single in london

According to Forbes, London is a great place to be single. Amongst the many things on offer are clubs like Annabels and Tramp (where I might be lucky enough to run into Rod Stewart or one of the Rolling Stones). Apparently we jet off to Switzerland for winter weekends in Verbier, although country retreats are still very popular. Even our pubs are open longer and later. Our (the single person’s) biggest worries are real estate, with the average price per square foot for a flat being around $1,000 (about $200 more than a comparable pad in New York), and the cost of champagne in the city.

Sadly, the above description bares no resemblance to my own life whatsoever. Perhaps I’m just not in the Forbes demographic.


  1. When I was single and spent months on end trawling the streets for a bloke, I don’t recall having fun at all.
    Being single in London is crap. You are scared to talk to men in central London when out in the evening in case they turn out to be a complete loon.
    The only weekend holidays I ever took were to a friends caravan in West Wittering in a vain attempt to “meet new people”.
    Who ever wrote this article is either a complete mug or has a very rich “single” friend.

  2. West Wittering? Wow, I’ve never stooped that low. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong.

  3. West Wittering is a hole.

    (A small hole housing a donkey and a chip shop.)

  4. I’d rather be single in London than single in Seattle. Seattle men are the WORST.