my house

Currently we’re looking for a new flatmate. It’s great fun. So far we’ve interviewed the Czech student, the Australian carpenter, the Italian secretary and the slightly odd, shuffling, acne-damaged accountant from the Civil Service. Ooh, it’s been entertaining, I can tell you. I’ve even made a delightful 3-D map to help people find our building. Look! There’s me! On the roof! I made the map with some extreme architecture software from CityCreator, which is what Sir Christopher Wren would have used during the construction of St Pauls Cathedral, had the Internet been around in those days.


  1. I hear you on the finding a new roommate front. I had a really solid household with a couple of buddies when one got a job in another city and we had this tubby hippy squatter move in. I swear we reanted to all his freeloading pals and their dogs at the same time. Total nightmare.

  2. Where is Camden on your 3d map?

  3. hey, mind a cute (read: annoying) little american girl moving in? i’m always up for travel and meeting new people… :)

  4. Thanks Miss Shigatsu, your offer of help is duly noted and very much appreciated. Happily though, we’ve found a new flatmate, so our little problem is solved. Hoorah!

  5. I have just suffered two mates leaving and now have 3 total strangers living in the same 2 rooms. Some of them don’t speak english which is difficult, although they seem nice so hopefully no probs. I wish I could live on my own with a dog and a cat though…