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selective memory

I just got another email from someone via Friends Reunited. This one reminded me “You had a party once, and used the garden fence as firewood.” My God, what was I like?


It’s not often that I recommend a specific weblog, but then there’s not many whose sole purpose is to keep us updated with news from the murky world of pornography.

alf garnett

Yet more genius from the boys of b3ta. This time, it’s misheard lyrics from Destiny’s Child.

adeleide swings

Anyone reading this in Adelaide? Shakers And Groovers are having a party on the 19th, and as I can’t go, I’d like someone else to and report back in full. Thankyou.


“Thus the harpoon-like end 13b of the element 13 buries itself in the intruding penis with the result that withdrawal of the penis causes the entire device 10 to be withdrawn from the vaginal cavity 11 with the penis solidly impaled on the element 13”. As anti-rape devices go, this one has got to be pretty effective.

ufo college

“UFO College offers degrees in Paranormal Studies, UFO, Alien, Roswell, Area 51, Art Bell, abductions, extraterrestrials, flying saucers, and more.” And it’s Free!

a whole sausage!

This evening I received an email from someone I went to college with though friends reunited. This is all it said: “Are you the Fraser with gorgeous hair who could swallow a large sausage whole without gagging?”. Jeez. Is that my legacy? What people will remember me for? Perhaps it’s time I took a good hard look at my life.