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After France went to the polls to issue something close to a vote of confidence to the Nazi Jean-Marie Le Pen, many on the left are wondering quite how they managed to let this happen. This number includes a workmate, Laurence, who decided today to start her own weblog as a protest at the success of the far right. At least, I think she’s commenting on the political climate — I don’t speak any French — but it could be about baguettes. Or lingerie. Or delicious little pastries. Mmmm, yummy.


  1. Actually, it’s all about what it says it’s all about, and quiet eloquently put too. (Helps to have a girlfriend who understands the language well enough to translate it, though…)

  2. Hi Fraser

    at Monday, September 24, 2001 you wrote at your weblog:
    “Observing the world and the human being without shyness.” Some things I’m not even going to attempt to explain. This is one.
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    I got curious, how did you find my blog?
    Well, I don’t write on english any more, only on portuguese. I am from Brazil. Well, I hope you liked what you saw.

  3. I really don’t know. What’s more, I don’t remember why I linked to you in the first place… there must have been something that I liked at your URL on that date, but I’ve no idea what it was…

  4. Thanks for the link. You always have tremendous links. Cheers from the other side of the pond,