tub cat con

I love the tubcat site, if only for the fact that I like freakishly fat animals. What I don’t like about the site is that it’s been designed to look like one of those “Mahir” kind of pages, with a blindingly poor choice of colours, bad english and over-the-top spinning icons. So it’s made by a moron, right? Wrong. The domain is registered to someone at 4104 24th Street in Silicon City itself, San Francisco, which most likely places the maker in the SOMA district (a semi-scary neighborhood where many dotcoms were housed before the Crash). I can’t be 100% sure, of course, but I still think we’re being conned. In a gentle, furry kind of way.


  1. It’s definitely a joke.

    Take a look at the source. It’s not *great*, but neither is it *bad*. Someone who spelt like that with such bad design “taste” would use the worst WYSIWYG editor around (something worse than FrontPage preferably), and the HTML would be full of errors as well.

  2. you’re nerds