bobby gillespie’s hair

I’ve been in a band since 1989. We’re called Bobby Gillespie’s Hair, and play about once a year, mostly small gigs with the occasional party thrown in. We even headlined a rock festival once, going onstage after Sonic Youth. We’re really, really, shit, especially on a good night – if you can imagine the worst, most drunken karaoke singer you’ve ever seen, with the music performed by four other individuals suffering from similar levels of intoxication, you’re getting close. Last night saw 2002’s live performance, at the wedding of my friend Mark and his partner Donna. I’ve compiled a selection of photographs of the event, which took place at London’s swanky Churchill Intercontinental Hotel. I don’t think we’ll be asked back.


  1. I liked the painting, who is it by?

  2. I don’t know, I’m afraid. I know the same artist did another painting of a swan called “On the wings of love” or something similar, and I think they were done in the 70’s but apart from that….

  3. You know frasier, i think you are one of the funniest people i have ever me. I mean that as a compliment. I love some of the pictures of the cats, but some were kinda scary (like their eyes were demented). Oh and your pictures repeat too much. But other than that your hilarious. Keep it up

  4. nice wedding, did they have a cake, too?
    any chance we could hear a song ?

    what really depresses me is the wallpaper in this hotel. rock’n’roll in front of this, o yeah.


  5. We never saw any cake, but you’re right about the wallpaper – pretty dismal for a supposed five-star hotel.

  6. Fraser, the quality of the photographs is rather superb.

    love Clairex

  7. That’s because the photographer is a very talented young lady indeed, and attractive to boot: here’s a picture of Claire, who shot the pictures:

    Glamorous or what?

  8. london hotels suck.

  9. I think that just about captured the essence of the evening. Even spies from Pop Bitch felt the need to comment on the eveneing’s events. The best day of my life. Especially honoured to have B.G’s.H perform their sole gig of the year.

  10. too bad he’s married now because i think he is soooooooo…. HOT!!!! Oh, and he sings good too!


  11. i watched that gig you played after sonic youth i think it was at camber sands, i remember it was pretty late and everyone had had a good drink then some band i never heard of came on with cigars and pints , it looked like they were having a great time and i thoroughly enjoyed it, so did my mates. well worth a watch

  12. I really, realy hope you still look at this B’sH website – we are the Rupert and Ian that you remember – Oh How we have lost touch xxx

  13. OK.
    Just actually read the website

    You must remember us nutters Fraser!

    I have just got back with Rupert after a ….. few years hiatous…. would love to meet foe a few beers…… you know you’d love it !!!