england expects

Seaman (Arsenal), Martyn (Leeds), James (West Ham), Ferdinand (Leeds), Campbell (Arsenal), Southgate (Middlesbrough), Ashley Cole (Arsenal), Bridge (Southampton), Mills (Leeds), Brown (Man Utd), Keown (Arsenal), Beckham (Man Utd), Scholes (Man Utd), Gerrard (Liverpool), Dyer (Newcastle), Butt (Man Utd), Hargreaves (Bayern Munich), Joe Cole (West Ham), Owen (Liverpool), Heskey (Liverpool), Vassell (Aston Villa), Fowler (Leeds), Sheringham (Tottenham). On standby: Murphy (Liverpool). What? No Paul Gascoigne?


  1. So, basically, everyone who played in the big match last night, then?

  2. Yes, apart from the players from France, Argentina, Sweden, Cameroon, Uruguay, Brazil and, uhm… Liverpool.

  3. where the hell is ray parlour?!?!?! this country makes me sick…

  4. However much I’m loathe to question Svens judgement they’ll win nowt without Lil Stevie Packamacadam, sympathy for Rai Pallour but the almost lack of Tottenham losers is a major step in the right direction.
    ps Love the air blog logos but I pref. the comments under not over yr bit.