realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly cute


  582. this is such a cute kitten! I’m gettin one just like it.

  583. wa wa waaaaaaa :)

  584. hi is chicksrule there?

  585. the cats on this website are so cut I got all my friends to loke on it they said AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW there so cut

  586. awwwwwwwwwww there so cute gorgeous if you want to sell one please contact me awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

  587. hey stevie how many times do i have to tell you people THESE KITTENS ARENT FOR SALE!!!!!! THEY ARE PEOPLES KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  588. hey stevie ill sell you my kitten for $5. And sofia you shut up!

  589. hey! that was mean Becca. :(

  590. kittys are awesome but… what about dogs? Just a suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ME OR LOVE ME NOT!! No actuallly…just love me!!!!!!!!!! tootles!!!!!!!!!!1

  591. sexy beth you are a wuss.
    LOL!!!!!! :)

  592. I think that kittens are so cute ,that when i see one my heart stops beating!!!!!! I am 10 and If I wre aloud to vote ,,,,….. it would not be kerry!!!!!!!!!!!! go BUSH!!!!!!!!

  593. Your Kitten Is So Cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love It.
    Please Can U Send Me A Picture Of It And Tell Me Its Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  594. ok2 singer you r so stupid and domented! do u know how idiotic u r? GO KERRY!!!!!!!!!!! BOO BUSH!!!!! :)

  595. happy haloween! :) did i spell that rite?

  596. y isn’t anyone talking? chicksrule, u don’t talk anymore! why is that? and hi jenna! hi dawn! r u there?! i’m so bored that i think im going to cry! :(

  597. I didnt know that cats were crosseyed what the fuck

  598. what did u do to that poor cat!!!!

  599. This cat is the ugliest cat I have ever seen what the hell did you guys do to it

  600. that is the ulgliest cat i have ever seen

  601. madison and heather u guys r the most meanest people ever! cats r living things from God! r u insulting God? & heather u aren’t supposed to say bad words! stay off this site both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  602. i think that your kittens online are so cute and i wish i could have one just like you i am so upsessed with kittens. one last thing my parents wont let me get a kitten so im going to keep on begging them. oh yeah Go KERRY

  603. That kitten has such a big head, but it is so darling!!! Aww!!! :-)

  604. Kitten had pretty colors and so cute

  605. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!almost toooo cute for the human eye.I love cats….kittens especlly!I think you should put more baby kittens on.I mean BABY.But keep up the good work .I’m sure many people enjoy your site.

    Kitten lover,
    Taylor Davidson

  606. Awww! That is the cutest kitten i’ve ever seen in my life.

  607. kitten power!

  608. OOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
    Those kittens are so cute!
    One of them looks like my kitten Millie, shes so cute!
    I’ll try to put a photo of her up.
    Well those kittens are lllooovvveeelllyyy!!!

  609. I personitly think you’re kitten pictures are so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  610. UUUMMM Sofia,aren’t you talking why won’t you talk to anyone i know how it is.(i’m in fourth grade#)i try talking to fifth graders!how old are you?what grade are you in?maybe we could be friends!well keep in touch.SEE YA LATER!!!!!!!!!


  612. I have a kitten that looks just like yours and she is having kittens Ha Ha Ha

  613. your kittens are adorable it looks like there kissing! awwwwwwwwwww sooooooooooo cute!

  614. Miss Larans, you do know that if you click the button it brings up more kittens right? Nice with the cuteness.

  615. hey ashley um sure i’ll be your friend i’m in 6th grade and im 11 years old. um so you have no friends well thats 2 bad but i think u can work out things with me. anywaizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..chicksrule r u there?

  616. some of the kittens you have arent fat enough for me . . . and some have no fur. not my style at all add some more variety or i will nevr visit your little phony site agin . . . AND I WIL STICK WITH MY WORD! and plus some are just pics out of a catalouge . . . come on people!


    too important to be mentioned

  617. ki10srule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  618. Kittens are great.. I like em :D

  619. IM SORRY SOFIA !!!!! HI HOW R U !!

  620. hi any1 spkin 2 me !!!! does any1 like me anymore x i haven’t been on ere 4 mnths

  621. SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I have 1? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?



  624. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  625. *sigh* I could write my paper…or I could look at kitties.
    Kitties are infinitely cuter than Aeschylus!

    but i would like to say that i put my kitten on here and it has not came up
    blogjam u are sooooooo mean my kitten is really cute aswell

  627. oh yeh i would just like to say that I LUV ORLANDO BLOOM who else on this crazy website does?
    oh KITTENS RULE!!! :)



  630. aww, poor lolly! :(

  631. hey! anyone want me address for info on kittens? send me an email toll-free at sjaved_42093@yahoo.com.

  632. Kittens are sooo cute!I hate Courtney and lolo!Its not fair.Y cant I have a little kitten?

  633. i think the kitten in the mug was sooooooooo cute!

  634. i LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE kittys, theyre so cute and fuzzy and fluffy, i think i’ll go get my cat shadow to hold. he’ll like to see the kittens

  635. HEY he looks like shadow

  636. the black kitty is a salom kitty and if i ever find out who did that to the poor kitty with the crossed eyes ill get candy to bite their heads off

  637. ok thats too cross eyed kittys who ever is doing this tell them to knock it off, (the poor baby kitty)

  638. that kitten is so cute don’t ya’ll agre w/me?!?

  639. I think that i love cats better then everybody else because i think i have a connetion with them or something cause my neighbor has a house full of cats and its this white cat that every time he sees me out he comes down the driveway and meows for me to pet him.


  641. i dnt like cats there more like rats but on a larger scale. i prefer dogs, although cats do look very graceful whenever they run when u set the dogs on them!!

  642. i love cats or kittens
    they r so cute i have one of my own

  643. how cute i looooooooove kittens who dosen’t.

  644. i really want them all to my self epecally well all of them

  645. Aieee! Cute cute cute! By the way, I found this site from your website link on Gaia. email me if you want my username cos I’m not going to post it for the whole world to see…

  646. chicksrule?! y aren’t u talkin’ anymore?

  647. umm has no one else noticed that there is a picture of a orange kitten and a woman’s breast and nipple in it? no one is checking the pics before they are added? scary thought

  648. AWW! Pretty.
    I want one…too cute!!!!!

  649. I think this funny kitty is the cutest cat i have ever saw

  650. awww! so adorible!!!



  652. um jenna you r overdoing it.

  653. i love cute lil kittens.their all very cute

  654. i want to hug a little kitten until his head explode.
    cuz theyre cute ^^

  655. I know they are cute aren’t they?

  656. they are too cute!!!!!!!

  657. OMFG i love this site and the kittens. Tuck Tuck Tyler and I found it. It ownzzzzzzz.

  658. there not cute there ugly

  659. Kittens r so not cute there are the uglyiest muts i have ever seen

  660. kittens are like an angle comming down from heaven!

  661. “me” or if thats really ur name, yer stupid. stay off this site!

  662. oh my gosh your kitten is so cute. i love him or her, it purrific i love it its adorable

  663. cATz RULEZZZ…..the kitten is SO cute…It iS aBsOlUtElY *PURRfeCt*…LOL….:P

  664. KiTtY RUlEz…..HAHA

  665. i love kittens… they make great targets!

  666. kittens rule I just got a new one month old kitten
    and her name is Lucy mae jones, and she is a cutie

  667. kittens are totally the coolest pet since…. um since…EVER

  668. cats SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  669. it is such a cute cat

  670. your cat is the cutest cat on this sit.totaly

  671. ohhh!!!!!its so cute!!!i luuuuuvvv
    it!!!! get more cuties!!!!!!!!!!!
    it just saying”Love me! I’m cute!”
    and i do luuvvv it1 and it is cute!

  672. your cats are so cute!!!!!!!!
    i say to all my friends “lokk at this it is so cute

  673. Ben Clark u r mean

  674. rather addicting and that’s fine w/me. thank you, all. :-)

  675. your cats are soooooooo cute i wont to take him/her home with me ooooooooohhhhh PPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!

  676. I looooooooooovkittens so much

  677. I hate kittens so much ewwwwwwwwwwwwww there uguly

  678. no affense to kittens but that one girls right theres a picture of a cat with girls nipple!i hate that pic(but i love all the others and that kat is cute)!

  679. Star how dare u call kittens ugly! they are are cutiest little things in the world!

  680. hi doesn’t no 1 like me any more ?

  681. Oh, he’s so cute, I think I will call him squishy!

  682. hey Andrea i agree with u but star on the other hand i do not oh and star MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  683. Hey Sofia*,11 you r right ben clark is way mean

  684. they r so cute

  685. hey star that was at least a trillion w’s.

  686. ya u r right Sofia*,11 star did probly did put a trilloin w’s

  687. hey frane what does cxcxzczxcxczc mean?

  688. Awwwwwww! This website is a representation of all that is good about the web. Using cute images of innocent fun and cuteness to unite the world! I typed in vute kittens, looking for cute kittens, and i got cute kittens, not something disreputable. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  689. i think this site is adorible with kittens keep it!! keep it!! keep it!! i come here everyday for new kitten fun!!!! I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

  690. some speach looser oh i mean samantha phillips

  691. u r so mean coolie

  692. I love ur website. It really makes me happy to see all these cute pictures of kittens especially since im not allowed to have any pets. I come to this site whenever i can. They are so cute.

  693. hey chelsey this is not a website to listen 2 ur stupid life ok

  694. cool itcoolie godi would be sad if i could not have a pet and they r cute ok

  695. hello isanyoneout there im lonley please talk to me im despret i really nead boy as afriendor even more tan that

  696. can it stupid (lonley)

  697. hey cut it out you 2

  698. oh my gosh kittens are so cute!! at the mall ppl were selling full bred cats and tabbys for 85 bucks! they were like giving them awat! but i only had 53 dollars! so sad. well rescue a cat at the humane society so they can hav a real family peace out kitten fans

  699. coolie, like Texas said, cool it.

  700. That’s pretty much why your name is coolie, right? am i right?

  701. They are the cutest little things! I wanna squeeze them, but I can’t cuz I know it’ll hurt umm.. lol, they are to cute!aaaaaaaawwww… I sent my kitty in, look for the black and white one with the finger in its mouth! thats my Pepi

  702. thanks Sofia*,11 4 actually agreeing with with me

  703. ya ya ya so What if my name is coolie its a better name than well i just wont say (Sofia*,11)

  704. coolie know uv gone to far

  705. i love little babby kittens. they are sooooo darn cute. i have a cat myself.

  706. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!So cute. I love them all.

  707. STOP ALL THAT BAD TALK AND STAY OFF THIS SITE COOLIE!!!!!!!!!! ( my real name is kayla and texas u spelled “now” wrong)

  708. but still call me “Sofia*,11” okay? im in disguise.

  709. hey coolie ur name is good in one condition cause it suits u! u can never cool ur stinkin’ self down!
    LOL!!! :)
    ( we r NOT friends and as i sais, stay off this site)

  710. gees im bored. chicksrule r u there and hi texas.

  711. hey Sofia*,11 im here now and my real name is Cierra but you can still call me Texas ireally love kittens dont u

  712. hey Sofia*,11 and i nota good speller well i am but just not when i typing

  713. I agree with all of you!kittens are adorable and I love them.I just wish my mom and dad would buy me one.

  714. i love that kitten thats with the chick these kittens are soooooo cut

  715. I love kittens! I could kiss one all day.

  716. I think kittens are adorable and I agree with scamp!Every kid who likes them should own one

  717. hey Sofia*,11 r u there?

  718. hey Sofia*,11 did ur name on the screen used 2 be Sofia,11

  719. hey Sofia*,11 who is *Chicksrule*:)?
    if u dont want 2 tell ok

  720. hey Sofia*,11 well um im really really sorry i allways get steemed off like that sorry. u r right andi am going 2 stay off this site ok well bye and sorry anyone who i made fun of.

  721. that was really nice coolie

  722. I love kittens. This is the most purrrrrr-fect website to look at cute kittnes!

  723. o its ok coolie. but keep ur temper jees! and texas my name used 2 b sofia,11 i just added the little star.

  724. I prefer worms anyday !

  725. hey Sofia*,11 r u on the web?

  726. hey Sofia*,11 r u on the web?

  727. sorry click 2 much

  728. hey sofia*,11 r u there?

  729. coolie u can come back!
    come on out buddy! im sorry!!!!!!!!

    please come back. :'(

  730. :'( :'( :'(

  731. come back!!!!!! :(

  732. hey Sofia*,11 i thought u didnt want me 2 come back

  733. hey coolie i think she went away

  734. hey texas r me and u friends now


  736. bye Texas and happy thanksgiving

  737. ill still try to comeon the web allright

  738. hey Sofia*,11 do u really want to talk me after what i said?

  739. So cute!! I absoulutely love those pics. come check out my site, too.

  740. Awww…most of these kitties are soooo cute, i’m a HUGE kat lover!! awwz..*hugz the kitties* *pets+purrs*

  741. Hey wzup everyone reading the site!!!!!! Kittens are so cute I have 2 kittens!!They are a dorable!!! Talk 2 you later


  743. as long as u dont do it again.

  744. these kittens are so qute they look like my kitty

  745. but why would you want to talk to me sofia*,11?


  747. well if you feel that way then i will just stay off this SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok

  748. MAN I REALLY MISS TEXAS SHE ACTULLY DID NOT YELL AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  749. AND U PROBLY DID NOT LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOFIA*,11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  750. im usually a calm person like Texas but sometimes u go way too far in the subject! and texas was my best friend!

  751. well gees i did not know u really never talked to her.

  752. hey u guys guess were i moved ill just tell u i mooved 2 TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk 2 me later ok Sofia*,11 and coolie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  753. hey did you know that my real name is Cierra not texas butstill call me texas if u want ok.

  754. hi texas how was your trip anywayse did you Know that my real name is Nicole………

  755. such cute kitties!

  756. That yellow kitten looks like my cat!!!

  757. Those kittens are so cute! I wish I had them in my arms.

  758. hey i did not know that u and coolie were in a fight!

  759. Sofia*,11 r we best friends or r u just saying that?

  760. they are like little cutie pies i have won mine is orange and his name is carrot i put him carrot because it’s orange a carrot is orange my kitten is the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love my kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  761. sssssssoooooooooo cccccuuuuutttttiiiiieeeee pppppiiiiieeeeesssss i am going to cry hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!love kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  762. hey my real name is kayla and of course im ur best friend Texas!

    or aren’t we?

  763. cause if we r not then ill be sad, really really sad! :'(

  764. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  765. i know were best freinds sofia*,11 i was just asking

  766. sofia*,11 r u & coolie in a fight ?

  767. sorry if i made u sad sofia*,11 ok:):):)

  768. hey Sofia*,11 what state do u live in ? and coolie what state do u live in ? u all know i live in TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  769. hey sofia*,11 r u there?

  770. hey texas i live in florda

  771. im am texas’s little sis i love kittens 2 :) :)

  772. :) :) :)

  773. GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW!!!!!!!!!! :)

  774. beach*babe (savanna) please

  775. OK sis :(

  776. chaneged name 2 Texas* ok thanx beach*babe 4 getting off (: ):

  777. :) :) :) :) :)

  778. the kittens on the website were SO adorable!But they do have some ugly ones but there still cute in some weird way i guess well i have to go BYE!!!! kelsey

  779. hey texas i live in Pennsylvania.

  780. hey sofia r u on? :)

  781. :) :( :) :( :)

  782. i need to know if that kitten is for sale?

  783. they r probly not but i know some one who is selling them:)

  784. WAZ UP G2G :) :) :)

  785. hey texas we live at least 2000 miles from eachother and how old r u?

  786. hey r u on the web? :) :)

  787. i am11 years old? why and how old r u?

  788. sofia*,11 is it allright ifi just call sofia? if not ok. :)

  789. Rabbits are better. Cats are evil.

  790. Sophia shut up! rabbits produce and produce and they r so stinky! isn’t that right Texas?

  791. and texas im 11 too. ( don’t tell coolie, but my real name is Sofia) and yes u can call me Sofia.

  792. she really never comes on anymore i dont know why? :(

  793. They r SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute i want them all!!!!

  794. They r SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute I want them all!

  795. i love kittens oh kittens are cute even thogh mine is muuuuuteee… dance to da kittens…

  796. I adore this web site! The kittens are precious and kissable. There can never be too many kittens!

  797. i love kittens can i have them all .

  798. kittens is my farvert anamil i have one black kitten and a lot of cats

  799. hey sofia r u on? :)

  800. oh ges not…………… :(


  802. thats really cute i’m 14 years old i had a cat that looked just like that however a little older.His name was barney be i loved him very much but he got ran over.This was late year and for the longest time i wouldn’t play or ask for another cat. However now thats all i want for christmas this year and i’m really hoping i get it. You’re lucky make sure you take care of your because you never know really of what you have until you lose it

  803. that is 1 of the cutest kittens ive ever seen

  804. i feel so bad for u lindzee! :(

  805. They are so cute and i agree cats arnt boring in fact i have a kitten

  806. I love cute kittens! Most of them were adorable, although there was the occasional few “funky” lookin ones but still lovable! :D I’ve noticed that all the Orange ones basically look alike. I have an orange cat named Caroline (though it turned out to be a boy. We found that out after we spent six months thinkin it was a girl) Anywho, cool generator. Anyone know of more?!

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  910. I have a very cute kitten. My friend has a cat
    too and their both very cute. I am a very big
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    lets me see any new animal that comes into the clinic. I like animals of any kind so that’s why my comment is so long!I don’t think that anyone on the comment page has written this much. Does that mean that i’m breaking a new record by writting this much? It’s almost 2:00 and soon i’m going to my friends clinic to buy seven cats cause i already have four cats so that means that now i have 12 cats,two dogs,
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  911. I have a very cute kitten. My friend has a cat
    too and their both very cute. I am a very big
    cat fan!I think that blogjam kittens are absolutly adorable. Keep up the good work people!I know someone who’s a vet and he always
    lets me see any new animal that comes into the clinic. I like animals of any kind so that’s why my comment is so long!I don’t think that anyone on the comment page has written this much. Does that mean that i’m breaking a new record by writting this much? It’s almost 2:00 and soon i’m going to my friends clinic to buy seven cats cause i already have four cats so that means that now i have 12 cats,two dogs,
    four budgie birds,three turtles,six ant farms,ten garden snakes living in my garden,nine tropical fish,nine gold fish and that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  920. Ok. i was the one that wrote the paragraph that says its written by zoe and sister. I wrote that paragraph. I’m such a cat finatic that i can’t stop “commenting”. please e-mail me if you want to TALK OR SOMETHING ELSE at: