captain chemo

Making cancer cool for kids: The adventures of Captain Chemo, in which the good captain does battle with constipation and hair loss, and undergoes a course of steroids. I’m really not sure what to make of this – it’s obviously worthwhile making the prospect of cancer seem less terrifying for children – but this comes close to making the disease sound like fun, and that can’t be right, surely?


  1. As the game is designed for kids who actually have cancer, I think they will probably know that it isn’t fun. A game like this seems like a fantastic way to involve kids in their own personal fight against the disease…
    BTW nice site (photo’s of burning flesh excluded). Keep up the good work. We are all fighting the good fight…


  2. Captain Chemo is great – the kids love stuff like that. Helps them understand what’s going on.
    BTW Childrens cancer wards can be fun places too you know…

  3. Oh, and it was originally written by an 18 yr old who had cancer..

  4. This site is an extraordinary thing — my 10 year old neice has cancer and my 6 year old has spent countless hours on the site, playing captain chemo and learning about his cousin’s treatment. If you believe knowledge is power, there is no better tool for helping kids understand cancer.