save b3ta

b3ta is one of my two favouite sites on the Internet. Recently I’ve been luckily enough to be involved with b3ta, contributing content to their own weblog. Now, like other hobby-sites that have captured something quite magical and succeeded beyond belief, they’re being forced to shut down in less than a week unless the funds are raised to pay for next years bandwidth charges. I’d urge anyone who frequents b3ta to dip their hands into their pockets and contribute whatever they can afford — we take for granted the fact that most content on the Internet is free, but it’s only so because someone else is paying the bills, in this case b3ta’s founders. What’s more, web-hosting is not cheap, and b3ta is not a business. So go on, give a little. I’m posting a cheque right after work.


  1. B3TA RULZ!

    Please, save the B3TA picture’s archive!!