midsummer’s burnt

Midsummer’s Burn initially struck me as a really good idea. Those who signed up compiled a summer-themed CD and sent copies of it to three different webloggers. In return you received three different CDs from a further three webloggers. At least, that’s the theory. In reality my experience has been a little different. Only one of the CDs I sent out was ever acknowledged by the recipient (thanks, Sakaama) and in return I’ve received absolutely nothing. Zero. Nada. Not a single CD. I mean, it’s no big deal really, but it’s kinda sad that people sign up for these things and then can’t be bothered to contribute…


  1. Poor Fraser. It’s been quite the same for me, not as deceptive, but… I made a CD, I worked on a nice cover, informations about the songs, small text for the receivers… Only one did thanked me for it. No news from the others. And I received two of three, very late. Both were from English people, just a CD without the titles for one, without any cover… But I wait for the third, and the music was great.
    If you wish, I’ll send you mine with pleasure. I already had an underground trade planned with manur, a french participant. Send me your address…

  2. Well, I just received two so far. Harumph. Have to say, the A. Gilberto track was excellent. The rest as well but that one has been stuck on repeat the most. Problem is that I am super busy with work, sleep deprived and I’m just… rude. Didn’t mention the last one I received. Bad Me.

  3. What a bummer. I only got 2 CDs back, and none of my 3 recipients have been in touch to thank me, either. Most disillusioning.

  4. Boo-hooh! I mailed Gevallen Engel about some of the participants having bogus websites, I think they should check on that next time. Maybe you can urge him as well? What was it, christian doctrine on The Monkees?

    Cause it’s such a nice idea – it worked out for me, and it really sucks to hear it didn’t for others. You made a nice cd, both music and artwork.

    (BTW, I just received the third this weekend, and I really hate the music this time… ah well that’s a score of two out of three then :-)

  5. I emailed one of the organisers, and they said they’d get back to me within 24 hours — this was about a week ago, and I’ve still not heard anything. Having said that, I don’t blame them at all — they had to rely on a certain amount of good faith from the participents for the project to work fully, and some people just didn’t pull their weight…

  6. Nathalie – I think your other CD might have been from me (troubled diva). Hope you liked it.

  7. not that it’s of any consolation, but i sent one to the only participant from spain, and she didn’t get it.
    i don’t suppose that happened to you in all three cases tho.
    but, err, well… nothing, really.
    i’ll send you mine this week.

  8. Mike, I am so sorry for not getting in touch with you. Life can be (and in fact is) hectic. No excuse I know. As punishment I can send you my mix CD. :-)

  9. I got three cd’s myself. Only have acknowledgement from two. So I’m hoping number three got the cd all right.

  10. If you want I’ll mail you my compilation BTW (Luba got one of mine as well), or you can have a copy of one of the three I got myself. Just let me know, Fraser.

  11. I have to eat some seriously humble pie. Turns out I could have mispelt the addess I submitted for the CDs to be sent to. The postcode was correct, so the CDs may still arrive, but boy, do I feel stupid.

  12. I DID send one. Goddamn post office. Mail me the address… see if it’s the same and I’ll send another one out…