gimme an uzi It’s like eBay (even down to the ripped-off design), but for all things that involve violence and the upkeep of the American way of life. I’m considering placing a bid on a rather lovely Uzi 9mm.


  1. You are right – it looks like being ripped from e-bay.

  2. Just because an antiquated document written by rich white slave owners says that we’re allowed to own fireams, that does not mean it’s our way of life! Please do not make sweeping generalizations! (like,ahem, bad dental hygiene for instance!) We are not all militia crazed zealots!

  3. Thanks Cynthia – I’m widely read enough and have been to the US enough times to know that not every American has a frontier mentality – the sweeping generalization was made for comedic effect… sorry you missed that and took offence. I could offer another sweeping generalization and say that it’s only the British who ‘get’ irony, but that would obviously be way off the mark as well…