1. of course I am SHOCKED to see this. I hope you don’t understand the little girl.

    …for the about section: “do you speak german?”

  2. Hmm, appears to have gone. Don’t suppose you saved it, did you?

  3. It’s back now, same URL – and no, Charlotte, I don’t speak German. I suspect this site would be less funny if I did.

  4. What on Earth is going on here. Don’t Germans have access to condoms at their petting zoos?

  5. hi penguinista,
    do you use condoms on your iceberg? or yellow rubber ducks instead….

  6. Hi Charlotte,

    We penguins don’t sleep around, so we have no need of condoms.

    Perhaps you should direct the second part of your question to Scaryduck. His cute image belies a very dark soul.

    Be warned. Never share a bath with a yellow rubber duck.

  7. Lucky you. Looks like someone here will be getting an early Christmas present.