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  1. Given the degree of corruption in goverment ,under bush and
    thru officals who’v gone the way of betrayal of the constitution, it is our duty to remove , and end acts of greed, and treachery before they become even more henious? and this would happen if criminal
    activities in levels of authority continue , unabated ?
    it is no more a “crime” to demand that the safety of the country be
    held above all other concerns than the jailing of common criminals
    caught stealing on the streets?
    if wealth can shield you from prossecution for unlawful acts, then wealth can be called an evil? therfore all wealth could be cause for
    fear. but not wealth or the mindless nature of gain is unlawful? only when it is misused. why then must we be subject to unlawful activities ,commited against not 1, but all citizens ..
    we are allowed by the constituion to overthrow tyrants.unjust,and
    corrupt officals, it is our right, and a stated duty!