Gimme ?1000

I’ve decided to enter blogjam in the Great British weblog competition, even though many others are heaping ridicule on the very idea. Why? Because I need the cash. Why do I deserve to win? Well, obviously, I don’t. There are many other weblogs that are designed better than mine, written by people far more articulate and interesting than I’ll ever be, people with opinions that lead you to question your own. My site, on the other hand, is a poor excuse for a weblog. I’m lazy. I don’t update as much as I should. I have little of interest to say. My links are generally second-hand or stolen. People come to blogjam in their thousands to click endlessly on daft pictures of kittens, but virtually no-one lingers on my homepage. So why am I even bothering to enter? Because the Internet has turned me slowly from an outgoing, gregarious, popular fellow into a shallow, reclusive computer dweeb with very few remaining friends, and blogjam is the nearest thing to a serious relationship I’ve had in some time. In summary, I think blogjam warrants some recognition for putting up with me. It’s the very least she deserves.


  1. i can be your friend if you want, fraser. we can sit in front of the screen together, hell, we could even blog about the same thing at the same time whilst sitting next to each other! and talk in links rather than complete sentences.
    what do you reckon?

  2. hey where’s the kitties? i came for the kitties not blogger-self-abasement. resist, resist. fight the urge. you will not be judged by your peers…

  3. Do you have PMS Fraser?