car sex

“‘Having sex with a car’. The phrase is sometimes misunderstood to mean sex in a car, and sometimes is greeted with skepticism. How can you have sex with a car? The short answer is, up the tailpipe.” Ahhh, of course. If you’re curious, there’s more here.


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  4. i cut my penis on the sharp edge of the tailpipe. i’m gonna take you to court for all the money and cars you got. sicko.

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  6. please send me a guy that can have sex with me.

    2373 N. central ave#c-330 kissimmee fl,34741

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  8. hats awesome its not bad to try anything new, I have and I love it

  9. i’ll have internet sex with someone

  10. I wanna have ciber sex…..

  11. its up to the people what ambiance they like..@@@@@

  12. He is wrong though, you can do it without that weird contraption, it takes a special skill, and you can do it with the car running depending on the size of the engine. My girlfriend has a ZX2 and she gets behind the wheel and is in control of the amount of vibration and exhaust that comes out, and I tell you what, it may sound like something really hinky, but it is one hell of a rush when she is in control.

  13. I was wondering if a guy can have sex with a car up the tail pipe where can the girl get off?

  14. Some cars are so sleek and sexy. Most folks admit this. If you are gentle and
    heartfelt about it what is wrong with holding such a beautiful automobile in
    your arms and giving it love? I have had many powerful orgasms with sexy
    cars. I love them all!

    “I create feelings in others that they themselves don’t undersatnd.”
    “CARS” Disney/Pixar 2006

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  18. I am? What is “manjak”?
    Have you ever been with a Jaguar XKE?

  19. UUUUUUUUUU iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sex with a car?

  20. YALL are some crazy motherfuckers hey better a car thn the nieghbors cat rite nasty ass motherfuckers burn

  21. I banged a corvette. The slut wanted it so bad.

  22. I have always wanted to have sex with a miata

  23. A porsche would be good too!

  24. jessica Says:

    I was wondering if a guy can have sex with a car up the tail pipe where can the girl get off?

    jessica you can have sex with a manual transmission vehicle. The stick shift.

  25. Is this some new type of getting jacked

  26. I once courted Tina, or was that Cortina ?

  27. Before I begin, I must confess, for me to get my maximum funk going, I need a car with a big rear end, something like a station wagon, or a big Ford van!

    The problem with most men who love cars, is their lack of loyalty. Don’t be shallow and only go for the new sleek models. The older, larger cars have more experience, most have had many owners so they know what a man wants!

    Their paint might not be as shiny, they may even have a dent or two, but their real beauty is more than panel deep. Most heartless men discard these beauties not long after they have finished ‘breaking them in’, for a sleeker model with a smaller boot.

    The older models are built to last and allot of their maintenance can be a DYI affair. They really love it when YOU give them the service they deserve! I often change my big-bad-van’s oil in between the standard intervals just to make her feel special.

    Besides, the older cars have large displacement motors which require a larger diameter tail-pipe. The lack of a catalytic converter just makes the fun so much DIRTIER and WRONG!

  28. Oh, one downside to loving older cars is that they need to be ‘gently warmed up’ in the colder months before they are ready for action.

    Really old cars can be a little too kinky for some men’s taste. For example, my car refuses to get going unless I ‘choke\’ her for at least 5 mins.

    What I would really like to do is meet a second van (maybe even the same model and colour, like twins!). I’d take them into my private two car garage, turn off all the lights, put on some mood music and flush BOTH their radiators until they both gush coolant all over the floor! I know that gets them HOT!

    One day I might tell you about the time my van got so excited she spurted oil all through her own engine bay (Told you she was dirty!). I slowly, carefully and lovingly opened her up and gave her a head servicing she (and I) will never forget!

  29. I\’ve always been shy around cars. I could never seem to find one that was right for me. We just never connect.

    I\’m 42 years old now and the only cars I\’ve ever driven are ones I\’ve ‘rented\’ from Hertz. They are dirty, worn out and it give me the creeps to know that so many other men have driven them before me.

    I want a car of my own, but I\’m just too busy with work to go out and find one that\’s right for me. After so long sharing the bus with other men I just don\’t know if any car would want me.

    I\’m so depressed I\’ve even been looking up mail order websites for cars from Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

    Has anyone heard anything about car\’s from the Philippines?

  30. The gnxlover site has been down years.

  31. I prefer the air intake, at least it sucks

  32. Butter me up my sexy lil lambo

    hey this is george clooney, i just wanted to take some time out to tell u about the me and my lambo got cozy in the living room by the fire i heated her oil up to toasty, turned on the ignition and and plucked the babys dual exhaust pipes i hit them both o yea! she got the double stuff!! It was romantic Ive never had better sex, the loved me like no other car ive been with, and when i got real into it her engine moan like no other i love my little lambo. Theres just one problem a couple of weeks ago she wouldnt let me take her out for a spin so i had to use the bently i talked to her later about it and she was acting very cold, she seems to been getting bigger aswell. I think she might be cheating on me with Brad Pitt ive been seeing them out latley and I THINK SHES PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However this shall turn out I just want her to know I can move past this and i will take responcibility for the new child that shes going to have. I just hope shes reading this right now, cause baby I love stickin my dick in ur tailpipe.

  33. Umm..this is an interesting website…

  34. I stick my dick into the tailpipe when the engine is idling the vibrations and the exhaust that comes out makes me come i so love doing it

  35. i fucked the e brake in my jeep cherokee. it was incredible.

  36. I was wondering if a guy can have sex with a car up the tail pipe where can the girl get off?

  37. I put my dick in my girlfriends car exhaust and she turns the car on and revs it, not hard revs but little revs, the vibration and exhaust is great!

  38. a woman can fuck either the gearshift, handbrake or the towball, have fun girls

  39. I wana put my dick in a mk 4 tdci fiesta, or a td focus/mondeo and want it to be switched on and revved to death, anyone?

  40. About 1987 the Buick LeSabres the Delta 88’s and the split dual Bonnevilles were the sexiest pipes on the road. Always wished I coulda done one of them.

  41. I do it with my gfs nissan micra, She drives us to the garages and I get behind the exhaust, put my dick in (blocking it) tap on the window then she turns it on, blowing my dick out, but I hold it behind the exhaust whilst she revs it, stalls it and hard revs it, I love the hard revs, I wish she had a diesel so when she hard revs black smoke would co me out on my dick, I wanna do a ford transit van next, when she keeps hard revving it makes me come. Anyone wanna blast my dick with thier diesel car/van, leave a comment!

  42. I would love to meet a woman with a motorbike or car who would let me insert my dick in the exhaust and then gently rev it. anyone?

  43. sickos, get yourself some help

  44. you all need some serious help you have some issues,your either butt ugly or weird as hell that you think screwing a car is normal,do others a favor and lock your as up in some kind of institution and throw away the key.sicko;s

  45. I like it very much…
    is there a girl with a car here??
    i would like to put my penis in her car exhaust!

  46. I love reading you guys, I’m happy I’m not alone in this world.
    I do it with my vintage Austin Mini. Actually I asked a (manly) gay friend of mine to start it and rev it up on me oh it was so good in a dark isolated spot on a hot summer night.
    I wish one day I would see a big bear type male have it done to him by his nasty wife.

  47. oh, i forgot, I always do it shirtless, and I work out regularly.

  48. i love to do it! my ex girlfriend like to do that. she gets behind the car exhaust and put her pussy on exhaust and feels the smoke!