a crap evening in

When Ozzy Met Lizzie

Happy Golden Jubilee indeed. Three indisputable truths emerged from one of the most laborious, ludicrous evening’s “entertainment” I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through. 1: If you look the up the word ‘smug’ in your dictionary, you’ll find a foolish looking picture of Paul McCartney. 2: Ricky Martin couldn’t hold a tune if it came with a guidebook and full set of instructions. 3: Brian Wilson is still haunted by whatever demons have gripped him since Pet Sounds. His performance of “Warmth Of The Sun” had me in tears, but he looks terrified, as if convinced that life will leap out with a loud bang and swallow him whole at any moment. I really hope he’s happy. Next Sunday I’ll see him play live, and have the distinct feeling that it’ll be a somewhat emotional night.


  1. that picture is rad! :)

    i’m sure the brian wilson show is going to be an incredible experience. i can’t wait to read your review.

  2. bob in las vegas, usa

    congratulations on all that 50th anniversary stuff with the queen. we in america are supposed to all be raging anti-royal republican types, but i love the royal family. she’s our queen too!

    btw, i was in australia earlier this year when the queen arrived in brisbane for the big whatever-it-was meeting, and hundreds of people showed up at the airport to welcome her, singing god save the queen and waving union jacks.


  3. I’m Australian, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you in on a sad truth here; All those people greeting the queen were paid. And roped into it too.
    It’s kind of like jury duty – when you get called up, you have to go, but you’re paid a small fee to wave the union jack and pretend to be interested.

  4. i don’t regret leaving london for the w-e, though i wish i hadn’t missed b.wilson, and smug macca.

    whatever u say.

  5. you blow