job hunt

Just received an email from my flatmate Craig:

“OK, so i’m a little sleepy and hungover today and i’m sat at me desk eating a sandwich and someone walks across the front of me and round the back of my chair where he starts to tap the back of my chair with a bit of paper. All i see is a chequered shirt which is usually the preserve of our marketing assistant Rich Willis so i give him the old line “what do you want Cunt?” and look up to see not Rich but one of the directors of PIAS (our parent company) stood looking in bemusement back at me.

I am now sat here in disbelief weighing up my careers options so if anyone has any ideas …”

Can anyone help Craig?



    There is part time bar work going at my local.

    Do you want me to put in a good word?

  2. I think he’s probably way beyond helping.

  3. would he consider a position as manager of the French national football team?