surfers block

Sometimes I can go for days without finding something truly fantastic on the web, and I’m loathe to post just because I ought to, or because I’m worried that people will think I’ve given up (like anyone would either notice or care, for a start), but then someone will email me a link and the ball starts to roll. The first was a website for The Holy Land Experience, an American theme park that’s a cross between Jerusalem and Disneyland, and this was swiftly followed by a story about Stalin World, a holiday destination in Lithuania that somehow combines that Walt Disney appeal with the worst of Soviet gulag prison camp life. Sometimes you gotta just love the web.


  1. I’m sure someone notices and cares. I do. after a hard day I read some blogs. there’s always something that makes me smile and forget my work.
    living in london seems to be far more interesting than living in a city in the middle of germany.

  2. i care as well, my son

  3. one of the highlights being the photos of luba – naked.

  4. it wasn’t me.

  5. don’t try to tell me….IT WAS FRASER?

  6. No, I haven’t posted any nude pics of me, nor am I likely to. What are you referring to?

  7. blogjam archive
    march 22
    12: 14
    fat boy

  8. Good grief. You didn’t really think those pictures were of Luba, do you?

  9. i took them offline ages ago, but i still get emails from people asking me where they can find them, or to put them back online again. people are sick.

  10. sorry, luba
    didn’t want to insult you.
    just thought it were you, because you put them online.

    they were funny. but it wasn’t me who wanted them back online.

  11. :-) no worries charlotte. i have thick skin, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  12. oooooh lala!

  13. Well I for one – and I’m sure I’m not alone – would like to see you put them back online and stop being so bloody selfish!

    Honestly, some people..

  14. Mick, I agree – that Luba girl should put them back online at once!

  15. Yes, I must agree with Mr. McGinty and my husband Harold – the girl is just being selfish, and should put them back up forthwith!

  16. Colonel Finbarr Twelve-trees, VC, sexual pervert

    Well, I reckon if she’s so reluctant to put them back up she can’t be that attractive in the first place – I’m not sure I even want to see them!

  17. Aye. Good point.