hunt the boeing

“Here’s a little game for you: Take a look at these photographs and try to find evidence to corroborate the official version. It’s up to you to Hunt the Boeing!” September 11th conspiracy theorists start here.


  1. my mates dad who used to be in the RAF

    Interesting, but I recall going to a crash site in the RAF where an E.E. Lightening hit the ground almost vertically and there was a huge crater and I couldn’t find anything I recognised except some yellow tape which had been wrapped around the cables. The largest piece of metal was about six inches long, the rest had been consumed by the fire resulting from the fuel residue. Aluminium melts ! We did however find parts of the engine so the Americans must also. If not then it’s a bit odd. I suspect the Boeing nearly missed and the inexperienced Arab pilot pushed the stick down and hit the bottom floor nearly vertical.

  2. show me some damage to the ground, there is none, so it didnt hit the ground first period, we have been lied to about this whole fiasco from the get go. some parts of the plane wont melt though, ie the turbine(s) where are they.