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skinning a cat

There are many ways to skin a cat, they say. According to Ms. Marantz’s Human Anatomy & Physiology class from Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California, however, there’s just one.

german porn

If you ever wondered what kind of people visit this site, featured below is a list of the searches made on Yahoo! that have led people to blogjam since Monday.

search requests

Feel amongst friends?

and home

Bugger this, I’m off back to London. And that’s enough about me. The stupid links will return shortly as normal service resumes.

back again

A very successful 24 hours in Boston with old friends Adrian and Eleanor plus new addition Tyler. Bought some books, acquired some CDs, drank some beer and watched more sport. But, bugger this, I’m back off to New York.

hungover, just a little

New years eve on Absinthe (actually illegal here in America) is probably not the best way to celebrate, but from what I can remember it was a grand evening. Good company all round — these New Yorkers are a friendly bunch.

my feet ache

Today I walked. A lot. Close to 260 blocks, from 225th Street in the South Bronx to Battery Park at the other end of Mahattan. Through Washington Heights, through Harlem, through the Upper West Side, Midtown, Downtown and I-didn’t-know-my-feet-could-hurt-this-much town, and alongside Ground Zero. I’ve calculated that I took close to 33,000 steps. Why I did this in a city with some of the best (and cheapest) public transport in the world remains unclear, even to me. Now, I drink. Happy New Year.