pet names

Surely no-one is so stupid that they need help naming their pets? Especially with suggestions like Boneprone, Magnificat and Snootchie Pootchie. Pet-naming is easy. You call cats “Kitty.” Dogs are “Rover” or “Spot.” And goldfish should always be called “Copper Gavin.” Simple.


  1. I think Edgar or Frank or Macaroni is good for a fish. Goldie is just too common.

  2. ~I think that Marmalade would be a good name for a goldfish~

  3. Goldie rules or what about justin…. or maybe orlando…??

  4. i think that the name bubbles is cute for a fish! i also like the name garfield or macaroni!

  5. I think a pet should be named according to its personality.. for instance.. My male ferret was a trouble maker and always got into things and tore them up.. so His name was Loki.. after the greek God of Mischeif.. Or maybe a puppy that was alwyas being disobedient… Lucifer would suffice…

  6. i named my fish Coffee coz he has black spots all over him and the other on is elmo coz hes got orange on the top half of his body and silver on the u have ne other names that would suit him?