Gratuitous soft porn link:

Another tribe, far less known, uses certain herbs and tinctures to enlarge young girl’s breasts as part of their rite of initiation. Only very few of those girls get the opportunity to leave the jungle and go to school in one of the small towns of the region, where I was lucky enough to find them on my first far-east trip.

Quite, but I rather suspect that these so-called ding-dong girls may well have been photoshopped (no nudity, but probably not appropriate for work. Or anywhere else, for that matter).


  1. Exactly where in the Far East can you find those people?

  2. Really Fraser, you shouldn’t mess with this kind of stuff. You might get busted.

    P.S. No wonder you posted this link AFTER inviting questions for your “about me” page.

  3. Bluumin’ hell, that looks like a trannies convention I once went to. On a purely professional basis, you understand…

  4. Scaryduck being economical with the actuality, again. He’s a disgrace to duckkind!

    There’s no wonder we decent folk need the protection of the good people at the Internet Watch Foundation!

  5. Penguinista: I resent your snide comments regarding me and where I stick my beak. I’ve seen what you said on the “About” page.

    The end of the Penguin Revolution is nigh.

    And I can’t believe I’m writing this. ;)

  6. Scaryduck, given that you are offering your “beak” to frustrated young maidens – and who knows who else – for $16.50 (you certainly come cheap), I hardly think you are in a position to “resent” anyones observations.

    Hail, Emporer Penguin!

  7. Oh I do like a ding dong – Scary you never told me you were on sale… will you be even cheeper in the January sales?

    I spot a penguin, and wonder if this is like some kind of freaky animal convention? I should’ve bought my hamster..

  8. hi everybody, I just got one question: where do these girls “farang ding dong” girls come from? Thailand? Siam? If some one has a documentary about this tribe, pls let me know it, thx.

  9. I wonder if we could find out who the Guy is that went to Thailand and found all these gorgeous huge titted girls? If we could find out who he is and we could get his e mail address maybe we could talk him into trying to get one or 3 of these huge titted girls to come here to The U.S.A.
    If he can talk to these girls maybe they might come here! It would also be great if we could get them on American TV. Maybe on a talk show or something–I’m sure they would like those girls on their program. This has been an idea that hit me– so if anyone likes my idea, and if anyone knows who this guy is who found these girls– if one of you can get his e mail address– we can contact him and any of you who read this feel free to relate this message to him… And let me know if you have reached him, and/or tell me what you thought of my idea about promoting these girls here in America. Feel free to e mail me at:
    Many Thanks: Hanar.

    • I did some some research, and found out the guys name is Andrew Umphlett, and does not want to reveal where these “people” live. He has asked me to keep this a complete secret only because the tribe does not want tourism,rape, and other serious things that could lead to more people moving in on their land. But also you may reach him if u desire so talk more at, Notice: this IS HIS PERSONAL E-MAIL!!! DO NOT SPAM WITH USELESS JUNK!!

  10. For the last three years, I was searching very hard to find the location of these huge boobs girls from Thailand, but still could not find it. May be I have not searched hard enough. Any way, I am still trying very hard. My hometown is not far away from Pattaya. I hope, some day it will become a reality. I am planning to see them with my own eyes.

  11. Hi Zackkie:
    Well we share a common intrest, to tell you the truth, I cant figure out how anyone would go about trying to locate these girls with such huge titls. If you do live in Thailand, what part of the coutry do you live?
    Maybe I can help: I know many of these girls maybe very primitive girls, and they do come from the jungles of Thailand, from what I see in the Atlas, I find there is a border running along the North/Northwest sector of the country all the way into Maylaysia.
    Maybe if you were closer to the jungle area, perhaps in some village where these girls are, maybe you can find them. You should be able to.
    How far do you live from the jungle border? You may have travel there, to find these girls–you should be able to find somebody–dont you think so. When you plan to do this venture- let me know what happened and what your results were. If you have alot of trouble and can’t find them then someone is hoaxing these girls, and they not even exist.
    But let me know anyhow what happened and what your results were good or bad.
    My e mail is:

    From The U.S.A.
    Many Thanks:

  12. I would like to know wich herbs and tinctures are used to enlarge young girls’ breasts form Thailand, Cambodia, Siam, and how this tribe ritual works? Like at farang dind dong girls.

  13. This note is for everyone who might read it!
    If anyone can find the location of these large-breasted “farang ding dong girls” or anything regarding their authenticity, I will offer a US$100.00 reward to you! I have been trying to get more information about them to publish an expose/article in an upcoming book on breast augmentation versus natural means.

  14. Ok, for all of you guys who really believe this BS about them using herbs or the breast being done with photoshop. The truth to why these girls have such large breasts is because they have multiple breast implants, so it’s not one big one, it’s several packed into each breast. Doctors in Thailand apparantly don’t have any scruples with inserting several implants into a tiny girl. That is the whole reason why the guy who does the website always shows them with there clothes on, so you can never see the scars and then his “they’re natural” scam will be over. The creator of the website is some crazy german dude, i’ve tried emailing him several times about the location or the girls doing nude, but he never responds even though i’m a subscribing member at Either he doesn’t wan’t to or he can’t understand english. He’s obviously the one who pays for all of the girls implants, because with the money he makes from this website and the cost of surgery in Thailand, he laughs all the way to the bank each time.
    Oh yeah, and in his website he mentions them being found in northern Thailand, so if i were a greedy german dude trying to take care of his investment, I’d keep them in the south of Thailand. Something to think about if your ever planning on doing an expedition for these ladies.

  15. Reply to David:
    Hi there, this is Hanar, I believe I have located where these girls can be found. They are not around the the Bankog-Pattaya area, but if you are there- These girls come from the Jungles of Northern Thailand and around the jungle borders of Burma-Thailand border.
    If you are traveling from Bankog- you must travel many hours to North/Northwest until you reach the jungle borders of Thailand, and near Burma– There are many of these girls in this region I believe if you travel in this direction, you should be able to find them.
    These girls come from the within the jungle somewhere, and may be quite primitive since their tribe is not known. The important thing is to know what the name of their tribe is, then we may be able to pinpoint where their location is.
    David, if you do travel there, if you can, you should be able to find them, however if you have alot of difficulty in locating them, (Thailand is not that big of a country.) Then someone is pulling our leg, and these girls may not even exist at all. But it will not hurt to try to travel in the direction I gave you. If you do make this venture- email me and let me know what your thoughts are on these girls. My e mail is:

    Many Thanks: Hanar.

  16. Jesus Christ! How can those girls stand up straight.

  17. Ok go to

    They have done work like this for many years and go to the morphers momorial (gravestone thing)

    and you will find the runner of the farangdingdong there
    he is a morpher and a damn good one.

    Also physics can tell this could be real the women will not snap look at chelsea charms (dude thats is so sick who wants em that big she will suffocate you)

    Well sorry to be the bringer of bad news but we british live in a dull climate anyway.

  18. Oh they exist just not with knockers that large.

  19. is it me or have i ended another debate?

    Oh well

  20. Well i have also tried to find these so called “ding dong girls” on my free time, but i dont really understand why would someone pay implants for them. these asian slaves, i mean models. If there evidence of implants i would like to know how much did it cost him to get put into these little asians girls?

  21. Hi There:
    To anybody that sees this, I was looking at Hotmovies2000-click onto number 2 then scroll down 2/3 of the way until you see in the left hand corner of the screen a little picture with ding dong girl Wen in it, this girl has an 89-18-29 figure, check her out, this is a video clip of her, it runs 56sec. but its very impressive, something tells me that I don’t think this girl is faked, morphed or anything else- I really do believe this girl is completely for real! The video is by aol media player, so it should be able to work. So anyone there, please check this huge tited girl out on video. And see for yourselfs and what you think.
    If anyone has any comments about this girl- Then e-mail me at:
    Many Thanks:

  22. Do you want my opinion?

    These girls have real breast implants, no morphing. Implants in this size are done by some doctors using “expanders” . Many boob stars in US and America have it don by this method.
    I dont think, that this “German guy” pays for the implants. This girls are hookers in an unknown Thailand town, making pretty much money with their body, I guess. The guy who has this website makes money by providing interestde people with big titted girls pics. Maybe he found these girls by accident, while stying in Thailand or searching for a bang.

  23. Reply to Theorotiker:
    I found what you said interesting, that is a possibility I have not thought of, lets say the girls with tits that enormous
    I have never believed they all were morphed, (a guy who doesn’t like me or any of our ding dong girls told me that they weren’t for real and all were morphed, I think he’s lying.) but if these girls are implanted, who does the implants? And who pays for it? Because these girls may not even be implanted, they just may be for real !00%! I always did believe they were real, you know?
    Well when you think about it the girls could be hookers too, they sure as Hell act like it. These girls are dirt poor, they would never be able afford implants, and I don’t see why anyone would go out of their way to spend thousands of dollars to implant a bunch of little asian girls, it just doesn’t make sense. And something that doesn’t make sense, it probably isn’t true.
    These girls do go to the jungle for herbs and tintures so they can have the biggest most monsterous tits ever. I just think they are very primitive girls, uneducated also. This is the only thing that I have heard that does make sense. So I take it as being true, there are some guys out there who dont like these kind of girls. I’ll never know why. I wish we had hookers like these girls here in the U.S. The biggest tits I ever handled were 44DD-54EE- I could never imagine handling anything bigger like these ding dong girls. Wow!!!

    If you have any comments then feel free to e-mail me:
    Many Thanks:

  24. I just recently stumbled across these “ding dong” girls day before yesterday. I spent the rest of the day planning my trip to thailand to return with my future wife! After a while though i decided to study the pictures from the site a little closer. As much as i was to believe they’re real, all logic points to foul play. 1st. The girls always have thier clothes on in the gifs and videos. You cant photoshop these two formats but that doesnt stop them from stuffing their bras with something to make them seem real. The only glimpse of tit-flesh are in stills which can be photoshoped. 2nd. Some of the pictures of the girls in their bras have towels over the top, why? 3rd. A section on the farang website is for ‘morphs’ which are actually very good. The guy claims to do them while the girls are “far away”. Like i said i want to believe but until i see a video with their bare breasts or more historical/scientific evidence, i’ll continue in my skeptism. I’m too fragile to get hurt!! If anyone has suggestions or is interested in planning a trip there pls mail me at

  25. Hi ,
    I do FX work and seen the WEN video. I do not know if it is the same one you seen.
    But the one I seen is with her with a white shirt on. It could be a fake I can do this in my kind of
    business and would not cost alot to do. Then you can morphers photoshop with 3D aniation with
    Light Wave 3D wich I use too …….it is used in movies to games. If this guy knows were all the girls are at he could make a lot of money for sales using certain herbs and tinctures to enlarge girl\’s breasts……I know pepole in asia from Japan,philippens to thailand and my friend is a german.
    I am starting to hunt out this info. And if this is breast implants with all the girl that he has he will have to pay all the familys eah month and the girls to take care of them self. Thai girls want to come to the USA and a lot do to come to work her each summer in NJ at Six Flags Great Adventure. And the big busted girls would be here in a heart beat to come here and make lots of money to send back to there family. And the Doctors that do implants and other work on women are good becouse many women fly there and other place in the world becose it is cheep and you would not see any scars. No girl in the world would do this and have lot of scars & do this in Thi with out money for there familys and them. If this guy did not pay them all each month word of mouth would stop the girls from coming.

    I know asian girls and there way they live and what they think. I know alot of girls from that part of the world. You can pot this if you like.

    I will hunt this stuff down and find were this guy is that has this web site find out the real deal.

    Have Fun, FX_Man

  26. fukin hell i saw sum1 fukin in da street

  27. anyone who thinks these tits are real is stupid. there is no way brests of that size can be held up by the size of the girls on that site. pictures are either morps or air/water filled expansion pack under bras. alternative to this are prosthetics… such as found on zena and cindy fulsom.
    however, the picture are nice dreams =)

  28. Hi all

    Well I just LOVE tiny girls with HUGE tits, I dated a 5ft tall thin size 8 girl once with GG naturals, and I have extensively seen several hugely enhanced models in photo shoots and ogled over the incredible USA super boobs girls, from BB Gunns, Chelsea Charms, etc etc, and agree that it IS POSSIBLE as we know to do it the surgery route to UNREAL level.

    BUT.. well FarangDingDong? .. jury still well out. I joined the site to see if there was any better thing in there and there are some shirt open poses, and even some huge cleavage shots but I will say that ALL the cleavage shots which are monster tits on show ALL SEEM to look remarkably similar in tone and curve and shape, it’s as if each open shirt girlhas the same smoothed out curved giant crease between breasts which leads me down the photoshop route.

    I agree that the shirt and bra shots often look like some huge and pliable bouncy prosthetics water or gell filled are being used. In the movies where the girls walk these things bounce like hell but never ever slip out nor do the shirts ever ride above the material of the BRA only in movie shots, so I have never seen actual breast flesh moving which takes me down the ‘falsies’ route.

    Articles on the various Thai expat sites and magazines like Mango sauce point to the cosmetic surgery route with the ease and lack of regulation and girls desperate for cash making sources in adult entertaining. However there are some flaws there in that Its simply HARD to ACCEPT knowing the Thai bar and club scee as I do that these girls NEVER appear, never work other than for the owner of FDD website. How do they make enough money to live? What do they do all the time? I cant accept that these girls would be tied enough to this guy to work only for him when if real AV companies in Japan and USA and Germany would be offering them small fortunes. They are a unique visual sight, tiny almost child sized girls with huge fantasy udder like tits. I cant see the being unnoticed by the billions of $ commercial porn world.

    I was looking at pics of the lovely Vixen LaMoore the other day from her 5 stage breast implant history, the last set being a whopping 2000cc per side and she is not even the match of the smallest FDD girl, so if they are implants they are VERY VERY huge and very very costly. Each of those girls is Chelsea Charms/Maxi MOunds size and beyond

    On the website members there are many video clips of them sucking off ( the guy’s?) an extremely thick and dark penis which oddly enough again doesnt seem to fit the guys body (he always wears shorts and it protrudes thru a zip)It’s a heavily purple and browned penis with a massive girth maybe almost 8 inch around or more and the little busty tykes can barely get their asian mouths round it. It’s totally a different color than the guys arms and legs ! I thought it was fake but it spews out huge amounts of cum all over their pretty faces while they gag quite vigorously at times.

    We NEVER see bare tits tho.

    All in all FDD is a mixed bag of dilemma. Neither explanation makes full sense. Are they implants, fakes, or photoshops, after studying I dont know and in fact it might be several of these all used to effect.

    The site is dirt cheap to join a few dollars only. I cannot believe he makes that much from it. I am flying to Thailand on BA from UK in2-3 weeks and my Club Class fare is £2,500 near $4300.. If these girls work only for him how the hell can he keep them, if not how come there is NO other work or media on them. This leans ‘heavily’ (no pun) towards the photoshop and prosthetic combination.. as any girls who had that much cost to get that large would be ‘ milking’ ( again no pun.. ha) their sizes for all they were worth world wide

    PS in years of visiting Thailand I have never seen a FDD girl, and the story on the site about a mysterious vilage and herbs is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read.

    • i agree with what you said, i served in the marines from 84-88 on a wespac tour, we stopped at pattaya i never saw any gals like this tho at the time if id known about girls like this i would never have come home !!! but ive also been a memeber of the fdd site an have sent emails to the the german dude asking for requests that he might do since he wont show any naked tits… and ofcourse no reply …also if thses gals were real they would have been spotted by now by sombody, asfor there location i figured a bit out do to looking at some of the pic backgrounds and then did a bit of tracking to locate what id seen an some of what i found i tracked back to pattaya beach !!! so if you do go looking theres a starting point but i really think you will be dissapointed i even managed to get ahold of a bar owner there an asked him about the girls an was told there are no such girls like that there worken in any bar !!! an i highly doubt that these gals work strictly for the german dude as the saying goes money talks bullshit walks, if these gals were real they love money as most females do !!! they would have found there way to the usa an other places by now !!! and made there way to score videos !!!
      but still it is a lovely dream isnt it !!!

  29. I found out that these FDD Girls( Though Possilby Real) really do not exist.
    These girls tits are digitally enhanced, morphed. And don’t be fooled that german guy who morphs these girls cannot possibly have any close relationship with them. But like the guy just above wrote: There are still many odd and unanswered questions about these girls that just doesnt make any sense, Maybe what I said maybe the most sense anyone can make of them. These FDD girls remain in the midst of a huge conspiracy and intruge. These FDD girls remain the biggest mystery of the 21st Century, which none of us seems to be able to solve.

    Send e mail:


  30. well chelsea charms had those
    “string implants”
    but there were so many complications with other patients they scrapped the whole thing i guess the great capitalists with no iq sold them to thai doctors to salvage the money they lost on research.


    then go to the morphers lost morphers or something like that area and JS is there.

  32. Has anyone seen the new FDD girls homepage? They have some new girls with tits as big as Teeks 96 inch tits. There are 2 girls featured one named Kup with 100 inch tits and another named Nee with 120 inch tits!! The girls are very pretty, but they are enormously tited. Then they have Jek, Pui, and Pla, etc. Hard for me except that these girls would have been morphed. They just look so real- Its unbelieveable! And I really do love em.

    So I urge whoever reads this to go check out
    E-mail me at-

    Many Thanks:

  33. Guys,
    I came across the FDD site yesterday, quite by accident. I had seen some of these shots earlier, on other websites, but never all at one website. So, it looks like I am now at the same “place” you all are at.

    Are they real, implants, morphed, or stuffed?
    Why haven’t sights like this made the attention of the American porn industry?
    Why haven’t I gotten an email response from the site?

    However, I did read and re-read “The Story” from FDD. He mentions (we must take his word, as it is all we have) that he visited the two cities of Bangkok and Pattaya. In fact, his search was made in the go-go bars of both cities. He reasons: “Wouldn’t it be possible that they might be working as dancers in the numerous go-go bars of Bangkok or Pattaya?”

    Next, we find that he makes his discovery by taking some pictures of women with large chests over there…can we presume that these were some of the stretch art, so that he didn’t need to be fluent in the language of Thailand? So, we know he has artistic capability.

    The “discovery” for him reads:
    “In Pattaya, one of the ‘mama-sans’ — a woman who ‘takes care’ of the girls working in her bar — gave me a knowing grin, and the address of a certain place in this road… ” So, one of the “women care takers” knows of a lady (later called Ead) that knows of the village where these large breasted teens are living. This guy is now given the address of where she (Ead) lives. (Note: there are several pictures of Ead on the FDD site.)

    So, he spends a couple days with Ead, and when he leaves for Germany, she tells him: “Come back soon! Next time, I show you my friends from home. They are younger and even bigger than me…” So, we know that these teens are from the city/country side that Ead is originally from.

    So, when he returns, his story continues: “I met Ead again! And she took me to her hometown, more a village, not far from the Cambodian border. And she introduced me to her friends: … pretty teens who had grown up in the jungle but got the chance to visit the same small school as Ead a couple of years before she left. She hadn’t been exaggerating. I couldn’t believe my eyes!” So, we need to find a “school” near the Cambodian border, potentially within or near to a jungle. Now, for those noting the pictures, the school seems to be a “private” one. Perhaps a Catholic or a state school? The women wear uniforms, red plaid skirts, white shirts, and red plaid ties. (Of course, it could be a state sponsored school, as the national religion is Bhuddism).

    A couple more facts that are shoved into the story. Teens have tinctures rubbed on them that causes quick enlargening of the breast tissue.
    He says: “They confirmed that during their late childhood in the jungle, priests were called to rub certain tinctures on their body — and especially on their chests. Nobody told them why they were receiving this treatment, but soon afterwards, their breasts started to grow, very fast and very big.”

    Also, note the fact that the bra sizes go up and down depending upon the time of the day. As his states: “Nobody knows quite how big she really is. To find out, you’d need to be present at one of the four times a day when her breasts are at their absolute fullest: milking time!” So, there is a purpose to the size??? Milking??? Now, we know that there is correlation between being engorged with milk, and being empty, and that breast size goes up and down depending upon that milking. So, I begin to wonder what the “milking” required for? Is there an obligation to a tribal god? A bhuddist ritual? A need for milk at the school? (No, I’m not trying to be base.)

    So, where to next guys? The end of the story tells us that Ead has gone back to the jungle village where she was from. Is she telling stories of westerners who want to meet large busted teens? If any of the guys here go to Pattaya next, they should certainly take a few pictures of Ead, and try to find the mama-sans that “knew” Ead. This should probably happen soon, so that we don’t lose the “linkage” (or the mama-sans retires, or passes away, etc.) Then, perhaps we can find the lodging of Ead, and maybe more about her (the school she was from, and where the German and she went when she left the last time? etc.)

    So who is going to Thailand next? I’m happy to contribute some for an airline ticket for someone to go. I think many of us here wouldn’t mind taking a wife from that village. But, if each of us has to go over there to do the research, then it can take us all a very long time. Hopefully, we can do joint research to discover where they come from, and how they got that large.

    If any have found anything else that I overlooked, please add it to this research.

    Detroit, Michigan

  34. Response To Henry:
    Excellent! Very Well Said! I can see you have really done alot of research on these girls, because that is the most info I have seen offered. None of us seem to know much of anything regarding these girls. I saw a video of Wen- FDD girl whch runs 56sec, it is on the Hotmovies 2000 site and it is located on the homepage, scroll down a bit and you will find it. Its quite impressive- after viewing it, I just cant see now how this girl or any others could have been faked. I think some people are just jealous or will never admit to how much they love the Ding Dong Girls. And to be quite honest, if I could I wouldn’t mind taking an enormous tited teen girl as my wife either. All of us would- I would pick my favorite Nee with her 120 inches of titflesh!! Well I commend you Henry being able to find out what that root or plant in Thailand actually is. Apperently, it is not found here in the U.S. Or anywhere else— KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!



    Many Thanks:

  35. i get orgasms when i see um

  36. yes Implants being this yahoo group has what you looking for Ladies wanting Bigger Implanted Breast

  37. I think these girls breasts are real. We have to be openminded. I think it is possible to have enormously large breasts. There are several different pics of them. Some fully clothed and some semi nude. Sometimes they look hard, sometimes they look soft. I have been personally researching the use of different herbs on naturally enlarging my breasts. And I have finally found a herbal formula made from a range of tinctures and herbal extracts. It has been a slow progress, but I will keep taking them until I have the result that I desire. Once my experiment is finished I will do further studies and then share it with the rest of the world. So once again, I think the Farangdingdong girls are real and I have also joined the website as a member. I also joined his other website and i found one of the younger thai girls that is also in a pic with OH(Eight Set) showing how natural breasts, jumping up and down etc. They are real, she is obviously not as big as the others, but I will be keeping my eye on her to see if she continues to grow bigger like the rest of them have.

    There is even a website called that shows pics of men and woman enlarging their breasts using herbs. I haven’t used Pueraria as I am seeing what happens with my own formula.

    We should continue to research this and also find out what happens to them when their breasts get to big eg bigger than 120 inches or do they have a way to make them stop growing.





  39. Hanar -Thanks for your comments. I believe it this 100% and the formula is a mixture of herbs that can be found on the internet. As regards to the exact formula that information is being kept under wraps until I finish this experiment, as if it works at the way I know it will, I will be selling the product.

    I will keep in touch via email.


  40. Reply To Jen-
    I believe it too Jen- I have been researching myself and I’m finding that the guy who has the FDD website- He is apparently telling the truth, because not only does he say that these girls used herbs and tintures to make their tits enormous, but when I reseached Pueraria, every site also indicates this plant of Thailand in its most raw form, does indeed make girls tits bigger. I think with all this evidence- I am showing my research to ubelieveing assoicates who are skeptics. Jen, with you and your formula extracts and both our researches- This is the key! It’s the answer all along, many have looked in the wrong direction.
    This is what these girls in the jungle have been taking. Pueraria. It al make sense now- now that other websites have confirmed its existence and use. Personally- I think it shoots the morphing, and implants and anything else to pieces. So much for fakes.

    Only question I have is- When you sell your formula- and in the meantime how will we convince the female population to buy and take Pueraria? How can it be done?

    Keep in touch with me too! Many Thanks:
    I wish you every luck! Hanar.

  41. Hi All,

    Myself I had already been wondering for some time that the women on FDD had breasts that
    1. .. had a weight typical of human flesh as they showed normal boyancy in water,
    2. … sagged under gravity and did not show the typical footbal shape irrespective of the woman’s position typical of breast implants
    so that they should really be real!

    Myself, I wonder when a big newspaper will take this theme up and how big an impact this will then have on the average woman in the street say half a year or of few years down the road? Availability of these plants and tinctures – even if made illegal by governments – cannot be supressed more than cannabis, which is quite available in general.

    For men, who women like to see muscular – although not in ridiculous proportions, it is well known that hormones can amplify the amount of muscle tissue, but this is not common among the average man in the street. Well known side effects include reduced fertility and the like. Hence, I think the “general acceptance” of the use of this kind of herbal treatment will crucially depend on the harmlessness of the side effects. E.g. if women, too, of such a hormonal herbal treatment, were to suffer a loss of fertility, use would be limited to the odd few.

    Well, let’s first wait for the big publicity of the facts reported by previous contributors in general newspapers and general magazines. Thailand is not the only country in which a sizable portion of the male public likes to see women with some endowments.

    Curious what is going to happen!


  42. Reply to Susan :

    What pledges against the case for morphing is that there are many videos available. To my knowledge morphing videos is not that easy as morphing a still picture.


  43. OK! let me set the record JS is a poster at the Breast Expansion Archive. He ALSO, is the owner of FDD… Now, Their tits ARE NOT that big, there is NO formula! they’re Foam Falsies, This is what everyone else there (@BEA) has been sticking too! If there were any conclusive EVIDENCE to this SO called formula, It would be on the net. FDD is pure FANTASY! and if you cannot fathom or understand the lines of Fantasy and Reality then u should get out more…

    If u wanna see big tits bigger then theirs go to, I admit, she uses punch balloons and specialty made ones, but it’s awsome to see her exceed Chelsea Charms size given both of there tits are FAKE! Bambi’s just look nicer IMO…

    **End cheap plug**


  44. Yeah, so I have been looking at FDD for over 4 years now. First, they had a website where it was titled something like Valkerie Girls. But, then They made I’ve been wondering how their tits are that big, but I have no clue whatsoever. Whatever reason it is, I don’t mind if they’re fake. haha. =)

  45. Reply to Jen:

    How about your own experiment: any results yet?
    Are you willing to share any statistics with us on the growth you observe?


  46. So! What do you think? Are the girls real?


  47. Hi Andre,

    I have now starting to see and feel the difference to my breasts. I have been taking the tinctures and massaging my breasts for over 3 months now. I am very pleased with the results so far. They are beginning to become much firmer, since including another herb. When I finish my experiment I will make picture evidence available, with me wearing a bra, close up shots.


  48. Reply To Kincade-
    I dissagree completely- There is a herbal extract that these girls have used for years, in its raw and purest form has made these girls tits enormous. You have not yet explored or researched nothing. And there is the herbal extract and it is the same that the ding dong girls used since very young- they do have that on the internet. Look and find out. Pueraria Mirifica is the extract these girls used. It is real and not fantasy. Seems you are not updated on anything. Those girls are very real.


  49. Reply to Jen,

    Wow, thanks for that info! Hanar is suggesting that in order to get a really large effect with these herbs and tinctures girls have to take them from their younger years (e.g. > 10 or 12 yrs). Are you still below say 20 or 22, Jen, or are you above that age and still observe an effect?
    This could also be one of the reasons why the owner of FDD is reluctant to show too much nudity as most of his models are still under age, and he could go to jail for showing a little to much enticement over all this young flesh! Of course, these girls will grow up to become adult women, and some of the FDD models do seem over 18 yrs old. For the most extreme breast sizes, it makes one wonder how one could live a reasonably normal life? Many women who naturally have large breasts have them made smaller at the cost scars and loss of sensation, e.g. because of back aches and neck aches. Maybe, when the FDD women get older, they have their breasts reduced to normal Thai proportions and earn a normal living.
    Question to Jen: Say a few years down the road, when all this info will have reached the mass public, how available do you think these herbs could be? Do these plants grow at normal room temperature e.g. behind the average front window? Do you think these substances could be as available as Viagra (which supposedly also has a herbal origin) and cannabis?


  50. It is mentioned in the website, that they girls had tinctures and extracts rubbed on their breasts several times a day and mostly during the beginning stages of puberty. I am over 30, and whilst the growth I am experiencing is a slow progress, it still is progress. I have been researching information on natural breast development for over 5 years. I have tried several differences products. I researched the effects of different herbs which are readily available for health stores or via the internet.

    My boyfriend said that he has recently noticed that my breasts are becoming much firmer. I have had 2 children whom I both breastfed. During breastfeeding my breasts went up to 34E. After breast feeding, the went down to 34b/c. Leaving them half full. I now wear a small 34d and they will soon be a full 34d. My aim is to get back up to 34e or as large as I want.

    I think the farangdingdong girls are fascinting, but their breasts are too big for normal day to day life. It would be impossible to live in e.g London or the states with breasts that size.

    In a few years down the road, when I have successfully completed my experiement, I will be sellling my formula and the herb is readily available to the mass public now. The reason why it hasn’t been popular, is because people do not believe in the power of nature, and prefer to have their breasts subjected to the torturous methods of plastic surgery.

  51. Reply To Jen-
    Hi Jen- I’m glad to hear your experiment is coming along very well, I sent you an e-mail but lost your e-mail address and didn’t list it in my list. I lost all my email contacts when I got my e-mail changed.
    I have’t been on the blog for a while so I sent you some mail. Well I thought maybe you would get like the FDD girls. They are certainly a different breed of girls aren’t they? I didn’t know you were from England.
    I do admire your work in breast enlargement. I know many people don’t believe in the natural herbal way, I do, and I’m not even a girl LOL. But I’m glad if you are seeing good results–lol I thought with your formula it could make girls just like the ding dong girls! Hows come you couldn’t have huge breasts like the Ding Dong Girls in London? Like America, maybe in our countries having breasts that enormous is not regarded like a thing of beauty in our cultures, dont you think?
    Well, Jen please do continue with your experiments and I have no doubt that one day you will be successful! LOL- I guess that I thought your formula would make all of the girls like FDD girls! Well, they are still interesting- just think how many of us guys would want them!
    Good Luck With Your Research And Experiments!
    If you want to write to me—

    My E-Mail Is- Good Luck!

  52. Reply to Jen:

    Good to hear that you are doing fine and that there is hope for herbal breast enlargement even for women, not for girls.

    If you wonder how the effect of these herbs would once have been discovered by some of those Thai tribes, I guess it must have been through them actually eating those herbs for the sake of hunger or curing some illness and then the (female) subjects noticed significant side effects as a result and then that became the reason for them using these herbs in the end.

    How should we view the relative merits of actually eating the herbs vs. rubbing them on the chest? Are there any other herbs where the relative merits of such a comparison are known?


  53. Reply to Hanar,

    Firstly,thank you for your compliments. I am simply a woman who would like to naturally firm my breasts. I already am successful, now that I have created the right herbal mixture to use for massage or to be taken as a tincture.

    The reason I say that those girls couldn’t exist here, it that they are far to big to their tiny frames and people would make their lives hell, just by staring at them all the time and making comments. It is not my aim to be as big as them, even if my formula could allow me to grow to that size.

    I work as a designer and having breasts that size would be very uncomfortable sitting at the computer all day, besides I don’t want size 34ZZ.

    At the end of the day, I am doing this inital for me and secondly to save other woman from slicing their breasts every 10 years.


  54. Reply to Andre,

    Yes there are several other herbs including fenugreek, hops, blessed thistle, papaya etc.

  55. Reply to Andre:

    It is obvious that the guy from farangdingdong is taking extreme advantage of these girls. I feel that he will not be able to keep them hidden away and a secret from others for much longer. The sad thing is, he doesn’t seem to care if they need money for a breast pump or a breast reduction operation, as he is getting rich from the website and getting the girls to suck his dick and all sorts of things. They are treated like dolls, used and ignored when the need help.

    I would love to help them escape from him and give them money so that they didn’t need to be used like this.

  56. Reply To Jen-

    I read your reply to Andre, and I agree with you, this guy is really using these poor girls. And I think he is trying to keep all these girls in the dark and in secret away from the world.

    I have a question for you Jen- Since these girls live on borders of the rainforest in North-Northwest Thailand also bordering Burma, have you ever considered these girls who come from the rainforest maybe very primative and uneducated girls? Because the story relates that “Very few girls are ever lucky enough to leave the jungles to go to school in the nearby villages” and that could be these girls have everything against them, and they are dirt poor and very primative, and uneducated. Have ever thought of that? One thing is for sure- this guy whoever he is, is realy taking avantage of these sweet poor girls, enormous tits and all, do you agree that having tits like these girls is like a sign of beauty in Thai culture?

    You know Jen, what this guy is doing is really very sad, and after reading what you said above really makes me feel sorry for these poor girls. My heart goes out to them. I’m glad to hear you would consider helping them and giving them the money they need if you were able.

    Jen- What do think that some years down the road will happen to that guy keeping all those girls hidden from us and completely secret? I wonder if he would ever be found out? Ya know? I don’t know. Those girls need to escape. I think though since this guy has lots of money these girls are going to do whatever he says, and makes them do, and not only are those girls treated like dolls, used and ignored when they need help, we are also being connived by this guy in paying him for any services concerning the FDD Girls. But thing is- they are probably the most kindest, sweetest, and most nicest girls anyone has ever met.

    If have additional info on FDD Girls:
    E-mail me- Lee.

  57. Reply To Andre-

    In regards to Pueraria Mirifica, this plant cannot be found growing anywhere in America, Europe, South America Or Russia. Because the climate is too cold and dry, and could not possibly grow in these regions.
    It can only be found growing in abundance in the rainforest in a warm hot and humid climate in Thailand, Burma, Loas, Indo-China and Cambodia. These are all jungle regions, and this plant grows in abundance over there only. You cannot find the plant anywhere in my or your country. So it wouldn’t do you any good to try to artificially grow it near a window even if you had the plant available.

    If ever you had the plant- you have to have a special climate/temperature/humidity controlled climate where this plant could survive and grow. That could work, but could need nearly constant rainfall too. And I’m not even sure that would even work- even if you could simulate a temperature of 86oF to 90oF and a humidity of at least 80-85%.

    If you had the plant there to grow- sometimes simulated climatic conditions may not even work. I’m not sure, I haven’t researched this, but I know some plant species cannot grow/survive even in simulated climatic conditions.


  58. Why it is real:
    There exists a herb that we have no proof can grow breasts to gigantic sizes

    Why it is fake:
    These girls are not from a tribe, in several of the movies they are called go go dancers, if they were they would be huge stars in the adult industry and be making millions of dollars

    These girls wont show their breasts, sure they will show their asses, and suck a dick, but showing breasts is too hardcore

    Some of the breasts, if they were real, would weigh in excess of 100 lbs, and the girl herself does not weigh that much, but she doesnt even strain at all to walk around, this is because they are foam and dont weigh anything

    Ive seen the same girl, her name is Nee, with two different size breasts, one is medium size and the other is the gigantic 120 size, its the same girl, same face, but he put different prosthetics on her

    If there was such a substance to make breasts grow like that, drug companies would be after it, believe me that something like that would not go unoticed when there are hundreds of millions of dollars to be made off marketing the substance.

  59. I wish it were real because i love big breasts. But I dont think the body will grow them to these proportions. People have been duped before- the fulsom sisters. Also, why are all the girls hot? Does this tribe of women consist of only hot girls who are all the same age? We know of much more secluded tribes of people in junbles of south america, but no one knows of this tribe close to big cities like bangcock? the girls dont take off their shirts for a reason! Of course the next step is to make prosthetics that look real naked like those of the fulsom sisters.

  60. P.S. The reason most women are not shown naked is that they are under age!
    JS does not like to go to jail for showing child porn.

    Also, as JS explains on his site, the breasts on the FDD site have grown to their huge size is such a short period that they are still firm and thus look more round than expected for natural breasts. Probably when these girls get older, like for the girl named Kup, their breasts are sitting next to her on the chair she is sitting, and might even fall off, on the floor. Using the attention they attract with their bust they get married and find some protective husband who keeps her to himself.

  61. Reply To Ticket-
    The only thing I want to say because I don’t have much time is that the herbal extract Pueraria Mirifica is absolutely 100% real. It is found on the internet as a herbal extract from the plant from Thailand. And is sold as a herbal extract in breast cream, and drug companies do have it and sell it. You obviously have not done enough research on it or its origins.



  62. In my personal opinion, these girls are fake.
    how i can tell is that if you zoom in on the picture to 300% or more you will notice a red band on the edge of the outside of the breast area of some of
    the girls that are’nt covered on top he posted just recently.
    they all have that same red band on the outside of the breasts
    there is even one with a girl named (Hoy) near a tan colored curtain and the shadow on the curtain
    is red but the area around her hand near her pocket is not red its black
    ive done some playing with morphing myself and i ” believe” this happens when you layer a picture on another picture digitally.
    Again this is just my personal opinion.


  63. Andre,

    I think all the girls in those photos are real, thanks for the photos. Even still, im not convinced the farang girls are real. Maybe some of them are, but i dont buy the underage argument because, like I said, they will do porn, but they wont show their breasts, and they are not all underage, and the guys story of an ancient tribe living in the forest doesnt add up with these girls either for the reasons that I said. If hes gonna lie about that i think he probably would lie about other things too, and there’s the girl with the different size breasts. Too bad he wont just show them in a believable way, Im sure the site would make more money if they took their shirts off.

  64. Reply To Ticket and Andre- Well it seems we all disagree, for some reasons or another, I do think the girls are real, and I wont get in an argumentive debate real vs.fake. I believe what Jen says- she’s a very intelligent girl. So we have 2 possible truths to these girls- It seems logical to me that these girls do use Pueraria Mirifica plant, and since puberty have gotten the biggest tits imaginable. It is true that here in America drug companies do use this herbal extract in breast creams from Thailand.
    What I don’t get is why some guy would have to find and morph these girls or do whatever to promote them on a site. Now I realize we have a discrepency here- and can’t find out what is true. We are debating in a vaccuum. But Ticket makes a very interesting point– Wether these girls are real or faked- One thing is for sure- For some unknown reason, the girls never do take off their shirts to veiw their huge naked tits. Now I will agree with all– that does seem rather odd to me!

    E-mail Me: Hanar.

  65. There are several pics of the girls with their tops off, showing their breasts in full. As a member of the website you get to see all of the pics including the ones with their shirts and bra’s completely off.

    Just because it is not common in the western world for woman to have massive breasts, does not mean that it is not possible to woman to have it in tribes etc.

    I think the whole thing is amazing, and as a woman myself I know what real breasts look like. I have been studying these girls from the website for over 3 years now. At first I had a very had time believing that these girls are real, but I am convinced that they are. The way some of the very large ones hang and what they look like from the side and from underneath the armpit etc.

    I am not trying to make anyone believe me. I am just interested in naturally growing my breasts larger, which I am currently doing.

  66. Reply To Jen-
    Hi Jen, how are you? Hanar here. Many of the non-bellievers say that the girls have never taken their clothes off- however now that I recall, I have seen some girls with good bra shots- And I have even seen Teek with her 96 inchers naked halfway once, but I have never seen Nee without a top, except a see-thru blouse which was really revealing! I loved it and her! I would like her and Kup to do bra shots. I guess another reason is because the guy who has the site is regarded as a clean site, with no nudity- so we have to keep that in mind too. Though the girls do act quite explicit. I wonder who the guy is that makes those girls suck his cock? I dont why they started to put him in there, it was better without him. I don’t think he is necessary. He ruins it!

    Jen- How do you happen to join the site? Like what did you do to login? I made myself a password and Username but I cant login to join. Can you tell me whats wrong? How can you join something you cant login into? Everytime I try to I get that NO Authorization page. So how did you join?

    I am not a member- Are there different things with girls when you are a member? Like different pics, videos, can you tell me what you see? Can you tell me how you joined? I cant seem to, wont take login.

    Many Thanks!:


  67. I just joined as a member by clicking the join now button on the left hand side panel. Quite easy and straight forward.

    There are loads of new girls on the website, if you look in the news section, he shows what is being updated on a regular basis. It is updated every saturday. There are about 8 videos, which are rotated on a regular basis. I have seen many of the videos, showing the girls moving around and jumping up and down, or getting their breasts squeezed.

    It is all part of my research and it is more and more interesting as time goes on.


  68. Reply To Jen-
    Wow! I would love to see those girls in action! I am curiouis what they would look like? For a guy, much less a girl. Wow! I completely agree, it is very interesting and also for me probably quite erotic, if you were a guy. Do you think joining this site is worth the money? There was one guy that claimed he joined but said he was dissapointed to waste such money on it, he claims he’s never seen the girls naked. I dont know how naked they are on there as a member, but even on the free site, I think the girls are quite explicit for showing no nudity. Sounds like to me you have seen alot of those girls naked or whatever they are. I just bet they are something unbelieveable!


  69. it is up to you if you want to join. I only costs $14.95 per month. You could just join for one month and download all the pics and movies available. There are a few girls topless, not totally naked, as there is no need for that.

  70. Jen-
    Thanks for the info Jen. Do you think that these girls who come from the rainforests are from a very primative tribe? Do you think they may be very poor in their country?

  71. Hi Jen, Hanar,

    Photos from many popular nudity sites such as Nadine J. or Milena Velba are illegally offerred at quite a few other sites on as well as in newsgroups. It strikes me you don’t find that many illegal copies of photos or mpegs of the FD site around. Does JS provide any smart copy protection (myself I am not a member of his site)?


  72. Hi Andre-
    I know what you mean, I have seen Milena, and Nadine on so many different sites, I dont know how or why, I would imagine they would get permission to use their pictures. If they are copywrighted. How do you figure they’re illegal? What made you come to that conclusion?

    The only place I have seen, the FDD Girls is on The BEA- Breast Expansion Archieves. I’ve seen them there. Thats the only place I’ve seen them. I dont know wether the FDD Girls pics are illegal or not. And as for J.S. I don’t know anything about that guy- Let me ask you this Andre- Is that J.S. Guy the same guy who claims to go to Thailand to get pictures of those girls? Is that the same guy? I’m not a member of the site either.


  73. you’ve got to be kidding me. the guy actually says he does morphs in “real” life. They’re horrible photoshop jobs. The light/shadows is off on almost every photo. I think those women are beautiful, but to believe that’s real in any way is retarrrrrrrrrdo

  74. Reply To Jaydollah-
    First Welcome! I don’t think those girls are morphed, there is nothing retarded about it. I know that guy claims to do real life morphs but there is proof of a plant that grows only in Southeast Asia known as Pueraria Mirifica- and these girls since puberty have used this herbal extract for years in its raw form, and now have become very enormous tited. This plant grows in the jungle regions and the girls are found in Northern Thailand and Southern Burma at the edge of the rainforest/jungle regions. So these girls are real, and never morphed. If you need to know more– read some of Jens posts, she is one smart girl!
    And she knows these girls are real. Now, so much for mophs and retards!


  75. I still haven’t found any hard core proof, but it seems like the FFD site is starting to show more pics of these girls in their B-Day suits.

  76. alligatorchurch

    Take it from a person who has got as far as having fun with a jj cup woman,some women are that big,just hard to find,and not stare at but its all real,certainly no multiple implants,she looks real to me,nice she shares it,try swiss big boobs .com for more real stuff and no I have no financial gain in telling you this.

  77. Reply To Alligatorchurch-
    How did you manage to find or come across a woman with a jj cup?
    Thats interesting- I know those FDD girls are for real. But I have never seen any woman or girl with jj cup tits. Where are you from- another country? I am from the U.S.A. Dont seem to be any jj cup women here. The biggest tits I ever had was a ee cup- now just d and dd cup girls.

    If you want to talk to me more- e-mail me at-


  78. Dear Hanar,

    I am from Holland but lived in the USA for a number of years and agree with you that women in the States take care of their hair a lot etc. as a compensation strategy, but very few non-black women have a chest worth having a look at. Sometimes you do get across statistics of bra sizes per country in newspapers or so, and Britain, Holland, Germany, mabe Poland I don’t know, seem to feature the larger cup sizes more often. It seems that the gene pool of the people who once move to the US, and maybe also in the course of the mixing of all those genes in the US population by cross breeding between nationalities, that this trait did not really show up or kind of got lost.

    On the other hand, don’t be naive on what you see in the streets here, Hanar, the larger breast sizes are rare here too and more than 50% of the women who are blessed with such good fortune go to the cosmetic surgeon to have their breasts reduced to the size of those of their girl friends (i.e. average), for reasons of so called back aches what oftentimes more seems to be psychological discomfort. This also explains that big chested women typically hide their assets behind dark clothing or an additional jacket, etc., so that you could easily overlook their protrusions.

    If you like women with knockers, it’s kind of a dilemma :
    * If you happen to see a women somewhere who has some, and is “free”; to start talking to her for the sake of her chest is generally a bad idea if you are interested in relationships. The women will feel she is aproached as if she were a prostitute and whom she really is, is irrelevant to you.
    * If you let all women whom you happen to meet with big chests walk free and don’t talk to them, and you are not really sexually interested in average or under endowed women, how to make any progress in your love life?

    Only chance can get you out of this impossible dilemma. Somehow you need to meet a woman where the getting together is triggered by something else, a common interest or passion, and later the attraction to all that flesh that is also there are fortunate secondary conditions of the relationship. This way you did not maybe maximally feed your oral fixation with cup JJ, but have a good chance to realize a healthy and loving relationship.


  79. Reply To Andre-
    Thank you for the lesson on my love life. Thats all very interesting. I always did think women from countries in Europe, England, Holland, Itally, Germany, Poland, and elsewhere always had an abundance of women in all those countries with the most biggest tits.

    I think that in the USA, is the worst possible place to locate women with the most biggest tits- also Canada is no prize either. But who would ever guess that Thailand is tops for all those emormous tited girls from the FDD site? I have never seen any women or girls like them, have you?

    Well I think that their backs are strong and a woman having such huge tits, their backs are conditioned as they gradually grew to these proportions. I don’ t really believe all that baloney about all those women having backaches, because there are women whose tits are way far bigger than those with less having all those backaches.

    Well as far as my love life goes, having or finding the woman with the most biggest tits, I dont know wether its a problem or not. I really dont know what it is. But I have found lately that most women are at least a 40 to 46 DD. Maybe a rare occasional E or EE, but thats as far as it will go. I agree with all the interbreeding thru the decades, the DNA with any woman with the biggest tits, has been really watered down in the later generations of girls and women. Poor breeding habits!

    E-mail- Hanar.

  80. Reply to VJ

    I have downloaded a few clips and have access to all the images.

  81. Could you email me the names of the clips? I can then locate them on the site. How about the images? Do they have specific names? Thanks so much for your response.

    Email –

  82. Reply To Jen-
    Hi Jen, Hanar here, since your a member of the FDD site, and can veiw all the girls, I wonder have you seen Little Teek? That girl with 96 inches of tit flesh? Is there any new pics of her in the members site?

    I have noticed that, that guy hasn’t done any pics of Teek for months a very long time. I wonder what happened to her. I just sent an e-mail to Farang Ding Dong, asking why they haven’t done no pics of Teek. And what has happened to her. He just must’ve forgot about her. I don’t know why- but would like to know if you’ve seen her in the members site. Hmmm- Wonder what happened to her, and where she went to?

    If anyone knows anything about what happened to Teek, and where she is or why she hasn’t been on FDD girls, then please let me know at once!

    E-mail me at- Thank You For Your Help:

  83. I suspect witchcraft.

  84. Reply To Andre-
    Well- its been my experience the sizes would seem to range from 38DD- 44-46DDs all the way to 56EEEs. I have dated women with tits like this, but now its at least 40D-46DD at best which I do have alots of fun with. But nothing like the size of Little Teek with her huge 96 inches of Kup with her 100 inches, and never like Nee with her 120 inches. I guess the best way to fnd these girls is to just go to Northern Thailand to the jungle regions and check out some villages, and there you may find many of them. Is all I would know.

    Wonder what has happened to Teek that girl with her 96 inches? That guy has not pictured her for months. Wonder what happened to her? I sent an e-mail to but I asked them why she is not doing no more pics and where she is or what has happened to her? But I have gotten no response as of yet. What do ya think Andre? LOL, would you know where she went? Many Thanks:

  85. lol.

    Hanar, the “woman” Jen, and others here, with financial interest in the fakeadingdong site, try their best (worst) here, of keeping this alive and make people join their site.
    I can not believe people here can’t see thru that.

    The pics are all bad Photoshop job, or just a prop attached to the girls chest.
    Some do have large implants, but no where near the size of the largest fakes here.
    You really have to wake up and smell the fraud.
    There are no nude pics of the largest girls/fakes.
    They are pictured doing all kinds of sexual act, but they cant show their breasts? WTF.

    PS: “Jen”. Where are your own before/during/after proof pics of your own enlarged breats you promissed?

  86. Reply To rOxOR-
    Well it seems we are all in disagreement with eachother and everyone else, why would you think that the girls are not for real and the FDD girls are not for real?

    The FDD girls come from the rainforest in a jungle area, where they live and since very young not just now but for centuries they have collected plants and used a herbal extract that the roots contain, the girls rub this all over their tits, and this extract is extremely fast working, and they have done this all their lives, it is the reason why their tits are so huge and enormous. The plant only grows in a hot and humid climate, in the jungles of Northern Thailand and Southern Burma. Read what Jen says- she understands. I don’t know why you cant. We know that it is logical, and we believe and know those girls are 100% real! I cant believe some of you are having such difficulty in understanding this. Well so much for fakes and implants and photoshops.


  87. Reply To rOxOr-
    Well actually it was Jen who really studied the pictures and did the experiments and developed a breast enlargement extract after 5 years of experiments on herself. Now there is proof of Pueraria Mirifica. Elsewhere.
    But the guy from the FDD site does not mention what it exactly is. Here, our friend Jen was able to discover it and I could never figure it out.
    Well I’m not sure it could be considered a fable, and Thailand is a jungle region esp. in the North. And the plant does grow there. And who is to say that these girls are a fraud? We really don’t know. It is very possible that there is a culture where unknown tribes of girls may have the biggest tits in their culture. Its not beyond possibility. So you tell me what kind of proof about the jungle and girls from it you would need?

    Now, I dont believe one word that guy from the FDD site would write. But its easy for me to believe what Jen says- especially coming from a girl.
    She knows more than any of us- because she is a girl.

    If its proof you want, it may not be so easy because, where could one find it at? I dont know that much about pictures, videos, or anything else. So quite honestly- it would be hard esp. to get good pictures of the Ding Dong girls.

    Right now it seems to me we are still having trouble trying to solve this mystery- the biggest of the 21st century! The way I see it is we have 2 possible truths here, that we for some reason just cant solve. Because there are those, who like you think the girls are a fraud- I know your frustration, and I totally understand and sympathize with you. And there are those- Like me and Jen who completely believe the girls are completely real.

    As for Jen- I recall her saying that she would have some pics for us of her too, she may not be ready because she says it takes kind of long.
    I would ask her myself but I dont know her e-mail address. So I cant find out. She hasn’t been on the blog lately either. She may be busy with other things. To me, despite popular belief, she seems to be the only girl to be able to solve the mystery of those FDD girls. Shes a member on the site. So She has a good advantage. And I am very happy in what shes did.


  88. Unbelievable.
    You’re just a fucking moron, a tool.

    It’s almost scary to read what you write. You write and cover up like a brainwashed sect member, or fundamentalist.
    Or are you just that stupid?

    You are either the owner of that website, or have other financial interests there.
    “Jen” is obvious a owner/co-owner.

    You can’t provide evidence other than that lame ass story, so sorry, you lose.
    There is no mystery, there is no 2 truths, you’re confused, and you still lose. You’re even a mamber of that site, and can’t provide evidence, you lose. “Jen” lose, members lose.

  89. Reply To rOxOr-
    Please regain your composure, I dont wish to get into an argument of, fake vs real. There was a time I didn’t believe that story the FDD guy had wrote- But thanks to Jen, she made me see the light when she told me about the plant and herbal extract those girls use when they go into the jungle.
    I also noticed that it was odd that the girls hardly ever take their clothes off, and rarely see any titflesh. Now I thought that was odd. But Jen read what Andre wrote, and what I wrote about that, so she told us that being a member of the site- that she sees most of all the girls naked tits and sounds like shes seen Kup And Nee. So thats how that happened.

    I must clear a few things up though- 1st- I am not a member of the site, if I were I probably could give you good evidence and pictures. Do you think maybe Jen could do that? She is the member of the site.

    2nd- I do not own the FDD site, and me and Jen have no financial intrests in it. I dont know who owns it. And Jen is not the owner or co-owner- we have nothing to do with it.

    Well we both have different opinions however, but I see no reason to insult everyone else because we think differently about those girls.

    But have it your way- After all, truth is in the eye of the beholder.


  90. FFS. You’re a bigger moron that i first thought.

    Yes, there is a herb called Pueraria Mirifica, but NO, it does not have that effect on women. Do some research, instead of believing a fake girl called Jen on a fucking blog.

  91. Hasn’t anyone noticed how the girls @ FFD have huge boobs, but their bodies look thin. Usually when someone has huge boobs their bodies are proportioned with their chest size. Meaning they aren’t thin looking they have some FAT. The fatter the bigger the boobs, even though I’ve seen some girls with no implants that were pretty huge up top.

    Actually, guys…the person running the FFD site hasn’t stated what these girls are using to get so big…it’s some kind of secret.

  92. Reply To Jen-
    Hi Jen, nice to hear from you again! I had a tough time with a non-believer, thanks for helping me out. He was down right mad. Just keep us believers in mind. You know I always support what you made me learn, and I am always impressed with your research and the breast cream (your very own) you have developed. I think its wonderful! I know its true that the FDD guy never says how the girls got so huge except he only mentions herbs and tintures. You taught me about Pueraria Mirifica. If anyone around here has come close to solving the mystery– Jen I think its you. I’ve never heard of anything thats made so much sense.

    How is your reseach coming? I guess it will be sometime before you can share it with the world. Wont it? By the way read some of the stuff this non believer wrote about me, you and others. It was a tough task for me.

    Anyhow, nice to hear from you again Jen- And Good Luck With Your Research!


  93. This is just ridiculous.
    Those pics prove nothing and you know it. Those are nothing like the fakeadingding girls.
    And why do you post a link to a members site?

    You lie to people, and insult their intelligence, and you can’t even produce proof of you own ‘wonder creem”.
    You don’t have to put them on here, mail me the pictures.
    Alltho i know you wont, because there is no pics.

  94. Dear Roxor,

    Have you never seen musclular man, bodybuilders – probably taking male hormones – grow to extraordinary proportions, where some of them sometimes break a bone if they put too much force on a muscle and order out of proportion stuff like that. Don’t you have the imagination to picture for youself if young women would take the right female hormones …

    Dear Jen,

    Wow, interesting post this natasha3.jpg ! Don’t you have a picture of her naked? Or of simular women….

    I think showing naked boobs is always more convincing.


  95. lol. Moron.

  96. roxor

    you are such a dumb arse. The links are on bbc and financial times websites. Duh brain.And besides, other people first posted these links. Look at the posts.


    Give me your email address I have loads of and movies pictures stored on my computer.

  97. Yeah its an article about a breast-enlargening-gum manufacturer. It doesn’t fucking matter if it BBC or whatever. Man, you’re an idiot.

    Btw. I’ve just downloaded 350 MB worth of videos of fakeadingdong girls. And they’re so fake its not even funny.
    How brainwashed and clouded is it possible to be?
    Oh, i know, you’ve got financial interests in this fake shit, and still lie and decieve people.

  98. roxor?

    what’s with all the swearing, there is no need for that. At the end of the day, you believe they are fake and that is your opinion, no one has put a gun to your head and told you to believe it. It’s your choice.

    So what’s the problem?

    As for financial interests from this website, if i had a product to sell, i would obviously be selling it on a breast enlargement forum and not on a general forum which is mainly men talking about this subject.

    As for lying, show me one of my posts where i have told lies, or i have tried to deceive people. I only mentioned about membership, when hanar asked me if i was a member.

    i mentioned in previous posts that the mixture of herbs are herbs that can be found on the internet including fenugreek, hops, blessed thistle, papaya etc.

    and if you read a previous post in reply to andre

    jen Says:
    April 5th, 2006 at 11:28 pm
    Reply to Andre:
    It is obvious that the guy from farangdingdong is taking extreme advantage of these girls. I feel that he will not be able to keep them hidden away and a secret from others for much longer. The sad thing is, he doesn\’t seem to care if they need money for a breast pump or a breast reduction operation, as he is getting rich from the website and getting the girls to suck his dick and all sorts of things. They are treated like dolls, used and ignored when the need help.

    I don’t like how the guy from farangdingdong is making them do loads of oral sex shots. There is no need for that and that is my opinion.

    besides, loads of other people on this post have mentioned that they don’t believe it and that the girls are fake. It is is their right to do so. But there is no need to be rude about it, as you are doing.

  99. Reply To Jen And Andre-
    Wow! Jen, what a war you and Andre have been having! I dont think there is anything anybody can say that will make any difference to rOxOr. Man, just got on my nerves. Jen I liked your pictures you posted earlier. Do you have anyothers I havent seen? I may have to recheck them again.

    And Andre-
    How are you? I have just been reading what this guy and all the insults he’s been giving Jen and myself as well, I dont know what to say because I think Jen has really come closer than any of us to be able to solve this mystery- The way I figure it Andre, and Jen- We all want to know the truth about these girls wether fake or real, but I think Jen has a lot of supportive evidence. I mean, I consider her one smart girl. Even I couldn’t for months figure it out, but I think Jen is more dedicated. So what do say Andre? All our hats to Jen! She really knows whats going on!
    Andre- Dont pay no attention to that guy, I never heard such swearing and bad language from a person. I agree with Jen- I dont like that guy who they put with the FDD girls, the FDD girls are great, they dont have to put that idiot guy in with those girls and to give him suck jobs. Putting that guy in ruins the site. Also we dont need all the swearing and bad language from rOxOr either, and FDD doesnt need that guy with those girls either.

    Thanks Everybody!

  100. Are you just brainwashed, not intelligent enough, or just a perverded fanboy who _wont_ see the truth about those girls?

    EVERYTHING points toward this being fake, and you say YOU are open minded?

    Jen, you lie and decieve when you say that the fakeading girls and their breasts are real.

    I would really like answers to these questions:
    1. Why are all the girls from that “tribe” deep in the jungle, the same age, size, semi good looking etc?
    2. Why are they all covered up? They do blowjobs, show ass, but no breasts?
    3. If its so secret and outstanding news, why are they on that website doing sexual stuff?
    4. Why isnt this “wonder herb”, that makes your breats those extreme sizes marketed around the world?
    5. Why aren’t these girls, with proof, in ‘regular’ news? It would be “Breaking News” world wide.

    6. And finally. Why do you believe this? What points you in the direction that those breats are real, and not in the direction of it all being a profitable fake?

  101. Reply To rOxOr-
    For the first time- you ask very important and impressive questions, I have wondered about those questions myself. But we really dont know why, but before I make any comment, we better wait and see what Jen and Andre thinks and what they have to say. We just have to be fair. We dont want to make nobody mad, if we’d say something wrong.


  102. What I wonder is why the herbs seem to make some of the girls lactate while others are unaffected. I thought maybe it has something to do with the dosage, but if that was the case, why do some of the smaller girls lactate while the biggest ones don’t?

  103. Jen- Can you tell me where you found Pueraria Mirifica? In what stores can I find it? The reason I ask- my new girlfriend has 42dd tits, I told her about a cream or this herbal extract that would make her tits even bigger, she is very interested. So I told her I would try to find this herb. I went to the GNC Herbal store- I asked the girl there if she had any breast enchancement cream that has Pueraria Mirifica in it. She said they didn’t have any- and that she never heard of Pueraria Mirifica.

    So Jen, do you have any idea where I can find and get some? How and where were you able to come across and find, buy yours at?

    Please Acknowledge.
    Thank You!

  104. To hanar,

    All I did is research “Pueraria Mirifica” on the web. I find several sources, which anyone can find from searching within google or yahoo.

    If your girlfriend is already DD isn’t that big enough. Does she want to get bigger, or to is it a case that you want her to get bigger? I hope she wants to get bigger because it is her own choice and not yours.

    To pd

    Yes that is an issue that I have been thinking about. There are certain herbs on breast feeding websites that help woman lactate. I think everyone is different and some lactacting herbs work with our natural hormones levels.


  105. Reply to Jen-
    Thanks again Jen, I will see what I can find. But I think I’m gonna have to look around a while and maybe ask about it to see how many girls know about Pueraria Mirifica. And see where in my State or others I can find this wonder herb. But thanks again.

    Well Jen, what actually happened I told my girlfirend with those wonderful 42dd’s that I knew of a herb that could make her even more bigger! It was not by choice we want to do this, but all I did was suggest it to her, she could’nt believe it! I cant tell you how excited she was, so Jen, we both would like to do this, she wants to have bigger tits (well not like the FDD Girls) but near that, we were thinking about up to a 50EE would be good for her. She’s so excited about it. And I’m actually glad she’s excited because now I have to find it somewhere. I told her what to do and depending how you can use it more ways than one. Both of us believe with her having even bigger tits- it will enhance our lovemaking.

    So really Jen, its really both of us who are excited, I had no problem in her not wanting to. So that is why I’m trying to find it, ya see?
    Now- What do you think of that Jen? And thanks once more!

    Many Thanks:

  106. I’m suprised no one has commented on my May 20th post. Even r0x0r passed on it. I guess it makes too much sense…~_~

  107. Reply To Susan From May 20th.
    Hi Susan, sorry I didn’t reply, I was busy with OrxOr, and Jen. Anyhow I did read your post, I guess we have all seen girls that are stocky with huge tits, and sometimes even slim girls can really have huge tits, but let me askyou (the 1st time I talked to you) what do you really think about those FDD girls? Do you think they are a fraud? Or do you think they are 100%for real? I call this the biggest mystery of the 21st century. It seems none of us can solve this mystery. Well the only thing the FDD guy says is that they are a tribe of enormous tited girls that are from the jungle of Thailand and Burma who go to these iniation rites and use certain herbs and tinctures to make their tits super enormous in contrast with their own bodies. It seems to be a sign of beauty in their culture, the bigger a girls tits, the more beautiful she’ll be, and she will be the girl more likely to attract and snatch up a guy, and also for marrige. But you are right, that FDD guy doesn’t mention what these girls did to get such enormous tits. But Jen has figured that its Pueraria Mirifica these girls have been using. I’m trying to find where to buy it at where I live for my girlfriend who wants to get even more huge tits. Do you think when she takes this, that it will enhance our lovemaking? We seem to think so. Right now she is a 42DD, we would like to get her to a 50E or EE.


  108. To Jen,

    I’ve always heard that big breasts don’t produce any more milk than small ones. Do you think that holds true in this case, or would the process that made the FDD girls’ breasts huge also increase their capacity for lactation? I can easily imagine even the smaller girls producing gallons of milk every day. If the bigger girls could find the right herbs to make themselves lactate, they could easily feed their whole village, or start a dairy business!

  109. Well Hanar, I think the FDD is part fake and part real. Some of these girls walk around just a little to unncany, like this is their 1st time moving with such a huge chest although I think some…meaning the smaller chested girls look really natrual. Just my opinion ^_^

    And tp pb…size does matter…just ask a cow. Not that it’s related to a human, but you get the point.

  110. guys guys, there are a couple that are photoshopped but it’s mostly real, I’ve seen videos of the girls, they are real, I can tell, some of these photos can’t be photoshopped, I mean just look at them.

  111. Reply To Ben-
    Hi Ben, and welcome! Wow Arent those girls great? I saw a video of Wen, she was just fantasic! yes you are right, they are indeed real. I know, my favorites are Nee with her 120 inches and Kup with her 100 inches, and Teek 96 inches- she seems to be gone now. Cant figure what has happened to her. But they are best girls on the planet, or on any other planet!


  112. yeah I saw that, I think it was Wen #10, nobody can tell me that it wasn’t real, and even Teek when she was smaller, do you know who is in charge of that site?, I’m sure someone already said, but I’m too lazy to look.

  113. To susan re your message of 20th May…

    I have also wondered why all the girls are like bone thin and have huge chests. My friend who is asian has large 36dd/e breasts and is a size 8. And whilst researching the web i have come across loads of websites including:

    I think it is possible to be thin and just have large breasts

    He hasn’t said what herb or tinctures the girls have been using and I wish there was a way we could find out for sure. Pueraria M has come up as possible herb, because it is only grown in burma, thailand. I think that if these girls are 100% real, then they have knowledge about this miracle herb that just enlarges the breasts and just the breasts alone.

    There are several websites offering herbal products, that say they can enlarge yours breasts. The only way to find out what works is by trying it, and that is what I have been doing over the years. I haven’t given up the search for the perfect formula. In any case i would never want to be as large as the farangdingdong girls, they are just too big.

    I also wonder how much they weigh in comparsion to their small frames. They work around like it’s no big deal. Maybe they are so used to them, that it is ok for them

    I think the reason why I am open minded to the possiblity that they are real, is that I have studied all the pictures from the first series to the current and looked at all the full sized images and I have noticed that on alot of them especially the ones with their shirt open and showing cleveage, that they breasts are natural looking and soft at the top. I have also noticed that the bras that they wear have very thick straps. I assume this is to avoid the bra cutting into their shoulders. In alot of the videos, the breasts bounce up and down and they are a few where they are being squeezed. Very naturally looking.

    if someone can set up some free web space, maybe we who have access to the members site, can upload some images and videos to share.

  114. to pd:

    lol….milking the whole villiage….that might even be true :).

    Well on the website, the guys says that some of the girls have to milk their breasts several times per day. What if that is the reason why they have been allowing them to get so big, so they can have free milk whenever they need it, as they don’t have much money in the villiage…

  115. Reply To Jen-
    Thanks Jen for the Pueraria Mirifica, and where to get it.
    I saw your above answer about the girls having to get their tits so big so they can sell milk to the whole village, thats a good possibility for free milk whenever they need it. Its true they dont have much money.

    I was struggling with the possibility that they made their tits so big so that they could attract guys and with tits that huge is as a sign of beauty over in the jungle and as a result for marriage. I even told my girlfriend this. She was amazed. And We both are sharing in this venture.

    What do you think of FDD girls being a sign of beauty in their culture?


  116. I’m imagining an FDD girl going around doing her everyday activities.

    As always, she gets up earlier than the rest of her family. After having a bath, she puts on her skirt but leaves her humongous, watermelon-sized breasts bare. Her large nipples stiffen in the cool morning air, each one the size of a strawberry. She goes into the kitchen and prepares breakfast, pouring out seven bowls of cereal: one for her mother, one for her father, one for each of her four younger siblings, and one for herself. She wakes everyone and calls them to the kitchen for breakfast.

    One by one they arrive, each picking up a bowl and bringing it to her. As they hold each bowl out toward her, she takes one of her huge breasts in both hands and gives it a squeeze. A thick stream of milk gushes out of her still-erect nipple and fills the bowl. She used to get embarrassed about being topless in front of her family. But it makes things so much simpler, not having to take her shirt off and on whenever someone wants another bowl of cereal, that she has forgotten her shyness. After three such refills, ten bowls in all, everyone is finished eating and they start preparing for the day ahead. As her mother and father head off to work and her siblings reluctantly leave for school, she finally puts on her giant custom-made bra and a man’s oversized shirt.

    After everyone else has left, she’s cleaning up the kitchen when she suddenly realizes she’s very thirsty. She yanks up her shirt and lifts one of her breasts out of her bra. The breast is quite heavy, but she manages to bring her big nipple up to her lips. She feels a wave of pleasure as she begins sucking on it, and another as the milk starts to flow into her mouth. She nurses herself for several minutes, enjoying the taste of her own warm, delicious milk. It’s even sweeter than usual because of the sugary cereal she recently ate.

    Once her thirst is quenched, she starts to put her breast back where she got it, but just then she happens to notice that one of the houseplants is looking a little wilted. She walks over and aims her still-dripping nipple at it, then gives her breast a squeeze with both hands. As when filling the bowls, a thick stream of milk squirts out, dousing the thirsty plant. It quickly soaks up the milk, but she’s careful not to give it too much. She doesn’t want to drown it, after all. She puts her breast back in her bra and continues cleaning.

    Later, she has to go to the store to pick up a few things. She doesn’t have much money, so before she heads out she finds a couple of gallon-size jugs. Once again scooping her enormous breasts out of her equally-enormous bra, she puts her nipples into the mouths of the jugs and begins to milk herself. The jugs are soon filled to the brim with her rich, nutritious milk. She seals them up, gets dressed, and makes her way to the store.

    Along the way, she stops and chats with one her friends. While all the women in the village are busty, this girl’s breasts are particularly massive. They reach down to her knees, but not because they are sagging as one would expect. Rather, they reach her knees because they are simply that tremendous. They remain full, firm, and round despite their size. Part of our FDD girl wishes to be as busty as her friend, to have BIG breasts instead of mere watermelons. She might even be able to make enough milk to sell it for profit so that her parents wouldn’t have to work so hard. But another part of her is glad she doesn’t have to deal with such huge weight, as well as the difficulty of trying to walk without kicking the sensitive undersides of her breasts. After talking with her friend for a while, she continues on to the store.

    While she’s waiting in line, a young mother comes in with a crying baby. Nothing the mother does will quiet it, so the FDD girl asks to hold it. She pulls up her shirt and slides one of her wide bra straps off her shoulder, letting the cup fall away from her breast, and offers her nipple to the baby. It’s almost too large for the baby’s mouth, but it begins sucking nonetheless. Soon it has had its fill and falls fast asleep. She hands the baby back to its grateful mother and fixes her bra and shirt. As she’s doing so, she realizes for the first time that she just exposed her breast to a whole storeful of people. Blushing deeply, she goes to pay for her items.

    The shopkeeper accepts the jugs of milk in trade and even offers to give her some store credit, but she is in such a hurry to leave that she politely refuses. Smiling at his good fortune, the shopkeeper puts one jug under the counter to take home to his family, and places the other on the shelf for sale, labeling it “fresh girl milk.” No sooner than he does, however, the next customer buys it. As he takes the customer’s money, the shopkeeper wishes again that his oldest daughter had started lactating like some of her friends. But his younger daughter will be beginning her breast-enlarging rituals soon, and he hopes she will get lucky enough to be blessed with milky breasts.

    The FDD girl doesn’t stop blushing until she’s far away from the store. No one besides her family has ever seen her nipples before, and she just showed one to a bunch of total strangers without even thinking! Once home, she busies herself with housework in order to forget the incident. She becomes so engrossed in her work that she also forgets to look at the clock, and neglects her afternoon milking.

    Later that night as she is preparing for bed, she feels the extra fullness in her breasts and realizes that she didn’t milk herself nearly enough today. Sighing, she begins to hunt for some more jugs, knowing that her breasts will be painfully engorged in the morning if she doesn’t give them a thorough milking tonight.

    All this sounds too wild to be true, but I bet it happens every day! Sorry for the long post, but I got on a roll!

  117. wow pd, what a great story!

  118. Very creative story. Now if only the FDD site would show one of these girls lactating that would be amazing.

  119. Rely To pb-
    Wow! What a story! That was absolutely fantastic! I have never heard anything like that! I wish I could have thought of that one myself! It really held my interest and attention, I saw the whole scene happening already in my mind in picture as I read it. Again, that was best story I ever heard! It seems so real and probably not far from the truth too!! I just loved it!!

    E-mail at-

  120. Thanks everybody, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I just thought it was an interesting take on what might go on during a day in the life of a FDD girl. I’d love to visit that village and see the women going about their everyday business. Depending on how much contact they have with the outside world, they might not even realize that their watermelon-sized breasts are out of the ordinary!

  121. I wish a newspaper, magazine or some reporter could do a article on them. Why are they so secret? There has to be a way of finding out more information about this farangdingdong thing…

  122. Replys To pb, Jen, And Andre-
    Good question. why are those girls kept so secret, why? Hmmm, who knows? But I cant help but wonder if there is somebody behind in control of those girls. I”m not sure the only fishy thing I wondered for a long time is if that guy who sees and get pictures of those girls, do any of you think he may have something with their secrecy? I say this because that guy is not about to let nothing out and will not give anything out about those girls, I dont know how all of you feel about that FDD Guy, but I’m not sure I even like him. Its just a feeling I have had for a very long time. Does anyone feel the same way or at least know what I mean?


  123. “jen Says:
    June 6th, 2006 at 9:15 pm
    I wish a newspaper, magazine or some reporter could do a article on them. Why are they so secret? There has to be a way of finding out more information about this farangdingdong thing…”

    Because it’s FAKE you moron!
    Man, there are some naive people in this world.

    But now i’ll leave you all to this sexual fetish you’ve got about these fake breasts. You don’t WANT to here it’s fake. I understand.

    I’ve tried, but i can’t get thru to brainwashed-like people.

  124. Reply to pb-
    Yeah, I know what you mean about that FDD guy making money from Noi and plus all those other girls. But I still dont think he is a very generous or kind person. And my feelings stand. I saw the little picture of Noi but Nee is much much bigger than Noi and probably just as little and petite, look at her huge monster tits. She has to be bigger than Noi, she doesnt seem to have all those problems like Noi is having. It’s just something I thought of. It was easy to compare the two.


  125. Yes, Nee is now bigger than Noi was back in 2004. But judging from the content of her sister’s letter, Noi was presumably still growing at the time. And she’s probably continued growing ever since.

    Last I heard, Noi’s husband wouldn’t let the FDD guy see her, so there’s no telling how big she’s grown by now. My guess is that her breasts probably rest on the floor even when she’s standing up. And if that’s true, I bet she has to be milked constantly. I hope she finally got an adequate breast pump, because I’d hate to think of how painful it would be for breasts that tremendous to become engorged!

  126. to pd and hanar

    Just how big do you think they will can grow to?

    As there appears to be no limit.

    Free milk for life….surely they can’t go on taking the strain of their breasts forever.

  127. you guys who belive that the farangdingdong girls are real have to be the stupidest people alive!!! Just go to The creator of farangdingdong JS is a member there and he talks about how the girls are fake. The stuff their bras and shirts with ballons and foam rubber falsies and the pictures that show them semi topless or completely topless are morphed usually they use Chelsea Charms’ chest with the girl’s body. I can tell because I’ve seen her tits in pictures and the tits on the ones that are the exact same tits. Chelsea’ nipples and aereola’s are off to the side not centered like they are suppose to be.The girls really exist but they are not that big. It’s a fantasy site. r0x0r is totally right!!! If these girls were really that size they wouldn’t stay on that stupid website making probably chicken feed when they could be making millions in porn movies. As far as them underaged and that’s why they can’t show their tits. That’s bullsh*t. If they are old enough to suck a co*k or show their asses they are old enough to show their tits. As far as that herb goes that Puerifica stuff. Maybe it could enlarge your bust a cupsize or two but no way I don’t care if you take ten pounds of that herb a day or rub it on your tits 50 times a day are you going to get that big even if you started when you were 8 years old! Those other websites mentioned where the woman have big tits. those are real. Most of the women are overweight. There are some slim ones but the ones whose tits are huge they sag None of those woman on that site have perky huge breasts Farangdingdong gilrs if they were really that size they would sag down to their knees.

  128. Exactly Julia.
    That’s what i’ve been saying for some time now, but its like talking to a wall. A moronic wall.
    It’s frustrating trying to reason with brainwashed people like this.
    You wont get thru, no matter what evidence one provides against this.

    Some have money interest in this, others just wont connect to reality out of their sexual fetish thinking.
    Im leaving it at that.

  129. Reply To Jen-

    I dont know Jen, how much bigger Noi could get, I know what you mean it seems like theres no limits, but I dont think I could blame Noi’s husband for not wanting that FDD guy to see her. I always thought Nee was the biggest FDD girl in 2006, however there is no telling what Noi looks like and now big her tits really have gotten in 2 yrs. I overlooked that. I mean who really knows? But still interesting. Remember none of us have seen her in 2 yrs since she got married. We would love to see her wouldn’t we?


  130. Reply To Susan-
    I have seen, the mastasia site, wow! its excellently done, dont you think? Its better than the FDD site, however they have changed the contents once you enter, and they all this new stuff in it that seem realy great, including all new animation, but for some reason you cant access it. I dont know why and no one really knows how, it doesnt say. Unless you have to join, I wasnt too happy about that however. But its the best tits fantasy site, I have ever seen!


  131. To Jen:

    I’ve sometimes wondered why the FDD girls’ breasts continue to grow long after their ritual herbal treatments are complete. My theory is that since the ritual is an ancient process that is kept highly secret, some of the finer points may have been lost over time. The exact recipe for the herbal mixture might have died with one of the village elders, and the next generation just had to guess at it. The mixture now causes an overdose which affects the girls’ body chemistries, causing their breasts to go through a never-ending puberty. That’s my theory anyway.

    I don’t know how big the girls’ breasts can or will grow, but since the last we heard from Noi was that her breasts were down to her knees and showed no signs of stopping their growth, I’d almost be willing to bet that they rest heavily on the floor by now. And judging by what her sister said, she probably loves it and hopes they just keep right on growing. Although it might be a hassle for her family to have to milk her around the clock, I can think of worse ways to spend one’s time…

    To Susan:

    Wow, that site looks great! Thanks for the link! Those girls look like they’d fit right in at FDD. Judging by the way their breasts move in the preview video, I’m guessing they’re real and not implants. Since they probably grew them all on their own without any outside help, I’d love to see what they would have looked like if they had also gotten the FDD herbal treatment while they were developing!

  132. I hate dissapoint ya but the girls at mastasia have latex breasts glued to their chest. The creator of that site is also a member at and I read a thread in which he posted and spilled the beans about the girls at that website. R0x0r is right. you people who think it’s real probably have some kind of financical interest in it. you guys should go to and go the discussions and do a search for and It’s common knowledge overthere that these 2 sites are fakes.

  133. Hi JuliaJugs, Roxor,

    Myself I am an engineer in the Netherlands and have no financial interest in FDD at all. I think the interest I share with Jen and Hanar, is that we WISH that FDD girls were real, because we like to see big breasted women (Hanar and me) or like to have bigger breasts ourselves (Jen). In the same way what Viagra did with erections becoming “a commodity” which you “can buy” and have it yourself, this herbal breast enlargement to have any (large) breast size you want to have, or want your girl friend to have, would change our picture of the world in a way we like.


  134. I don’t see how anyone can compare to mastasia.
    com. It is so obviously that they are not real, but with farangdingdong it keeps some people guessing. No matter what there will be always people for or against it.

    I joined the bearchive site, so I could get some more information on JS the founder of farangdingdong and

    And here are some of his posts
    Re: farangdingdong disappointment [Re: lars573]
    #400328 – 10/11/05 08:50 AM

    But the dick like the boobs are fake. That phallus he uses is rubber.

    So where did you get this information?! I like most of your comments…and you can imagine it is quite amusing to read all your guesses. Think about the girls tits whatever you want (thats part of the game) – but for the dick I would like you to believe it is the real thing (I can tell since its a part of me) – just yesterday Lil Yo from one of the former sets had the, hm, pleasure to, um, meet him…coming soon, along with a bunch of great new girlies!

    Greetings from Ding Dong Land!


    He knows he is playing a game with people. There are loads of members on bearchive who believe they are fake and there are those who also believe they are real.

    We don’t need to have a financial interest to think whether or not they are real. we have the right to wonder. It doesn’t make us guillable or stupid.

    I work as a new media designer and my interest in big breasts is a personal one, as explained in earlier posts. If they are fake, they are fake, so what. All the nasty comments and personally attacks against others is totally uncalled for.

    And the difference between here and is that they are really cool about it. The people on their are not being nasty whether they believe in farangdingdong or not.

    So why can’t people just chill out….it’s meant to be fun, not about a war or words….

  135. To Jen.-
    I like to think those FDD girls are real, because its always possible that they did and have come from jungle regions and always dig up Pueraria Mirifica plant in its raw form is very powerful when used. And its logical for me to assume or believe this is how these girls tits got so enormous, after using this herbal wonder all their life. I wont let anyothers influence me, that this cannot be. I believe you and what pb says and Andre says. You my freinds are right on!! Read what pb wrote about Noi and what her sister wrote, in an ealier post.

    To Non-Believers-
    I think we should be free to think and believe what we wish, real or fake, I fail to understand why this has to turn into an all out unending war.
    All the mean comments, and foul language and personal attacks on every body elses beliefs about these girls is uncalled for. I agree with jen.

    To rOxOr-
    Why do you have to make believing in the FDD girls such an agony
    for everybody else? LOL.


  136. To Hanar,

    You don’t have to believe what anyone says. You are free to believe what you like. And as some previous posts, you have also been in a position where you totally didn’t believe they were real and in others where you totally did. Either way it’s cool.

    To everyone else
    Whether they are real or not, it is meant to be a fun website. The girls look cute and it is a fantasy website. The fantasy being that wow, just imagine if they were real…And the way that he has them posing, moving around, wearing selective clothing etc…..just makes you wonder.

    That’s what the website is for to make you wonder…..I have and do still wonder, what if….Once again, so what if they aren’t real….i and anyone else is entitled to their fun. That’s why I still don’t get when people have to be insulting about this. Lighten up people. It’s just a game.

    The whole Pueraria Mirifica plant thing is real as in other breast enlargement herbs. In the form of capsules that are currently available on the market, it has helped both women and men increase 1-2 cup sizes.

    Maybe JS the creator of farangdingdong knew about this herb and that it only grew in thailand. He could have thought to himself there is this herb that can enlarge women’s breasts, let me create a fantasy website and make up a story that about them rubbing herbs on their breasts, without saying what the actually herb is, etc and see what happens. He makes it so convincing because he also shows real structures of the tombs of antwar which have carvings of women who have large breasts and there is even one of the womean appearing to be rubbing a stem of a plant in between her breasts.

    Farangdingdong will continue to make people have various options on it, that’s never going to change, as everyone is free to think what they want.

    Once again, I urge people to be more like the people on bearchive and chill out.

  137. Well said jen….^_^

    Don\’t let anyone stop your fantasies because they make life worth living.

  138. Reply to Susan

    Sure thing, honey :)

  139. To Jen-
    There may have been a time when I was getting upset that I couldnt understand why the FDD mystery couldnt be solved. This guy I know in a library had in 2004 threw me off the internet, for veiwing the FDD site. Everybody gets so mad about it. I tryed at the library to study and solve the mystery myself, but getting thrown off the internet didnt help. I used to be allowed to veiw it there in 2001-2003,but when Bush made new laws to the libraries and all business computers to get software installed to deny all access to library computers- by 2003 in June this already happened so it blocked out the FDD site. I could not study it no more, and they hired this new guy who is totally ridgid about everything. This was before I had a home computer.

    In 2005, I finally got one, and well when I was on here, I was not sure about the FDD girls- because that guy at the library didnt like them, and lied to me about them, he said that he knew they were morphed, and there were some numbers or credits that made known how many people got onto the site. I looked on my computer time and again and I never saw no numbers. He lied, and he tried to tell me that they didn’t exist. Well I couldnt accept that. But after having my own computer, I once again never believed him, and always will believe these girls are real.

    I know in some my very early posts- I was questioning wether the girls were fake but never believed they were, this was when you haven’t been here yet Jen. And when I read about you and what you were doing, and about Pueraria Mirifica, wow! and your 5 year experiments with different herbs and the like- I was overjoyed, I thought, its a girl who has finally solved this big mystery of the 21st century, and the mystery shrouding those girls.

    So do you understand how happy I was that it was you? And I always will believe it was you who solved this mystery! It is so wonderful to have you here! I always thought of you as a scientist trying to find the answers, and if it is OK, I would always like to think of you as one intelligent girl! I’m so glad we have you here. You are such an asset to me and many others, because I think that you really know what are talking about. And I never listen to anyone that says the girls are fake and this and that. After reading your great posts and everything you have done and continue to do, I dont even know why anyone would even question these girls reality.
    All they have to do is read your posts and what you had to say and did. I always look forward to whatever it is you have to say Jen. You are are one Hell of a girl. lol.


  140. To Jen-
    Wow! I’m sorry you feel that way Jen. I always believed you thought those girls were real, at least you had convinced me. You used to think so.
    I took what you said before trying to prove that the girls are real really to heart. I guess I am sorry and its sad to hear that you know longer believe what you used to. I always took to heart that you solved the FDD mystery, but I guess its alright that you cant admit it. I will always remember you for that. I guess the non-believers must have gotten to you for you to change your mind so quickly. And I will always believe that more than anyone here- that you did solve the FDD mystery.

    Was I wrong? I always thought you liked the FDD girls, you seemed to like them in the way you had wrote. Im suprised that you dont like them no more. I guess the strain of so many unbelievers really had gotten to you, and I guess it was too much for you to handle, and you just werent strong enough to do battle with so many. And you just gave in. Well it can happen to the best of us Jen. I am really sorry to hear what happened, especially to you of all the girls here.

    Now In Mourning:

  141. To Hanar,

    Gez, why are you taking it so seriously? It has nothing to do with me giving in. I had been researching the farangdingdong girls from the start which was over 3yrs. The website always fascinated me. As well as the story about the ‘tribe’ of girls. I researched on the internet and could find no further information about the girls. I studied the old carvings of the pictures showing the structures with a stem of a plant inbetween there breasts and tried to work out what it could be.

    I still do like the farangdingdong girls and I never said I didn’t like them anymore. I think they are really cute and I am still a member as well as being a member of several other breast related websites.

    About being strong enough to do battle, It has nothing to do with being strong enough, it’s about what I choose to put my energy towards. I am still researching into natural breast enlargement methods using different herbs and I will keep at it until I real my goal of naturally enlarging and firming my breasts to my liking.

    I initially thought the girls breasts were real, it was only when I did deep research through hundreds of pictures that I noticed some things wrong and as soon as I saw that and looked at all the morphed pictures in his gallery. i began to have my doubts.

    I never took anyone’s else’s word for anything. Nor should you. I never set out to convince you or anyone else of anything, I was simply giving my opinion.

    What I believe in 100% is that there are herbs that can and do naturally enlarge the breasts and that is where my focus lays.

    Back in feb it was you that suggested that Pueraria was the Plant that the girls were taking. I never made that claim.

    I also looked at the comments of both Ticket and xman, about how they moved about so easily and when the picture is zoomed up to 300% you could see a red band on the edge of the outside of the breast.

    Of course the girls are real, the debut is just how large are they.

  142. To Jen-
    Thanks for explaining everything to me. Oh I guess I just believed in everything I read about you- which has been an achievement. I remember most of the things you did. I thought maybe you were influenced by the others. I know you didnt try to convince me, but I guess I was.

    I’m glad to hear you are still working on your research. Well (lol) I guess I always will say that you are still like a scientist trying to find all the answers. I am just intrigued by the tanacity in which you research all those girls, along with your own experiments.

    Well, its good to hear you still like those FDD girls. But when you looked at the pictures of those girls and found something was wrong, but since that finding- do you still think those girls go into the jungles and use Pueraria on their tits? Or do you think they’re morphed. I dont know what to think- They both cant be going into the jungles and rubbing their tits with Pueraria Mirifica, and being morphed all at the same time, can they?

    I know what happened Jen, In Feb. I knew those girls did something with the herbs and tinctures- but I didn’t know it was a herbal plant, and I didn’t know what Pueraria was. This is how I learned of it when you had mentioned it, and then I took and researched Pueraria, and I found it all over every website I could see. It was great, so thats really how that happened, so I guess I thank you in some way for your help.

    Well Jen, if you wish to believe the girls are not real, and are morphed-
    Then have it your way- After all- Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

    But if its alright with you- I still like to believe the girls are 100% real, and that the girls go into the jungle and rub Pueraria Mirifica all over their tits so they will get like Noi and Nee and Kup, my favorites! So they will get their tits to an emormous size.

    My girlfriend with those wonderful 42DDs still wants me to get a cream with Pueraria Mirifica in it. Both of us want her to get to about a 50EE. Thats our limit. Not 120 inches like Nee! Holy Cow!

    And Thanks Jen for explaining everything to me, and making me feel better.

    Many Thanks:

  143. I am currently researching miss Rina Rockets from the Mastasia site. I’ll post what I find here. Some of my other friends are helping me also…LOL!!

  144. Hi Susan-
    Rina Rockets? Whos she? Where did she come from? I Love the Mastasia site. Its excellent! Dont you think so? Let me know what you come up with Rina Rockets. I never heard of her.


  145. Someone here needs help. Really.

    And “Jen” caved in after Hanar’s obsessive-brainwashed-ramblings.
    I hope that teaches you one or two things for the future, “Jen”.

  146. To “Roxor”

    It’s got nothing to do with caving in, it has got to do with being bored of something that supposed to be fun, without it getting so personally. Which is something that you like doing.

  147. Hi QQQ-
    Welcome! Wow! I just knew those girls were genuine and real, can you tell me about it? QQQ? How did you manage to find where the location of these girls were at? That a great discovery! Here, I thought they were from Thailand, there was so much talk of it. What exciting news!!

    If theres anything you would like to share about the FDD girls, please feel free to do so–

    E-mail me-
    Many Thanks!

  148. Hanar

    it is not QQQ’s words, the text was taken from the link that QQQ gave in his post.

  149. Hi Jen-
    I know that, he just said what he had did, but who cares if its his words or from a text, what difference does it make? He actually found the real location of those girls. I knew they werent faked, I just felt they were for real. Not like rOxOr and Julia and you thought they were. Isn’t that exciting news? Thats the best news I heard since they went into the jungle digging up the Pueraria Mirifica plants. Cant I be excited about it? Wow!


  150. Hanar. Seek help. Now. You’re obsessed, in a wrong way.

    Why the heck do you believe such a text, with no proof, nor further explanation, when the evidence against this is so clear?

    Either you are the author of the fakeadingdog site, or you’re just borderline mad.

    And “Jen”. Please log off the internet, before you do more damage.

  151. Hi rOxOr-
    I’m not sure about the FDD girls, to this point, I know there are only a few who believe the girls were real. I dont think I believe a text, but since nobody can prove the validity of these girls, I have second thoughts about it, however QQQ told us that the girls were genuine, and real I take it. Right now thats about the only thing I believe, for now. QQQ claims that he has located these girls where they really are. If he has done this, is it possible that there are really girls out there in Cambodia that can exist? I’d like to see some proof of that at least. But he hasn’t showed us yet. Nor did he say how he found them. I am still waiting. I dont know rOxOr, this has been very confusing for me, now there is somebody who has located them. But I wouldnt blame Jen either, do you think that QQQ may have something?

    What do you think about that? rOxOr?


  152. No.
    It’s not real. Get a grip. Smarten up.

    I’m so fucking done with this. It’s like talking to a brainwashed wall.
    You are so inept, naive, resourceless, you shouldn’t even be allowed on the internet.

  153. To “Roxor”,

    Firstly go screw yourself….as I have had enough of your bullshit….

    Read my fuckiing text, you idiot….I’ve fucking said that after research on all of the bloody pictures of what I think about it. So if you are some kind of big time bloody idiot, carry on with your crap!.

  154. To Hanar,

    Gez….you want to believe that the girls unbelievable large breasts are real so much…

    QQQ didn’t say or write anything….I repeat they are not QQQ words, so how can you say that what he said was genuine!!!. He just copied and pasted the words from a “guy” from a website that mainly talks about bloody thai sluts.

    So how can you believe that, infact what is there to believe…I bet if someone else comes along and says something similiar you might believe them as well.

  155. real or fake, the girls are cute!!!

  156. @ “Jen” or is it John?

    YOU’RE the one thats been talking bullshit here.
    Or don’t you read your own posts?
    I’m the reality check here. Get a fucking grip asswipe.

  157. Boy this place has turned ugly. You guys need to chill. Yes, Jen has done her research, Hanar likes the huge boobs to be real, and r0x0r could give a crap cause he knows they are fake.

    The point is 85% of most movies we watch are fake but we all still watch them. It’s the fantasy of wanting something that takes us away from the reality of our boring if not typical lives that keep us wanting more. Same here…

    And just remember, if r0x0r didn’t care in some way shape or form why would he still be coming here. We all have different opinions on this subject matter, but can we just keep it from turning ugly.

    -Thank you ^_^

  158. To Susan,

    Thanks for your message, I guess that he just started to get on my nerves. And you are right. He always says he is going, or has nothing to say and comes back on the website time and time again to leave messages to wind people up.

    We will always have different opinions and we should leave it at that and just chill.

  159. To Jen-
    Wow! I have never seen you so mad before. All I did was to be happy about what QQQ said, but I had no idea that he took and pasted the words from a guy from a website. I think I read about that, but, what girls is he referring to? The FDD girls or some stupid Thai sluts? It did not hold my interest however. I may have misunderstood him. But Jen- I didnt say what he said was genuine- What he said was those girls were genuine. You took it out of context. Would you happen to know what girls he is referring to? Maybe he means some other girls, those Thai sluts- maybe he means them, and not the FDD girls.

    Lets not start hating eachother because of different things we think about these girls- we are all getting mad at eachother, thats not good for nobody. This whole thing has turned into a war, and we all got along wonderful until rOxOr came along and Julia since they came- this has been a battlefield. We all need to regain our composure and chill out like Susan says. Dont forget Jen, before rOxOr and Julia came along, you once believed the same thing I did. We always got along good. No need to be mad at me. I didn’t do nothing.


    To rOxOr-
    What are you mad at me for? All I said was that I started to question those girls. I dont need the insults either, what do mean that I shouldnt be allowed on the internet, and in defense of Jen, what do you mean by telling her, to stay off the internet before she causes more damage? She is my friend! Even though she may not realize it.


    To Susan-
    I whole heartedly couldnt agree with you more Susan, Its come to the point, that I am afraid to give an opinion or agree with something anymore, unless somebody doesnt like it or gets mad at me! This has turned into a battlefield! And I know whos responsible– we were once one happy family and we got along well, it only took one person to plant the seeds of unhappiness and discord, and this is the result of what has happened to us.

    I agree Susan- We better chill down or there isnt going to be anything or anyone left if this war keeps up. It has to stop here and now.


  160. To Fraser-
    Wow! That video is excellent! This is the first time I have ever seen those girls in a video. I really loved it! Do I still think those girls are real? I always used to, but there are some who have been fighting eachother over wether those girls are real or not.

    To tell you the truth, I watched that video 3 times. I think with some girls (I’m really not sure) but some of the bigger girls in movement do look very real. The smaller ones dont look so real.

    Its just really hard for me to say. I loved those girls, this is a first time I ever saw those girls in any video. I really love it! Its just great. And good proof too. But wether they are frauds or real is hard to say– I dont know. I just honestly dont know.

    But thanks for posting the video- I just love it!!

    Many Thanks-

  161. To Susan-
    Thank You Susan- Too bad though, I dont know wether I’m sad for the others who thought the girls were real, or myself, I’m kinda laughing about it. Well ya know I just wish they could have been for real- Its sad when they arent.

    How did you find out about Lystra? And you discovered she is morphed? I hope she’s all thats mophed. I saw the FDD video, and most of the girls sure look real. Its just hard to believe they would be morphed in someway. In fact the girls in the video on is hard to believe they are morphed you know. They look so for real. I just guess its been hard for me to accept. I would just feel bad and sad about it thats all. After so many years of thinking and believing all those girls were real.
    Can you understand what I mean Susan?

    Thanks For Your Help-

  162. To Hanar-

    I guess I have too much free time to do this kind of research…LOL!!

    I didn’t say anything about the FDD site only the Mastasia one. The girls there are using some kind of prosthetics (sort of like Selma Blair in “A Dirty Shame”) that in my opinion look pretty darn real. The skin tone is good, but the way they move seems a bit off, and that’s the same thing I have noticed at the FDD site. Like someone who is wearing something, I guess that’s a woman’s intuition.

  163. To Jen And Susan-
    I just got an e-mail from Bella wanting help from me in trying to get her to believe and know that the FDD girls are real.
    If both of you have seen the video above by fraiser, its hard to even imagine those girls in the video could not be for real.

    So I told her, to look at this video of these girls so she can know that they are for real. She is not yet sure what to believe. She sounds though like she wishes them to be for real. And since I seem to be the only one who doesnt question their reality, I think most of you will agree, I would be the only one who can help her. Wish me good luck!

    Thank You Jen And Susan:

  164. FDD is fake but well a done fantasy. All he does is get big bras and stuff them will flesh colored balloons. Sometimes he fills the balloons with some kind of gel so that they jiggle.

    It’s quite obvious… I’m surprise at how many of you are gullible enough to think thing it’s real.

    The topless photos are computer manipulated morphs and some of them are just the balloons exposed with a shirt covering the area between the balloons and the their chests. Why do think there are no fully topless videos?… not possible.

    Mastasias is also fake… the webmaster is quite upfront about it too. If you email him he’ll tell you it is. He actually makes the prosthetics himself.

    Both are fake… never-the-less both are ingeniously done and are a great fantasies to entertain.

  165. Marblehead Johnson

    I love how the one man on here arguing for everyones sanity and logic is named “r0x0r”… that’s sort of like someone named A. Hitler arguing for peace in the Middle East.

    Hope I can butt in on the argument, and just ask r0x0r why he feels it necessary to come back here day after day, week after week, and say things that no-one here wants to hear, or cares about. At what point did our interest in this subject emotionally harm you so much that you have apparently made it your mission to call us morons in the hopes that we’ll see things your way?

    Also, yay everyone else! I’ve been a fan of JS since the olden days (I even helped with the first incarnation of the FDD site way back in the day), and I hope his site keeps going for years more. Likewise for David and (though I think he’d benefit from a forum…)

    For those of us who see this the same way, life is good. For people like r0x0r, our very existence somehow causes him pain… which I think is a victory for our side.

  166. Dear All,

    I still wonder why all the girls on the FDD website are so young. Why are there apparently no more middle ages women shown on that website. Do they have their endowments chopped off before they reach the age of 25?


  167. Marblehead Johnson-
    Welcome! You are very first person who understands what that guy rOxOr has been doing to us. We have been in a war with this guy for so long– over these girls. I like to think the girls are real, so did Jen, but now she doesnt think so, but it is her choice what she wishes to think.

    Since this guy has been here trying to destroy us with insults and everything else, he has no respect for any of us, he has a very bad attitude, but I really like the way you describe him. Who knows? But Marblehead, you said it very very good! I couldn’t have said better. And your right- life is very good! I figure OrxOr will end up a very lonely guy. But with him it has been a war with everybody, its been like a battlefield, he gets so upset and worked up if somebody likes these girls to be real.

    To Andre-
    Nobody knows why for sure why the girls are so young. They never did show mid age women on that site. I dont think they chop of their endowments, but nobody knows for sure. Check the FDD video from fraiser above. Click it! Watch the girls! They are lovely and sexy too!!


  168. @ Idiothead Johnson

    You, and the others here with financial interests in that site, are deceiving people for financial gain.

    It’s not only despicable, it’s dangerous too.

    Oh, by the way. You’ll end up in hell.

  169. Wow… I read all the page… several years that all this go on…
    Anyway. Stay quite.
    To anyone that belive that FDD is true… what about marry one of them ? And present them to your parents, and friends….
    “Hey mom, this is my wife. Oh yeah, you can see breast at first, but after some second you will see even the face”….lol.

    I think all this is a fake. My girlfriend has the 7 size of breast (european size) and I’m happy. I can walk with her in the center without shame. I would never go out with a FDD, thinking about her at age of 40….

    Be happy, pay a lot and enjoy yourself in the lonely room with a photo on your monitor.

    If you chose life, go out and try to find a big breasted nice, sweet and cute girl. It’s not so difficult.

    PS hey, sorry for the languate, I’n not English…. LOL

  170. Reply To Marblehead Johnson-
    Well, you have been right on, I cant believe this, everybody so far new that has come on here thinks these girls are fake. I loved these girls since 2001 when I found their ealier pictures. Marblehead J. I dont know what you think about these girls, but from the first time I saw these lovely girls, I never even would have questioned they were fake. They are just so fantastically sexy! Its possible there are alot of jealous people who may not even like these girls, because they dont want to admit that these girls are here and real. They just cant have an open mind.
    Because they are afraid that they will find out these girls are real. And they Live!!!!! What do you think Marblehead?

    Many Thanks-

  171. Oh good LORD, you people are gullible. There are no herbs or potions that will increase your breast size. If you don’t believe it, ask a physician (or do a google search through some medical journals for gods sake.) Your breast size is determined by your GENES. There are ways to temporarily increase breast size by inducing lactation, i.e. triggering the bodys natural response to nurse, but you will NOT gain 10 cup sizes with this method. You can also exercise the muscle under the breast fat, but you will be lucky to gain even a cup size this way.

    As far as these breasts being natural, I am very skeptical of that. One commentor has already pointed out how petite these girls are. Generally if you are predisposed to have lots of breast fat, you will also be predisposed to gain fat everywhere else. And while there are people who have breasts this large, they are generally very rare and not from Thailand. I am asian myself, and I can tell you now that asian girls are predisposed to be very small, and petite, this includes the breast area.

    Whether these are photoshopped or not, I would say probably not. I do a fair amount of photoshop myself, but I’m not an expert. I have not seen the large versions of these photos so I can’t really examine the texture of the material etc. These are the things you would pay close attention to, as well as awkward shadows, and artifacts. But if you don’t work with images a lot you might not be able to tell a sharpening artifact from a noise artifact produced by the camera. Either way, unless it’s very obvious you can never be 100% sure.

    If I had to guess I would say that these girls are professional fetish porn stars who have paid to have their breasts enlarged. The medical standards in Thai are much lower than in first world countries, and procedures are much cheaper. Many people where I live travel to asian countries to have dental work done because it is so cheap. There is a large market for big breasted chicks, especially in Japan where this fetish is a common theme in hentai. I’m sure if a girl in Thailand wanted to have this kind of operation, her business overseas would easily cover the cost. Also, if you examine the shape of these girls breasts, they are unaturally round suggesting an implant. Larger breasts tend to sag and spread out more, whereas these girls breasts don’t sag as much as you expect (especially without a bra.) They are very firm and round towards the bottom when they hang, suggesting an implant, not fat.

  172. Reply to etabetapi-
    Hmmm, I was looking at some those girls and there was one girl on the FDD site, the bottom of her tits were partially exposed, you are right! They did not sag and spread out like real huge and heavy tits of woman, but appeared round as if implanted. I thought something looked fishy about this girl, and Nee that girl with 120 inches, she has an evening gown on and her tits are very low hanging in the gown but they appear huge and round as if implanted. The only pictures which Nees tits sag and hang to her knees is in a blue and a white sweater. I dont know why thats different, but implants are very possible, and for once I tend to agree.

  173. To Jen And rOxOr- I finally dont believe those girls are real anymore, I was looking at the pics of some of them and with the help of etabetapi, has convinced me the girls are implanted.
    In fact I could tell but didnt want to admit it till now. I am a little dissapointed the girls are not real, but I see those who really look implanted. I have gotten tired of the whole site, and I think rOxOr you are right, somebody has made all of them into a fantasy site. I’ve joined your ranks now.!

    Thanks For Making Me See
    The REAL Light!!


  174. Reply to QQQ-
    You know for a very long time I thought all those girls were real but the majority seems to not think so. And even a few of those who did think they were real, no longer believe they are.

    As of lately, I was looking at some of those girls on the FDD sight, and not all but there are quite a few girls who look as though they are implanted, or by some other means. But there is one girl who looks real, and that is Kup.

    No one really knows for sure wether those girls are real or not. And thats been the main reason why so many of us have been in disagreement for so long. But we dont know for sure.

    If wether those girls are real or photoshoped, nobody knows. That remains to be seen.

    Thanks- Hanar.

  175. this is some hilarious stuff here man, just by reading the way hanar and others type makes my gut tell me this stuff is fake.

  176. Reply to roflcoptersauce-
    After much study of some of those girls, the way their tits appear, esp. in bras and evening gowns, it is fake. However Kup seems to be the only girl who is possibly real. The rest of them are all frauds! I’m very disappointed in them. I once believed they were real, but after studying them more closely they are apparently implanted or something.









  178. Reply To Susan-
    Hi there! Oh yeah, I agree, mastasia is far far beyond what the FDD site is, That was new to me! I wish the pictures of those girls could be enlarged or saved. The girls are so sexy! I love them!


  179. Reply To Everybody-
    Now that we believe that we have located the FDD girls, remember the girls who have been seen and located are FDD girl types, not related in anyway to the FDD site or its webmaster.

    In my research I have learned that the reason nobody could locate the girls in Thailand is because they are sighted around the Cambodian border, and in Cambodia. Another reason they were not found, I have learned that the FDD girls are somewhat nomadic type girls. They are not in one place very long. However there are many of them and they are sighted time to time.

    I have learned these FDD girls date back thousands of years, far back to Medieval Ages, not just now. There are many statues and stone carvings of FDD girls in stone. They are enormous tited girls, the carvings tell a story. A story of enormous tited girls going to swim and bathe in the river bare breasted. The ancient story goes on that many visitors came from China and elsewhere from Asia and found these overdeveloped girls, and watched them bathe, but reports say that the visitors did a little more than just watch.

    I also discoved the society in which they belong, and also the name of their unknown tribe. These girls lived thousands of years ago, and they live there today, and are believed to be somewhat nomadic in nature. But not all of them. I have found much evidence to support the existence of these girls through research. They indeed are real- centuries ago, and now.

    Obviously, no one on this blog has researched these girls very thoroughly. Me and my friend have been the first. We hope to learn more.

    The girls are divided into 3 catagories in their society. And are separated in what they do and how they live by color. Girls 1. are accepted by their society and culture within their tribe. Girls 2 and 3 are outcasts so it suggests. Girls 2 and 3 will not marry any guy in their society (tribe), but look for Canadian/American boyfriends who want them and are willing take care of them and even marry them.

    We hope to learn more in our research as time goes on- but this is what we have learned so far.

    Would Like To Hear Comments
    On This Research:

    Many Thanks:

  180. Good luck on your research Hanar.

    I wish I could spend more time researching and such, but I’m kind of tied up with work (that’s why I haven’t been here much ^_^).

  181. Hi Susan-
    Thats all right, I understand if you are not on. Thank you very much for your support in my research. I think too many are worrying wether the girls tits are real or not. That doesnt matter. What mattered was I had to explore the girls culture, history, and what society they come from, (tribe), and they are very ancient girls. I’m suprised as mad as everybody was, no one ever thought to do further research. Oh by the way, the name of their unknown tribe is Khmer. And they are known as Khmer Girls- The FDD type girls. And so–the girls from the FDD site are from the Khmer tribe. Only difference is there are many girls not related in anyway to the FDD site or its webmaster.
    They are all enormous tited girls. So I just found evidence they are real and do live. And not necessarily those on the FDD site.

    Thanks Again Susan for wishing me luck in my research!


  182. Dear Hanar,

    Would you have the opportunity to post some photos of your research tour?



  183. Reply To Andre-
    I dont have many pics, but I can show you where they are from, we dont have any pics of those girls the servicemen saw. I wish we did, but we are still trying to locate where exactly the places these girls can be found.

    I dont know how to post pics here, can someone tell me? If not I may ask one of my advisors what to do. I just never did it before.


  184. Reply To Everybody-
    We have been researching the FDD girls migration routes since we learned they are nomadic in nature. We have learned that they are around the Angkor Wat area. To the Camodian border, near Thailand. Also we have learned the FDD webmaster had done a photoshoot on a remote island. I researched this and have discovered that the island is Southwest off of the Cambodian coast nearby in the Gulf Of Thailand. But the island is considered a part of Vietnam. But is very close to Cambodia.

    I found a picture still from the FDD site, and also an animated picture of 2 FDD girls running. I looked at a map of Cambodia and found the island on Merriam-Webster, and found the name of the island they were on. The name of it is Phu Quoc. I saved the FDD still called Beach, and the animation picture. Then I saved 2 or 3 pics from the Phu Quoc island. I was comparing the 3 pics. The first didnt match the FDD pics because the girls were in a different location. But both the still and the animation were shot in the same location. But I did find in the 2nd picture from Phu Quoc that both the Phu Quoc picture and both FDD still and animation are a good match. Just in a different location. But either way I know for sure that this is the island those girls were on. And the 2nd picture matches well with the FDD picture and animation from the FDD site. They are the same pictures- so it tells me that those girls were indeed on the island of Phu Quoc, there is no mistake about that. Only the location is slightly different but both Phu Quoc and The FDD site pictures both feature a beach with a tree lined area with rocky scenery. And it is no doubt that at one time those girls where there on the Phu Quoc Island.

    Next I plan to research the girls customs and language. But I’am still researching every location where they (their Pictures) were taken. I need more reseach on exactly were they are, and what buildings they are in. What city or town they are taken at.

    I welcome all comments of those who read this.

    Many Thanks:

  185. i am intrigued by all yous people’s thoughts on this something that is dear to my heart, my Farangs. i subscribe and have now for two or three years. i have the same dilemnas as all of you, really. my understanding of it is this:

    life in indochina is nothing like what we are familiar with. to begin with, the women in the movies and pics are probably of the Bhuddist persuasion, which gives them a totally different view of the world and the self than most of us, i daresay.

    the concept of self-mutilation is pretty common for women all over the world…earings, noserings, corsets, foot-binding, neck-stretching, tatooing, etc. a girl who shows willingness to ‘suffer for her man’ is…well…marriageable. the fact that women are groomed for a life of subserviency, pain, and silent suffering in most of the nations and cultures of this world is arguably one of the most common turn-ons for the men of this world; i don’t deny that it works for me too.

    the two main countries that appreciate large boobs are the USA and Japan. There are some rich men in those countries who can have anything they desire, including concubines, kept women who will do their bidding for a lucrative return. sugar daddies, if you will.

    if i were an attractive young lady in a constantly westernizing society i might look into the field of MODELLING. my family might be counting on me to bring home the bacon as well. i would read my contract with an agency, especially the part that says, “would you be willing to modify your breast size by surgical means to further your career as a model?”, think about it for ten seconds and reply, “yes” (maybe). under the auspices of … ohh, let’s call him Mister Do, my new Daddy, i would undergo the surgery and get as big as he liked, making my living as a big-tit model, possibly also as a hostess or private dancer for stags or what have you. i would cater to his masturbatory fantasies, at least most of the time (some of the girls seem to be very inexperienced performers indeed e.g. ‘Mary’). again…maybe.

    these girls have polypropylene string implants in their chests. those doctors don’t work under the same restraints as western ones, which is why there are women today who are going east to get this kind of work done, as well as transexuals for gender reassignment. we don’t see the results of the extremes they go to because of the strict scrutiny of health-watch groups. i am sure that it is a procedure that is getting more and more refined all the time and the results are certainly impressive to me. i love the ‘natural’ (read sagging) look of these women than those on Mastasia and i just love that the excess body fat that accompanies natural big ‘uns is not a factor with them. why, they’re just plain skinny otherwise.

    as for photoshop…horsesh–t !!!!

    sure, some of the photos may be reworked, i won’t deny, but when Johannes gets his hands onto those ample hills in the videos i can feel their warmth, firmness and suppleness too.

    magic herbal enhancer…aa..hhhidon’thinkso ! we’d have heard by now, you betcha.

    “If I were a rich man. boiboiboiboiboiboi dadadadahhh.”


  186. Reply To Vivi-
    Hi and welcome, if you have read the first part of my research you would know that for thousands of years the Khmer Girls- FDD Girls a carved stone statue depicting a young girl in puberty rubbing a plant stem on her tits, and this is the herbal extract in the root known as Pueraria Mirifica. And they still use it today in the jungles it is abundant. They do this the rest of their lives. Thats why their tits are so enormous.
    The reason you or nobody hears about it is because it is done as a ritual as an extreme religion these girls practice, and is shrouded in mystery to all outsiders. And is never revealed.
    My research on these girls has nothing to do with photoshop, morphs, implants, surgery or anything else.
    And the girls around the Cambodian border were seen and met by military servicemen, and the reason nobody can find them is because they are in and around Cambodia, and they are also somewhat nomadic in nature. These girls are many FDD Girls who are in no way related to the FDD site or its Webmaster.

    Many Thanks:
    E-mail me-

  187. yeah, i read it already. there are no smoke and mirrors, my friend. it’s just women makin out a livin the best way they know how.

    what makes these young women so appealing, so erotic? the fdd’s i mean. it’s their … it’s their …

    Yer Welcome.

    Don’t E-mail me-

  188. Reply to Vivi-
    Well I dont know what you mean by smoke and mirrors, but there is no mistake what we found in our research. As for girls making a living- It is Girls 2 and 3 which are making a living, the grey girls. Who have been outcasts from their tribe. The FDD girls I’m talking about are those who are not related to the FDD site, but they are both FDD girls on the site and the FDD girls not related to the site or webmaster are of all of the same tribe with the same sexual appeal. and eroticism, all the girls- those around Cambodia- and from the FDD site all have enormous tits.
    Both are of the same Khmer tribe, and as well as the girls seen in Cambodia, the girls on the FDD site are also outcasts from their tribe. The only difference is Girls 2 and 3 work for a living.
    The FDD Girls on the website dont.

    No doubt FDD girls on the site and not on the site, it is their petiteness and cuteness and most of all their enormous tits.
    I dont think its their webmaster, possibly but not all.

    OK. I Wont.

  189. If you’ve been reading the last few posts it’s obvious to anyone with a little sense that Hanar is affiliated in some way to FDD. First he refutes his beliefs in the myth to gain trust, then comes back with a startling revelation and a new reason to renew the belief, and (lo-and-behold) connects the new found discovery to images and a camera man for the FDD website. Pretty convenient that the FDD crew is on the scene when it’s “not related in any way” to the FDD site or it’s webmaster (for next time Hanar: not calling attention to it would improve believability). So basically, Hanar is just a bad advertisement that uses a word-of-mouth approach for getting people into the site. Why else would he post on this board for over a year when the issue has already been resolved? (It’s fake!) Why else would he get saddened and express his condolences whenever somebody tells him they don’t buy it? Hint: telemarketers do this all the time. I just wonder how many of these FDD-tools are posting on other message boards–or maybe it’s all by the hand of Hanar! I guess we’ll never get to the bottom of that mystery.

  190. Rely To RanaH-
    Hi There, and welcome.
    Rana, first you are wrong- I am not affiliated with FDD in anyway. And I am not trying to gain trust. I do think that maybe a few girls on that site are faked in someway. I can see who. But I dont think all of them are.

    I am not trying to renew a belief. Me and my partner have decided to research the girls. And through much of our findings we found them to be quite real not just today but for thousands of years. The only diffence is that the girls I spoke of are of the FDD type girls, who have been seen by military servicemen around the Cambodia border. There are many FDD girls, also those on the website are of the same tribe. Is what I mean.

    There was no FDD camera men for FDD website, I think what you are talking about is the pictures I saved from the FDD Girls stills- and one from the animation. What I did was simply take the FDD stills and the animation, and compared them to the pictures I found of the island– which did match the still and the animation which told me that the girls were indeed on the island of Phu Quoc at one time where the FDD camera man had been before, that is where they did the photoshoot. The pics of the island I found were not shot by any FDD camermen. There was no one on the scene. I just did them for our research and thats all.

    Well it doesnt bother me who believes what, me and my partner have been doing reseach on every facet of those girls, and what we found relates to both the FDD girls not on the site and also those that are on the site. But if you cant believe that it is your choice.

    This mystery has never been solved or resolved is the very reason me and my partner are researching these girls, so we can offer something believable and real. In my earlier posts I admit that I probably didnt know anything then. But now I know alot about these girls. What makes you think its resolved? Its never been resolved. Thats the very purpose of our research. And there is more coming hopefully soon.

    I admit I was saddened to learn these girls were believed to not be real– I did feel bad then, but I had looked at some of the girls on that site and I did notice something with some of them is not right about their tits. I do suspect, it is the work of the webmaster. And I agree that there is something faked about some of those girls- but not all of them. But you must understand this was way before I met my partner and started our research. Things are alot different now.

    However in our research- Since we found these girls actually do live and do exist and are real girls with enormous tits, as for those on FDD being the same girls of the same tribe, I agree there is some sort of a discrepency which we cannot solve. I think the webmaster had something to do with that.

    I dont know anything about what telemarketers do, and your comment on messages on other posts is unclear, but I have nothing at all to do with other message boards.
    What I dont understand, everybody keeps telling me how faked these girls tits are. Then why dont you tell me how you feel their faked? And I suggest the non believers do some research like we are. Everybody is so quick to point fingers at me, but not one of you have ever offered any research on these girls.
    Everybody just complains how fake they are. Thats why I am the only one doing the research, and these girls live today and exist and are real, there many FDD Girls there, not just the ones on the website. If and why they would be fake I have no explaination.


  191. Reply To Everybody-
    Once again greetings! I have continued reseaching more about the lovely FDD Girls. I was researching their customs but I somehow got re-routed and so I began to research their Religion.
    I learned that the FDD Girls are mainly Buddists, however I also learned that these girls are of an Ethnic Minority, and they practice a religion that is of a minority, these girls are Animists, a minority religion practiced by those FDD girls. It seems to suggest this is the religion that my partner spoke of when he was researching the girls practicing the ritual of digging up Pueraria Mirifica plants and rubbing it all over their already huge tits. Animist most likely is the extreme religion my partner discovered in his research. That is why it shrouded in mystery and is unheard of in other countries.

    I also learned that the 2 minority religions outside the Buddist religion are Christian and Animist. I learned that Christians are more settled in one region, while Animists (FDD Girls) are somewhat nomadic in nature, and knowing that already it doesnt suprise me that the FDD girls are nomadic in nature, it explains why nobody can locate them since they are in many different regions, and not for very long. So it probably is rare to be able to find them in anyone location, but there are many of them so they are still seen and found.

    As for the language, Angkor Wat, and on North to the Cambodian border, I learned that the FDD girls speak the Northern Khmer Language, the Northern Khmer dialect ranges from Angkor Wat on North to the Northern Cambodian border near Thailand. The dialect is very different on up to Phenom Phen.

    And we still continue our research, and hope to come up with more about these lovely FDD Girls!!

    Feel Free To Offer Comments.
    Feel Free To E-mail Me:

    Many Thanks:

  192. Dear Hanar,

    If these girls are so nomadic, do they live in huts which they build themselves or with their families? Or do they have several existing huts, and they move in between them? Or are they prostitutes and sleep in hotels?


  193. Hi Andre-
    There is no mistake about it, they are of a somewhat nomadic nature, and explains why they were not found when somebody went to look for them in Thailand.
    As to what they live in huts or whatever it is was, we found no reference to that. Sorry I do not know. I only know they are not in one place for a long period of time. We do not know what their existing living was, we could find no reference.
    However, I could check it out to be sure if you like OK?

    No these girls definately do not stay in hotels because they dont have that kind of money. However I did learn what location it was where the FDD guy took their photos. He took them at popular tourist resorts, and parks. But not at hotels as I once thought, and also a location on Phu Quoc Island.
    However we did learn that Girls 2 and 3 are working girls and hookers, but are also nomadic in nature. It seems that the whole Khmer tribe is.


  194. Dear Hanar,

    If some of these girls are prostitutes, why don’t you pay them for the real thing, to get your hands on their boobs, and check them out?


  195. Hi Andre-
    Well, the problem would be in locating the right FDD girls, I would imagine we could pay them, once we can locate them. We just dont want any girls you know. Well there wouldnt be much of a problem to do that, I agree. I would love to, but a guy would have to go all the way to Cambodia or some other region where these girls can be found since they oten migrate from one place to the other.


  196. You have very interesting arguments, now send me all your pics to

    I’ll send you mine Terry

  197. Reply To Andre-
    Thanks For the FDD Girls Link! The Videos were excellent!
    I didnt think they had anymore from Hotmovies 2000. They had changed the site a while ago. I loved my favorite girl Nee, I wish I could see more of her! Its amazing how tiny she is to have such enormous tits! Shes so sexy! And Hot! And beautiful too! She’s very hot!!

    Thanks Very Much!:

  198. Dear Hanar,

    I have read and heard from quite a few sources that all of the Farang Ding Dong girls are not of legal age. They are reported to be anywhere from 13-17 with their average age being 15. Can you attest to this being true?

  199. Reply to Buck:
    Hi and welcome! Can you tell me where you found that info from? As far as I know there are no FDD girls under the age of 15, so I dont think that it is entirely the case that there would be any girls of 13. Remember that the age of these girls differs in other countries than the America. The legal age of the girls in Cambodia is at least 15 at the youngest.

    It is possible there could be girls around 12-13, however they are usually not sighted till they are at least 15. or so.
    The girls you see on the sight must be at least 15 or older to even be on the site, the girls there are not 13. I have never heard of that, and no Buck, I dont think that what you learned or found is true. No I would say that is not true.

    Even the FDD girls not related to the site or webmaster, these are all older girls- 15, 16.17, 18 years old at least. The webmaster would never be allowed to picture and video any girls down to 13. So where ever you found that info at, it is not at all true or believable.


  200. Dear Hanar,

    The FDD girls all seem to have very funny very short names. Are these names common throughout Thailand/Cambodia or specific for a given area ?


  201. Hi Andre-
    I have noticed that, I learned from that most of the girls from Thailand and Cambodia, have the exact same names that are short like those girls on the FDD site. I had found that their short names–are actually nicknames, common in Thailand and Cambodia. They use them for us American guys, probably because we would never understand or be able to pronounce their Thai and Cambodian names.

    But I would venture to guess and it wouldnt suprise me that the names are used all over Thailand and Cambodia, most specific area I would think.


  202. Reply to Terry Redmond:
    Hey Terry, I just sent you about 20 pics of the FDD girls and a few of Cambodia where they were last seen. I am still waiting for your pictures.

    My e-mail is-

    Many Thanks:

  203. Dear Hanar,

    Let’s consider physics. One liter of water weighs one kilogram. At how many liters do you estimate the volume of the FDD girls’ breasts, so how much should they weigh? // Is that an imaginable weight to carry around whole day?


  204. Hi Andre-
    OMG! I’m horrible at math and physics- its my worse subject!
    All these girls breasts vary in sizes. I have no idea. For example Nee with her enormous 120 inches, I can only guess hers may easily weigh 100lbs each. Thats 200lbs total. But one thing we do know—no matter how heavy those tits are of hers, she lives with them everyday of her life! She’s very happy they are so enormous! She has said, she’d like to see just how much bigger they can get! Wow! Who can even Know or guess??


  205. its been a few days, lets hear an update

  206. please? :)

  207. I dont belive it. This girls are not real, why are the petie like a anoretix girl, why can the walk around whit those heavy boobs? Most of the porn either they are soft or hard porn, is F A K E. I have seen many things in the world of porn and I got depressed because most of it are not real.

  208. Reply to Anonymous-
    Believe it! Those girls are very real and do actually live. I have done a 2 part research on those girls, and find that there are not only those on the FDD site real, but there are many other FDD type girls who (not related to the site or its webmaster) do live in Cambodia.

    They actually can and do walk around with their huge tits. The girls with similar heavy and huge tits I research have nothing to do with porn in any way- hard or soft porn. The only person having to put the girls in porn is the FDD webmaster.

    But the girls I have researched similar to the girls on the FDD site, are not fake! There is no mistake about it!

    No wonder you were depressed it wasn’t real, nothing in actual porn ever is- I agree, but just because in porn things are fake, doesn’t mean to say other things are fake as well- the girls with those enormous tits on the other hand are real.

    If you would like my 2 part research I will be happy to send it to you- so e-mail me first, and I will send it to you.
    But again- The FDD Girls are real because I have researched them, located their last visit where they were, and found out where they have been last spotted and seen. And there is much more in my research about these girls.

    So I hope it will make you happy, and believe it, there is no mistake about the existence of these lovely huge tited girls!

    For my research:
    E-mail me at:

    Good Luck!

  209. Reply To Roflmaoh4x-
    Hi And Welcome! I can update you with some exciting new 2 part research I have done on the FDD Girls. If you would like to get it, then e-mail me at:
    Then I will send it to you right away!

    Many Thanks:

  210. Sounds interesting Hanar, I’ve emailed you and look forward to seeing what you have found out.


  211. Hi Dan-
    And Welcome! Its very interesting and informative, and will show you that those girls are in existence today.
    You may have to re-e-mail me, because I didnt get any new mail from Oct.14th, unless I get it later. But re-email me OK? And when I see your mail, I will send out the 2 part research right away! Because I haven’t gotten any new mail.

    Many Thanks:

  212. Hanar,

    I’ve re emailed you with my local mail and my G-mail and look forward to your response.

  213. How do these girls carry around these fucking huge tits? i know girls complain when they have d’s and stuff w/ back pain but nee has like fucking Z’s? Shes a GD cow how does she walk with like 50lb tits. people being realize these are really fake becuase noone could really live with tits that huge, they are like sagging to the floor and so called lactate gallons of milk a day

  214. Reply To Thatguy-
    These girls have done this since 11-12yrs old, for a lifetime they gradually are used to it, and they live with them their whole life. Its not fake, their tits are enormous because they use a herbal extract to get them bigger and bigger, and they can and do live with their tits that huge. Maybe not in America they cant- and dont know how to deal with it, but here in Cambodia they do. For 2 reasons- 1. They practice an extreme religion in which they are expected to have very enormous tits. 2. The most enormous tits is a sign of beauty and acceptance in their culture.

    I have a 2 part FDD Girls Research me and a partner have done. And the girls are absolutely real tits and all. And because of the 2 reasons involved with these girls– thats why Nee’s tits are as big as a GD cow! So if anyone wants my research just e-mail me- and it will be on its way.

    E-mail me at:


  215. Even i thought they were real at first, but even looking at their latest pics you can see on parts of their boobs that there are no veins etc… I mean, just look at Jom’s pic.

  216. Reply to Thatguy-
    What do you mean you thought they were real? These girls are real! I have researched them inside/out. It doesnt matter what you see, because no matter what you question, the girls exist. The reason they dont have no veins on their tits is because the girls are very young. What you or anyone sees really doesnt mean anything. Give me your e-mail and read my research. I would suggest. My girlfriend who is much older than the FDD girls has enormous tits, and she has veins on her tits.
    She is Greek-American.


  217. Hanar,
    You research grabbed my interest as soon as I read about it. I began a similar type of research about two years ago. My girlfriend at the time was asian and her family was from the very reigon that you speak of… she was part of the first generation of her family born in the states though. There is one interesting thing though. Both her and her sisters had an enourmous bustline… Let’s just say that they were all a size 1 or 0 in pants, but between DD and E cup in the bra reigon.
    I found the FDD site and became a member long before dating her. After I started dating her, and noticed the similairities, I started my own research… I also was led to Pueraria Mirifica as the culpret. I was starting to make an attempt at tracking the real FDD (not associated with the website) girls down, but sadly lost the majority of my research when my computer went up in smoke… (lousy Sony Batteries)
    I’m sure that you already know that some of the pictures that were taken on the site were in Patayya Thailand… more specifically, many of Lek, Teek and some of the original sets of Nee.

    I am very interested in your research and would like to help out in any way that I can. Please feel free to contact me @
    And if you do have some pics of the real FDD girls (not associated with the website) I would love to see them…
    I have a great eye for detail in pics and would like to pick my research back up and combine forces with you if you would allow it.

  218. Hi Atownsliljohn-
    You maybe the only one I ever talked to who has had an asian girlfriend with huge tits. Its very possible that her and her sisters could be a smaller version of the FDD type girls.

    What happened to your computer? Too bad you lost all your research. I would have liked to have read yours. I only have 2 pics of FDD type girls not related to the website of webmaster that I know of.

    There is also a girl in the new girls preview, her name is Nen, she is new to the site, anyhow at the center right of this girls picture is a little yellow crown insignia, a logo perhaps, there are also 3 words inscribed below it. I have been trying to decode what it says and the meaning of it. But so far have been unsuccessful.

    Not only would I allow you to join forces with me, but I would consider it a great pleasure! I could use all the help I can get. I am very excited about that! I tryed to e-mail you but for some reason- my mail will not send to your address though I double checked and again checked the spelling, it will not send out my mail to your address. I keep getting a postmaster message. I dont know why. So this is why I decided to write my thoughts to you on the blog. But I will keep trying to send it.

    Many Thanks:

  219. I want to see a pic of wen naked.

  220. fuckin mastasia!
    u do nothin but cheat assholes.
    take a close look on those girls,why dont they b fully nude?why wearing somethin on their tits?coz those artificial boobs need 2 be clamped over their real tiny boobs behind those clothes……lolz….tho they r fake,they a amusing,love their artificial boobs….

  221. Hanar,
    I have sent you an email…. I was up late and put @hotmail instead of yahoo… stupid mistake… anyway I’m checking that insignia as I type and will email you with my thoughts as soon as I figure out just what it is. Looking forward to seeing the pics too. If I can dig ’em up, I’ll send you some of my ex and her sisters.


  222. Reply to Scorpio-
    First of all, learn how to spell and write in the English language! Mastasia? Yes, I have seen it and its done excellently. I wont go into an argument wether its girls are real or not. I dont know exactly what you meant by cheating assholes, if you meant I’am or the FDD site is. There is no need for insults to us on this blog. That will do.

    It is up to the FDD webmaster how he has those girls dress, he apparently does not wish to have them nude. Send him an e-mail and bitch to him–not me or anyone else here.
    You better learn how to spell, and write in better English so we know what you talking about. They aren’t wearing nothing on their tits. What makes you think those girls are not real?
    They are 100% real- I have done a 2 part research on them, their history, culture and all. I suggest you go and do research on these girls also.

    Tell me, how do you know they are fake? On what proof do you base your opinion or findings? Do you have research to prove it? Of course you dont! Me and a few of my colleagues have proved these girls are real in every sense. And if you are unhappy about the girls not appearing nude, why dont you send an e-mail to the webmaster- and bitch to him about it? Dont complain about it to me or my colleagues. His e-mail is:

    Thank You:

  223. Reply To All FDD Fans:
    One of my colleagues have just found the last location of where the FDD Girls have been, for their photoshoots! And hopefully give more clues to us for the future! We were very excited about that, and we also discovered a video/audio clip with 2 FDD girls in conversation for several minutes. But they cannot speak in English- But hopefully we will be able to translate it. And the FDD Girls translation will be in part 3 of my research when I can get it. I will be doing that soon.

    Thank You:

  224. Naked tits or Gtfo.

  225. The girls from Mastasia and Farang have huge fake tits. Mastasia is ALOT more obvious since most of the girls are naked. The guy that takes pictures of the farang girls doesn’t do naked ones because he wants to keep you guys going…

  226. Reply to YesMan-
    Mastasia is definately a fantasy based site, as far as some the girls there, its very hard to know if they are real of not, it really doesnt matter, because it very erotic anyhow.

    As for the FDD Girls, they dont have fake tits, on what proof do you base your opinion? Have you done any research on them?? No, I doubt it, because if you did you wouldnt be telling me and everyone they are faked. I have researched those girls, history, culture, ancestry, and religion, and I have a 2 part report of my research, which beyond any doubt is proof these girls are genuine, there are many other girls with tits as enormous who not related to the FDD site or its webmaster, or photographers. You need to do some research!!

    In regards to why the FDD webmaster doesnt take the girls pictures naked, it really doesnt matter, but I doubt it to keep us going… more likely he doesnt wish for site to be of pornographic content. However, he needs to delete himself from inserting his pictures with those girls sucking his cock if he’s any least concerned about his site being pornographic. It doesn’t make sense.

    Thank You:

  227. I wanna see this research that undoubtably proves these girls are 100% real

  228. Reply to Booblover-
    OK, but send me your e-mail so I can mail it to you, it is actually a 2 part research report I did on these girls with a partner earlier. I’m trying to began part 3 but I dont have enough new info compiled yet. But what you will read hopefully will be interesting. I have done research on the girls culture, history, ancestry, and religion. I am talking about FDD girls with the same enormous tits not related to the FDD site or its webmaster. There are many girls with enormous tits of the FDD type similar to the FDD site.

    I am amazed how so many people will write to me and ask me about the girls believing that they are frauds. But none of you ever do any research, is why I did this research in sharing with all of you. And still those who havent read my research will believe they are frauds, but because of what I found in my research will prove the girls are genuine. Because of what I have found there is no way that they are frauds, there are too many of them with enormous tits (Not related to FDD site or its webmaster) and its impossible for them not to be real. Right now it doesnt matter what anyone thinks or says about these girls not being real.

    If they are not real, If they are frauds, then on what proof do you base your findings?
    Have you done extensive research on them? No, I doubt it, because if you did, you wouldnt question me and my research which you never read.

    So much for Faked FDD Girls! lol.

    Write down your e-mail address, so I can send you my research.

    Many Thanks:

  229. Hanar, just give up the act. We know u work for the website. Stop coaxing these idiots on. Mastasia and FDD lookexactly the same. Meaning there both fake. Who r u kidding.

  230. Reply To K.R.S.-
    Oh come now, what act? Are you serious? I dont work for the website- and again, (I’m starting to laugh about all this) I’m amazed how all of you tell so many that you think these girls are frauds. Have researched them? On what proof do you base your findings that they are frauds? You dont have any. I’m not kidding any one. E-mail me and read my research!

    I’m not trying to coax nobody on, I simply did a 2 part research and I was very surprised at what I found with the help of a couple of good colleagues of mine. There is so much to tell and to prove the girls are real- there aren’t only the ones on the FDD site, but there are many others with the same enormous tits who arent related to the FDD site or its webmaster. Proving that the FDD girls on the site are geuine. Why dont you give me your e-mail address and I will send you my research. You apparently havent seen it.

    My e-mal is:

    Many Thanks:

  231. Hanar –

    Ok, if it’s all real, then post a/some pic’s that are not on the FDD site of these grils that you and your colleagues have been studding.



  232. First off Q,
    I too have done research on these girls and have come to the same conclusions as Hanar… they are real indeed. Hard to locate; yes, but real nonetheless. They are a nomadic bunch of people that moved inward towards the jungle long ago. Only recently have some of the members began to resurface. I have also read Hanar’s research and am one of the colleagues that he speaks of. He is correct in his findings. We all may not know exactly where these girls are, but we do know exactly where they have been at one point or another. It’s all a matter of tracking and time before they can be found.

    That’s all for now.

    P.S. Hanar… sorry that I have been out of communication for a while. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks and I’m just now starting to get back to my research. Hope to hear from you soon.

  233. To Atownsliljohn-
    Thanks so much for your support in our research, I really appreciate it! Dont worry John, I have been busy myself with other projects- but hopefully get back to researching soon. I still want to check out the mystery of the Yellow Crown.

    Talk To You Soon.
    Many Thanks:

  234. Reply To TKQQQ-
    Well first of all the girls are real, I am talking about many other girls who were seen by military servicemen in the Thailand/Cambodian border, and near Angkor Wat. These girls are many around the region with the same enormous tits, and these girls are real and not related in anyway to the FDD site or its webmaster. However, the girls on the FDD site had been found by someone at some time, so since there are many other girls with the same enormous tits not related to the FDD site or its webmaster– proves beyond the shadow of a doubt the the girls on the FDD site as well are 100% genuine in nature.

    As for getting pictures, whoever spotted these girls apparently did not have cameras or video cameras with them at the time. These girls are somewhat nomadic in nature, and are not found in the same place at any certain given time. LOL- Could you imagine trying to make a date with one of them? A guy would to have to follow them all over the region.

    Well dont count on me or my colleagues to send pictures of these girls. We have not been able to locate them at this time.
    Unfortunately we had to do studies of them from the FDD site.
    If its pictures you want not on the FDD site of the girls– Why dont you research them? And send some pictures yourself if you think its so easy! Why dont you join us? We can use all the help we can get. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Many Thanks:

  235. lol even this so called “research” isn’t very convincing.. obviously these are real people but their boobs are fake lol

  236. Reply to Booblover-
    I fail to understand how or what it was about my research that wasnt convincing. What do you want? I’m talking about girls with emormous tits who live all over that region, those FDD type girls not related to the FDD site or its webmaster.

    Tell me how do you come to the conclusion that these girls are frauds? Everyone of you keeps telling me and my colleagues this- what gets me is not one of you ever researches them! Why dont you do some research to find out if they are? I mean all you do is criticize my research, because you are afraid that they may be real.

    If they are not, then what proof do you base your findings on? You dont even know! All you do is tell me the girls tits are fraudulent. So if they are, tell me how would you know that?
    None of you bitching about their tits not being real has ever done any research in that respect. We suggest all of you do some research, and then give proof they are not real, and I’ll be impressed! But until then- SHUT UP!

    Have it your way booblover- after all truth is in the eye of the beholder. Please do some research on those girls.


  237. what an interesting debate hehe

  238. I did some research and unfortunately found out that the chances of these girls actually being real is very slim. Email me at “” to get my explanation. Btw I was very disappointed, personally i wanted these women to exist so i can have good time with them :(

  239. To Imran-
    I cannot allow anyone to ruin me. Not even you, even if you did find research, but I respect it that much- and you impressed me however.


  240. Were Imran’s research good?

  241. Reply To T3h Good One-
    Its not a question if his research was good, he could have done his own and presented it if he wanted– he didnt have to use mine and try to retract everything I researched- The girls are indeed for real- I dont know why this constantly such a debate. I have done good and accurate research and with the help of some colleagues who have helped me along, we have presented things in every which way we could do, to prove these girls are real. Then this guy comes along and has the nerve to try to wreck our research! All he has to do is look at the youtube videos of the girls. I mean, I dont know why this is so hard for them to believe, we have great research we are happy about– and they still cant believe it! Well– what this guy did is unbelievable! I hope some of you still stay with me!
    Because I will not allow anyone to ruin me, not even him! I have most respected guy in the FDD community, I have tryed my best to help others with the girls, explained things to them, sent pictures, sent my research to them, and I had been like practically and advice columnist on the FDD Girls, I have answered many questions, and tryed to help anyone with anything they wanted to know about the Girls. And I’ll be damed if some guy is going to come along and try to ruin and wreck our research. Which worked so hard to build.



    If anyone wants or needs to know anything about the FDD Girls:
    Then e-mail me:

  242. “I cannot allow anyone to ruin me”

    lol wow

  243. A good thing about research is that you can always find holes in the research, and your research was full of holes. I just pointed out what you got wrong in your research. I cited from scholarly credible and reputable online sources, nothing I wrote in my critique was Bullshit, they were all hardcore facts. I challenge you to find anything in my critique that was made-up.
    Let me be clear, i like big breasts, real or fake, but i hate made up stories.

  244. Reply To Irman-
    I must compliment you on your research, because I give much credit that finally a non believer has finallly researched those girls– and being from Cambodia who would better than you? I commend your research. I was just a little upset about my research not being good enough.

    Let me ask you this- Have you ever seen the girls like Nee, Teek, Kup, and the others from the FDD site where you live?
    Are they there? What do you think is going on? I really dont see that I should be up for a challenge, but thank you just the same. If these girls are not seen or real, then what is the big mystery? And Why? I really didnt make up my research, I found it. I just cant understand how it could have been so wrong.
    But I appreciate your research anyhow.

    Many Thanks:

  245. The research that i got may prove that these people may be real, but does not prove that their boobs are real. It’s just physically impossible to walk around without breaking your spine w/ those. Women complain about the back pain w/ double D’s, what would those be, Z’s that nee has? Give me some reasearch showing how these women would be physically possible to hold those up! Their frame is way too tiny. (Doing back excercises is BS)

  246. Hi Booblover-
    Great! You have research, I knew those girls had to be, but you make an interesting point, I wish we could find research how these girls with tits that big can support such enormous tits! But I seems they have no problem with them. In fact they love them, and talk about them wanting to get them even bigger. Is it possible since puberty when they went into the jungle and used the Pueraria Mirifica herbs that as their tits got bigger, their back became stronger and stronger? Remember they go into the jungle because of their extreme religion, and also being a sign of beauty in their culture. I found your point intersting however. Wish one of us could find some research revealing that these girls can handle tits that enormous.

    Always Remember Booblover- other girls like them are always there somewhere.

    Good Research!:

  247. Reply To FDD Fans-
    I decided not to go on a Hiatus after all, thanks to the support of my colleagues. Our research is proof that these huge tited girls exist and are for real. We have pointed the locations were these girls were last seen. The only reason we cant locate them is because we dont know their present route in which they traveled. Remember they have been seen by military service men in and around Cambodia. They are seen rarely because these girls are nomadic in nature is it is believed that they never stay in one given place for very long periods of time.

    We are just amazed to some lengths the non-believers will go to try to prove these girls are frauds. Well whats really wrong, they are all scared that these girls are all over the region and somebody might see them. And they might have to admit they are real and do live among us. The only thing I can say to them is- have it their way- After all truth is in the eye of the beholder.

    I and my colleagues have good research in 2 parts that is proof enough these girls live and are genuine contrary to what everybody else says or tells us. So if anyone of you wants my research who hasnt seen it or has any questions or just wants to talk about those huge tited lovelies- then e-mail at once!!

    Many Thanks:

  248. Hey guys i think the girls are real and js is doing a great job on showing there beauty to the world.





    For Responses. Thank You!






  251. You know who is the FDD guy ? Yeah right is he really german ?

  252. Reply To Hanar

    If you dont mind can you send me the info you found about JS at my email










  254. proof? i call a bluffer

  255. t3h Good One-




  256. Well Said Hanar.

  257. Dear Hanar,

    Aren’t you considering another urgent trip to Asia to work on a third part of you research?

    Did your correspondent mail you any photos?


  258. He mailed me bullshit, morphs and junk from silicone chicks

  259. Reply to Andre-
    Yes he did, I have 3 probably 4 girls not related to the FDD Site or its webmaster. And these are the girls I’m talking about. They are just as huge tited similar to the girls on the FDD Site. Only they arent a part of it.

    I’m not quite sure what I will do, I probably will close down my research because, so many of my colleagues have been helping me, and took on the task of reporting all FDD Updates as they come in as well as FFD Girls Breaking News Reports and Updates. I know there is another update on the way, but I dont have enough confirmation to update it here.



    Reply to Ironloverx09-



  260. So its the new year do we get an update??!

  261. Reply to- I dig Huge tits-
    I would lke to comply but the update is in limbo until I can get something more about it from my colleague. I may have to see what his progress is on the upcoming update. Let me see what is happening with him. Can you send me your e-mail about this? My mail is-
    Maybe I can see whats up because I havent heard about the update except I know he is in the process of working on it with other professors on campus.

    Thank You:






  263. Dear Hanar,

    I am very impressed by your continuing research (convincing cleavage), which shows that the knowledge to greatly accelerate breast growth in (young) women has spread beyond its Asian region of origin to other countries. Please mail me all material – old and new – you may have in digital form.


  264. TKQQQ-
    Oh yes! Its highly probable she is a very young FDD girl.
    But she may not be from China- Interesting video, it was a little fuzzy but I could see her. One thing for sure- shes not related to the FDD site or its webmaster.

    Thanks: Hanar.






  266. ok so an update??

  267. To All FDD Fans-



  268. ……come on












    Many Thanks: Hanar.

  271. They still got fake tits

  272. Fakeboobsnotnx-



  273. Hi Joe-
    I have followed Tina Small from 1977-1988 I have a video on her from England and I was a member of TALENT. From 1986-1992. I have read about this girl and researched her and I believe her whole story she had Virginal Breast Hypertrophy since 10 yrs old. I have seen her stories and pictures from 10yrs old to a young adult. I would not say that she would ever fit with the FDD Girls- those girls are completely different from her. And I am completely convinced she is real. Remember in 1977 there we grew up during a big Sexual Revolution. There were no computers and there was no internet and nobody ever heard of morphing. So there is no possible way she is faked because during this time there was no photoshopping or editing. No digital enhancement. This girl is 100% genuine. No way she was faked. But its an interesting subject however.

    I Liked That One!:


  275. Can you explain why all their nipples are the same size and look exactly alike

  276. FlavahFlave-
    I dont know which girls you are referring to, I have no answer for that question because its too general. And no, I do not know why that would be, except that all girls nipples maybe the same and they too maybe different, but I would say that out of 100% There is probably only 5% who maybe different.
    I dont really see why that would matter so much. Like who really cares?


  277. can we get a fuckin update??

  278. To All FDD Fans-
    First there is no need to be mad or angry because of the lack of updates. Unfortunately, I have not been getting any new updates from my colleagues, neither have I come across anything new. I may have to contact a few. Its possible all of us have been busy on other projects.

    But as soon as any new developments comes in or I hear of them, I will certainly give an update on anything new thats developed. As for now there are no new developments.

    Sorrry All:


    I have been able to contact Lek by phone, I have had her call me because I am a little long distance from her. She tells me that the FDD Girls are much scattered about in Cambodia/Thailand border and here in the U.S. I have talked to her for about 5 weeks now. She is coming to see me in April if things go accordingly she tells me her tits are now at 81 inches.
    Me and Lek because our time spent together on the phone have developed feelings for eachother. I just learned that Lek has a romantic/sexual interest in me! I cant believe what I just heard!
    I cant wait to see her in April. There are 3 other FDD girls here in America. I will have to check on how huge Leks tits are.


  280. To Mr.Yesterday-
    So What? I dont care what you or nobody thinks, they can make own decisons about me! She will understand, and what I do with whom I do, I will do as I damn well please! You and nobody else is intimidating me! I dont give a fuck about your research what you found! So what!! I want to be the Gestapo then so be it, I dont need none of your goddamn insults! It is none of your fuckin bussiness what I do on myspace or with whom! None of it concerns you! Because I’m scared of you, them, or nobody else! I’m not scared of nothin!


  281. Yesterday-
    Because I’m not scared of you, them, or nobody else! I’m not scared of nothin! Hanar.

  282. You’d be scared if you weren’t typing, and met me, lol.
    Seems as though I have you flustered. Poor, pathetic, little man, I’ve burned you to the core.
    Get a life, So you’ve got a 28″ penis that’s 13″ wide? That’s not only improbable, it’s IMPOSSIBLE. It’s physicaly impossible to penatrate a woman in any orafice with a penis that large. Plus, you’d be IN porn, instead of typing in a blog ABOUT porn.
    I’ve bebunked you, you’re a liar, and no one here with take anything you say seriously anymore.

  283. so is this some fanasty someone came up with and is tring to pass of as real life… sigh
    well about that 28in cock… I WANT PROOF! i won’t say it impossible BUT i’ve neverheard of one being than big.
    any way
    god bless

  284. Mr.Yesterday-
    Why? Who are you? What could you possibly do to me? You can only kill me once. And thats it. I have dealt with many people like you. It wouldnt be the first. Enough of your insults.
    Who typed anything about porn here, I didnt. I didnt even know about it until youre the one who wrote it. I didnt. I wish could be in porn actually. I dont why I’m here, its just that people need me to help them with the FDD girls. I dont know how this became such an issue. As far as my 28 inches goes, I dont care what nobody thinks- because you just dont like what you cant have! You didnt do crap to me.

    You never debunked me, and I am not a liar, what did I lie about. And I will not even bother to address the issues!


  285. Onee-Chan-
    No its not, its the fact someone has taken great lengths to try to undermine and discredit me. First of all, it was none of this guys business to bring up my personal life of what I do and who I fuck! He is no damn good!

    As far as my 28 inches goes, I dont care what you think or he thinks, and coudnt care less what nobody thinks. Ya know and considering the way I am being treated, I’m not giving anything to anybody here! Because I dont owe none of you anything! I dont have to explain myself to you! As far as being taken seriously– I will have enemies, and also I will have friends and fans. And believe me, I will tell my colleagues what that guy did to me! That was none of his concern.

    Thank You: Hanar.

  286. Hanar- Thank You my sweetie for your introduction to the FDD Community. I will certainly do my best for you here.
    See you back here in May!

    Love Ya!






  288. I don’t believe you have colleagues. It’s just you, under a few different aliases.
    You’ve been proven a liar, and now you run. Leaving a “girl” with a name quite similar to yours in your “abscence”.
    Give it up.
    You have no fans. Maybe you have multiple personalities. If so seek help, you won’t find it in a blog forum.
    P.S. in response to your comment “it was none of this guys business to bring up my personal life of what I do and who I fuck”, you couldn’t fuck anyone if you had a 13″ wide penis. It’s not possible. 13″ is wider than a lok of girls hips you ignorant, egocentric liar.
    Just admit you’ve been lying and I’ll let it go.
    I’m just so sick of people using the internet as a forum for their perverted BS. Lying to others to lead an alternate, fantasy life. All because they’re too lame to hack it in the real world.

  289. ok cool i glad you don’t care but you do relize you are claiming to have the biggest dick… but enough of that

    as for the FDD girls i guess i’m in the grey area when it comes to them so i conduct my own reshearch :D

  290. THe guy that did FDD, he’s admited the girls tits are prostetic, case closed.

  291. Wow! This is really a very mean site! I dont know what Hanar did to you but hes tried to help everybody he could with all his research and his colleagues he’s met here and gave their e-mails to him to send his research. I know Hanar personally and we are very close, he does have colleagues he has saved their mail in his folder he does have friends you know. Hanar has been here alot longer than a couple of you have. I wont even address to what horrible things I have read about hurting Hanar.

    I am here in Hanars place because he chose me his closest friend and more, to help anybody with questions and research and with any new FDD updates for the FDD Community.
    As for my name- I am Persian.

    Thank You:

  292. Dear Tamar,

    What is the size of your bra?


  293. Hi Andre-
    Nice to meet your for the first time, Hanar often speaks of you as one of his good friends. He is on a leave of absence you know. He has located Lek and he is planning to spend some time with her. He’ll be back in early May.

    My tits are a full 60GG.

    Kisses: Tamar.

  294. Hi Tamar,

    Do you have any photos of your breastic assests posted on the internet as evidence that you indeed have such mighty breasts?


  295. Hi Andre-
    No, not on the internet sweetie, because for one I never post any or my pics there, (I only have one.) some girls might steal it and pass theirself of as me. And second, I dont even know how to post pictures. However I do have your e-mail that Hanar kept in his Andries folder when you were researching the FDD Girls. So let me know if you want it and I will send you it. OK? I can get your e-mail address. Its only one picture I did from Hanar. I would rather send it to you personally.


  296. Hi Tamar,

    I already have a girl friend, and you are Hanars slave, remember.
    Does your master Hanar treat you well? The reported size of Hanars male parts seems to be enough to send a girl through a near-death experience. Can you comment on that?…



  297. Hi Andre-
    Sorry, I didnt know you had a girl, I’m just a very nice girl to know thats all! Oh yes, Hanar is very good to me, and always makes me happy with that freakish fleshpole of his!

    Let me send you an e-mail and a couple of pics so you know what I look like.

    Many Thanks:


    I was just able discover the webmaster of the FDD Girls Site, I learned that the guys name is Jonhannes Spitler and is from Frankfurt, Germany and comes often to Thailand.
    He is about 5’11″tall big, slender in body form and has dark hair and eyes, he is 32 yrs. old.
    I have a picture and can get pics of him if any body wants it. But The FDD Webmaster has been discovered and I found him! For pics of the Webmaster. Send me an e-mail.



    • None of these people are real people, he gave you a fake name so you would stop stalking him

      • Reply to lol Tits-
        This is Tamar! Now listen to me asshole! Alot of these people who share things on here are real and do become friends. How the fuck would you know that the guy in question gave everybody a fake name? You dont even fuckin know. Until you can give some proof then shut up!


  299. This is funny as hell. This guy “researches” for a year to find these girls, then says he has found one, now he comes in here, AS A GIRL, typing the same as he did before, thinking everyone’s as stupid as he is.
    Wow, there really are a lot of idiots out there.

  300. Reply To Army Boi-
    I am Tamar, how the fuck would think I’m not a girl?
    You dont even fuckin know! I am a girl asshole!
    FUCK YOU!!!


  301. “I am a girl asshole”. Well, that’s half correct. Hanar, I agree with your detractors…GET HELP! The only way you’ll be spending any time at all with Lek is in a semi-comatose masturbatory fantasy. I have had enough of your bullshit and I feel that you need to be reminded…THIS IS NOT YOUR FORUM! THIS IS NOT IN ANY WAY ABOUT YOU. I can tell by “””Tamar’s””” grammar, typing and vocabulary that it’s you, you fucking fool. Get off this forum and leave it to people who want to exchange intelligent thoughts about the FDD’s. You’re not ready for this stuff. You’re a child, an opportunist, and a LIAR. Go and fuck up some other website and leave this one to other more mature and less insecure persons than yourself. Please, put Tamar in a suitcase and hit the road, JACK!!!

    • Vivi-
      I wont argue with you because everything you said is wrong anyhow- I’m Tamar. I havent been here long but this blog is full of very mean people.
      It doesnt matter what you think. Because like Hanar, I am finished with it. He’s gone already. I’ve been here a short while. Theres too many mean and mouthy people here. I’m leaving. I dont really care about all the mean stuff about Hanar anyhow. I cant figure why you dont like him. But it doesnt matter because you dont know what your talking about in the first place- thats why I’m leaving. Nobody is intimidating us. Me and Hanar dont have to put up with your insults. We dont give a damn what you think or say anyhow. You people are all screwed up anyhow! Do you think me and Hanar really care what you think? You can stay here in your damn misery.
      I Tamar am leaving this for good, not because of you either- because I chose to. Nobody else could stand to listen to you or anyone like you.



    Erm…Ok. Tamar, you too. Fuck off!

  303. Wow… So much drama lol

    Anyway if you wish to trade some FDD CLIPS email me at

  304. “I cant figure out why you dont like him”

    gee, maybe because Hanar is just a fucking liar that doesnt know when to stop spewing stupid shit out of his mouth. honestly, if you believe any of this FDD shit, then your about as stupid as they come. but then you might say, “Oh, but where’s your proof that this isnt real MeanSpirit!?” lol, proof?!!!! i don’t need fucking proof anymore than i need proof when i say that the sky is blue. its fucking plain-sight common sense, use it.

  305. Here’s my take on the whole thing:

    Well, yes…and no.
    Yes, Johannes is obviously good at Photoshopping images. He’s probably done thousands of retouchings and ‘enhancements’. Yes, some of the images on the site are maybe not the real thing but altered. Yes? Me, I say NO. These girls are both real and fake. Real, because I have an unshakeable conviction that the actual, you know, breast tissue is really there…palpable, warm, visible, and bringing forth milk (the primary function of breasts).
    What yous guys can’t get your head around is that these women do have enormous breasts. The breasts of our dreams, the breasts that we want our woman/women to have. The breasts that these plastic surgeons in Thailand/Cambodia/Viet Nam can actually create for us. They are implants called ‘string’ and they are made of polypropylene. They can be inserted virtually imperceptibly through many entry sites in the upper body of the woman (or man, for that matter) in order to produce an irritation that causes lymph to be produced, and hence growth…hence TITS! Glorious, Glorious tits. Honestly, I gotta say, the tits of my dreams. The most beautiful tits I have ever seen. Good job, guys .

    Gosh, but I can get carried away with this. I welcome and look forward to some discourse on this TITilating topic.
    I have ideas about stuff like anorexia nervosa (relevant), bulimia, and other mostly feminine disorders. Let’s face it, we’re looking at what we would call feminine psyche stuff and masculine power issues…no doubt.

    Mark these words: sometime soon some NorthAmerican girl, hopefully some unsophisticated, downhome, maybe pretty girl will be sporting a pair of these ultimate..wait a minute…ULTIMATE!!! tits. The tits of Her dreams and the tits of My dreams. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful breasts. Sagging and Full. Yes, artificial. So friggin what!? If I can touch ’em and feel ’em they’re real to me. Even better, if they are real to her too they’re real.

    In the end…It’s real to me.

  306. Hey vivi, I just saw two rocks that look like boobs outside! Are you in!?

    Aha ha ha ha

    To each his own I guess..

  307. well vivi,

    I think you just want to believe that they are real soooo much, that you make yourself do so. I went though that for a while, It’ll pass.

    Plus, there are tons of women on the internet with insanely humongous breasts (though surgery which looks disgusting) . I’m not astonished. You explain everything to me like I don’t already know about it. There is Chelsea Charms who’s breasts look terrible, btw. What I’m telling you IS that these are not “string” implants, NOT!, Get it?

    They are not made of skin, or breast tissue, or “polypropylene”. They are complete and utter fakes. (props) If that does it for you, then hey, that’s just your thing.

    If my previous comment didn’t help you, then your on your own.

    “and bringing forth milk (the primary function of breasts).”

    Ok, so what your saying is that they were all pregnant. Because that’s the only way a girls breasts can “bring forth milk”. The whole thing is crap and your not willing to admit it.

    “If I can touch ‘em and feel ‘em they\’re real to me. Even better, if they are real to her too they\’re real.”

    Keep dreaming, you can look and see on the internet (not FDD) how they are stiff (and look as though they are hard as rocks), and not soft at all. Take chelsea charms for example. Then again, could just be your thing.

    To sum it all up, They had no surgery, NOTHING!, They wear a pair of prosthetic breasts. FAKES!!!


  308. From what I read of all the attacks on Hanar and Tamar, Every last one of you is totally fucked.
    You all make me sick.

  309. Ok, I see the embedded video didn’t work, so just try the link I posted, thanks! Hope it helps.

  310. Ben;

    It reads to me that you are a real authority on the matter. Have you been doing “two part research” like ‘Hanar’? If so, cite your references and sources; if you can’t, then it’s just speculation no matter how you try to pound it home and make it sound official. I am only offering my opinion on the ‘real or fake’ argument that dominates this blog.
    My opinion is still that the girls have surgery (the kind that North American doctors won’t do any more, I might add), that they go through multiple operations to constantly increase their size, and that what I see on screen is actual breast tissue.
    Take a look at a site like Mastasia. Those are prosthetics. The DingDong Girls’ tits don’t act at all like those ones.

    Oh, and “HANAR=DUMB”, Go Fuck Yourself!

  311. “From what I read of all the attacks on Hanar and Tamar, Every last one of you is totally fucked.”

    From what I’m reading, you actually haven’t fucked have you? Don’t worry, those rocks are still out there for you FDD guys!


  312. You know what, guys and gals, I’ve been looking over my pretty extensive collection of FDD clips that are posted every week (and that I collect religiously and look forward to every weekend) for a possible clue to the authenticity of the images.
    I cannot find one.
    I think it’s quite possible (and it gives me great pain to say it) that they are possibly wearing prosthetics. I have even reviewed one, maybe two, that show slight evidence of fakery by way of a harness around the neck, shoulders or chest.
    Nee11 shows a little cleavage, but not enough to prove anything.
    Pla10 shows a harness of some kind, but it could be a bra, I don’t know. When they have a bra on it’s easier to fake it because they could be gluing stuff to their chest and don’t really need a harness because the bra does the trick…and well, too.

    Another thing comes to mind now; it concerns ‘Sightings, Whereabouts, and dearth of “”CONCRETE EVIDENCE” ‘.

    Why don’t these girls appeare elsewhere? This is a topic covered before in this blog.

    They do! Only it’s their real, little selves that appear. the little girl in the background with very very very small titties who wears a mask once in a while. A suit A disguise

    The reason that these girls are not as ubiquitous as some like me would like them to be is that they are only acting. They are putting on an act once in a while and then returning to who they really are…someone unnoticed.

    When You are walking around in Pattaya looking at breasts and looking for breasts, you won’t see the face of the little lady in front of you with nothing on her chest
    the one who wears the suit of the heavily laden mother with cartoon tits hanging to the ground and beyond…the mutant Hentai lady.

    If I wanted to make that look real I would choose a lady with the flattest chest imaginable because I would want it to look like she only has two tits…not four. Two Big’Uns and nothing on her chest but really really stretched skin to support ’em ’cause junk like that needs lots of supportive tissue.

    Well, I am heartbroken … a little bit.

    I am looking at this stuff in the Cold Light of Day. I don’t like it one bit and I’ll continue to oggle those dingdongs and wish that all women could look like this in my little Utopia. Not all Women. Just some. And maybe me some Hallowe’en.

    Dream on, vivi…dream on.

  313. Gee, thanks, Ben.

  314. No prob, vivi.

  315. I have just read through all theese posts, man what a job… My conclusion is that the ding dong girls breasts are as beliavable as a guy with a 30″ cock…

    That being said, prosthetics is the most probable conclution. However you gotta hand it to the FDD webmaster, he’s got a hell of an imagination, when you can read about all the girls, their history and how he met them, how their boobs are growing and so on. Just exaggariting the way he did with nee and teek…

    But he is no good webmaster, his site has more commonalities with someones private website than a porn site.

    On the tribe-boob-plant-theory.. It would be a fair assumption that using this plant continuosly from early puberty, when the breasts are designed to grow to begin with, probably will yield a better result as the breasts are already in a developing state and this plant hinders the stopping of growth by adding more hormones.

    It could be there are such a tribe that sees bigger breasts as more beautiful, after all I have heard of stranger forms of beauty. In the pacific there is a tribe that see fat women as beautiful, the fatter the girls the more beautiful. And bushpeople from the inner africa also has some -TO US strange views of beauty.

    However I don’t beleave theese big breasted women to become bigger than DD cupsize. Which is huge in thailand…

    He probably stumbled over this tribes history much like he’s writing himself and thought AHA!!! that gives me an idea!!!

    Too bad people on this blog cannot keep a nice tone. There is one truth though, and it’s a big one. TRUTH IS ON THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER! If you want to believe it’s true, then it’s true.

    Personal thought: It’s a good story coupled with some nicely done prosthetics.

  316. check out ying2. you can catch a little bit of what appears to be a harness around the waist. you get the sense that the photographer is saying ‘don’t show yer back’ so she shows side only. also from the front you can just barely see what looks like a tank top but is probably a harness for those humungous hootin’ hallelujah hollerin’ hangers that look real except that, like all the other gals on the site, they are just too goddam good to be true. WAAAAHHHH!!

  317. Hi- Since I’m new here, I want to ask someone who is Hanar and Tamar? Sounds like they have a relationship.
    What have they done? Can somebody fill me in?

  318. Have any of you guys seen the clip of Sinee??? Please tell me what you guys think!!!!

  319. They’re fake, dear friends. If you look at some of the closeups of see-through clothes, some of them have pink nipples. As far as I know, all Asian women have brown nipples.

    Check on the guy with the Yahoo Group “Farangdingdong3” I think it is. In his gallery you can see this. Check out the pics named Pay12, Ao18, Pim03, Pim05, and Tik08.

    This is nothing to lose friendships over.

  320. Farangdingdong is a wild fantasy they are not real!!! Just a German guy running around taking wild pics and getting blowjobs nothing more…

  321. Asking the question “whether the boobs of FDD girls are real?” maybe is too simple. Having viewed a lot of FDD video clips on YouTube it appears maybe not all FDD girls are equal. For some the breasts appear to be very heavy and the breasts appear very sagged. For other girls, their boobs wobble like balloons not unlike the clips shown on mastasia.

    W.r.t. breast enlargement, does anybody have any experience with an increase in cup size due to the use of nipple clamps? I am suspecting such an effect. Not to the extend of the FDD boobs, but to increase the cup size of a women by one or two sizes.

  322. PS The enlarging effect of clamping an hour or so for a few days starts to wane somewhat after more than a week, so the effect can be significant but continual “treatment” is necessary to maintain the larger cup size

  323. A good thing about research is that you can always find holes in the research, and your research was full of holes. I just pointed out what you got tplay theodoros plakadopoulos wrong in your research. I cited from scholarly credible and reputable online sources, nothing I wrote in my critique was Bullshit, they were all nikos basketball hardcore facts. I challenge you to find anything in my critique that was made-up.
    Let me be clear, i like big breasts, real or fake, but i hate made up stories.

  324. Hi HANAR,

    How are you doing. Did not hear from you anything lately. How about your “new experiences”?



    • J00 g0t r0ck3d Han4r

      Andre what is this nipple clamp enlargement process you are speaking of? How does it work, and well….does it work?

  325. Hi JOO,

    My girl friend used nipple clamps for a while, quite regularly (apparently it is one of the post popular items sold in sex shops in the Netherlands, these days) and we did notice her breasts felt a lot firmer after that. In her case, the effects lasts a couple of months. I wouldn’t say you can see the results, but one can definitely feel it.

    I did buy Greenbush breast enlargement pills for her, but she hasn’t started using them.


  326. on her old site, minka said [many times] that anyone who believes that fdd is real is a retarded lunatic from mars.

  327. Hey, is so my blood swelling in your pant that you can’t do the simplest amount of research about these girls?

    These are special effects appliances. Just like there are no such things as zombies and aliens in movies, they make a fake body part and apply it. It gives the appearance of reality on a low quality web video. They are not implants, not real, they are fake foam rubber appliances. They are made by a group of guys in GERMANY. If you search, you’ll find the SAME fake breasts on WHITE women where they first started. Since so many white guys are into asians, and since asia is “mysterious” to westerners, they made up a story about “oooh a secret island in ching chong land” and you dumbass horny guys actually believe it. They are some asian girls with NATURALLY large breasts, but no more than E if they are real. The japanese system has many more divisions because their breasts are usually so small they need to be more specific. Like A, B, C are all western A cup. Those H, I, J, K cups really amount to western D cups. None are like the fake Farangdingdong or Mastasia. Those were made up to make money off guys who do nothing but work and masturbate. THey are pretty fun and enjoyable, but jeese stop this sorry begging, “please tell me the location of these magical girls who could actually not even stand up if those werent fake, you realize each breast would weight the same amount as the rest of their bodies? they would tear away from the chest if they ever tried to stand up. You are Stupid, Stupid people.

  328. Wow…I can’t believe you guys are still debating if thoses girls are real or not.

    I said in my 2005 post that they were fake. It’s all for adult entertainment ya know.

    I recommend going to the Mastasia site. The women there are clearly fake, and they have some milky skills…LOL!!

    Well, type ya later…^_^

  329. It really doesn’t surprise me how stupid the guys are that watch porn all day… and how hopeful they are that this magic island exists. Watch any movie with special effects!! IT’s FAKE. FAKE. dont you get it yet? Common sense suggests it’s fake, Physics proves it’s fake. Maybe you should masturbate to clear your head, then think about it. Also, in VIDEO you never see them without a piece of clothing to cover up the seams where the FAKE breasts attach to the girl’s body. and for girls with REAL large breasts in videos, you use a WIDE ANGLE LENS, which makes things closest to the lens look extra large as opposed to the things behind.

  330. They could just very tiny women,with Chelsea Charms sized hooter

  331. If you are still looking for the fdd girls you should go and look around the thai cambodian border. I live in cambodia and i have heard of the girls living near thailand but no one knows exactly where.

  332. Dear All,

    The balloon like boobs are what is called “string implants”. They are made from a plastic called PPP that continues to soak up water from the human body and thus increase in size.

    The bossoms of women that really sag might be real.

    Regards, An

  333. These girls are for real. I know because my mother is from one of those villages. Her breasts are gigantic, and even at age 40, she still needs to be milked constantly.

  334. Hi ABC,

    Okay. Can you tell a little bit more about the story of these women? Why do they do these kinds of things to themselves? How can they live with 20+ kg loads on their necks, etc.

  335. PS What happens with all the milk …

  336. Andre,
    The story is pretty much the same as on the FDD site. The girls have this done to themselves as part of their rites of passage into womanhood. In their culture, breasts are revered as symbols of femininity and the nurturing spirit of women. It goes beyond the simple sexual attraction of big breasts, although that aspect is also present. Girls want to grow their breasts as huge as possible to express their desire to raise and care for a large family, and it also helps in attracting a husband, killing two birds with one stone!

    Over time, the women simply become accustomed to the heavy weight of their breasts. Their society doesn’t have all the modern conveniences we take for granted in America, which means that their people are much more active throughout in their daily lives. This tends to make them more physically fit overall.

    The women’s breastmilk is used to feed their families, but in homes with several women, there is often a surplus. Any excess milk is given to those who need it, which is usually very large families with only one woman in the household. Aside from that use, the women of a village begin festivals with a public competition to see who can lactate the most in an hour. The woman who wins is crowned the “Cow Queen” and receives special treatment for the rest of the festival.

    Feel free to ask any more questions you may have!

  337. Hi ABC,

    Hmmm, very interesting. Well, here in W. Europe, it is customary for women with breasts “1.5x larger than the average of their girl friends” to complain about backaches and neck pain and have the breasts reduced. Is it comparable to African women wearing large weights on the top of their had, to carry water etc., that some Asian women get used to the weights of their breasts. I guess the two breasts got be like 1/3rd the weight of the entire women? Don’t the women who lactate that much have to have high value nutrition to prevent their breasts from drawing all the “good vitamins, proteins” from their bodies? I am puzzled why the FDD website only shows pictures of rather women, so some extend distasteful, that young. Do you know why we don’t see any pictures of older women? Or would these women be older than they seem? Don’t you know of any local websites of local communities, giving more of a normal day to day life pictures of such “Cow Queen” festivals etc.? Can you also more precisely name the region in which these women live? Is it just in Cambodia? Or also elsewhere? On another website the girl friend of Hanar comments on having seen 40 yr or so old women with breasts way larger than shown on the FDD site. Can you comment on the reality of such even more endowed women? If you could post any pictures of these local neighborhoods on a photo website, I would be interested to get a link.

    High regards, Andre

  338. Sorry, a few typos slipped through the small text box.

  339. Andre,
    You can be certain that these women will never have breast reductions. They love their big breasts, and the very idea of making them smaller would horrify them. My mother says some of her worst nightmares ever were ones in which she was flat-chested.

    You’re correct, the women’s breasts often make up about 1/3 of their body weight. In some cases they can be 1/2 of her weight. (Even larger sizes are possible, but are very rare.) The larger women have a harder time adjusting and have to rest more often, but they are still happy to bear this burden.

    The women do require a high level of nutrition to protect their health. Luckily the tribes cultivate a variety of crops, and raise chickens and pigs as well as hunting and fishing for meat. The bones of these animals are ground up into a powder that the women mix with their food, providing them with calcium.

    I think we don’t see any of the older women because they are more traditional in their beliefs that they should be at home caring for their families. The girls that we see on the FDD website are of the younger generation, some of whom are drawn to the more comfortable lifestyle in the cities. I suspect that many of them are actually prostitutes who know that their huge breasts will guarantee them an easy living.

    The villages where these women live are very remote and don’t even have electricity, let alone anything as advanced as a computer. So I doubt there are any websites showing the day-to-day lives of these women, unless they are owned by outsiders who have visited the villages. And for the most part I think the tribes want to maintain their simple lifestyle without outside interference, so they probably don’t let visitors take many pictures.

    I guess I didn’t explain the festivals very well. They are usually held to celebrate harvests, and the Cow Queen competition is just the first event, not the whole festival.

    There are numerous tribes living in the jungles of Cambodia and Thailand, but I don’t know any specific locations. Their villages are very small and some tribes are nomadic, only living in one place for a few years before moving on.

    Some women are indeed even bigger than the ones I mentioned above whose breasts make up 1/2 their body weight. They are extremely rare, however, and count themselves very lucky to be so blessed, even though they are often immobilized by their own breasts. My mother is one such case. Her breasts make up 3/4 of her body weight.

  340. Hi ABC,

    Wowwww, 3/4rd’s of her body weight. Myself I imagine it will be hard for your mother and other women to stand upright? Actually wouldn’t their breasts then rest on the floor? Also about the Cow competition : isn’t it easier to win the competition for women that use a heavier pump? Do they use handpumps? Pumping by hand for an hour seems hard. Or do they power the pumps themselves? At those (or other) occasions do these endowed women also show their breasts in public? How do they appreciate nudity of their breasts? Is that a taboo or the contrary? On the FDD website, it strikes me as if there are two types of women. Those with visually heavy breasts that sag, and those with balloon like breasts that wobble, and seem more balloon-like. The latter also stand more out horizontally right to the front. How could such a peeking out position of the breasts occur naturally without having plastic below the skin? Can you generally describe the region (North, East, …) of Cambodia/Thailand were this tribes habitate? Your own command of Englisch is superb. Did you move out of one of those tribes to a big city and study there? // Male body builders who take hormones to enlarge their muscles actually can have severe side effects such as loss of fertility. I guess that interfering with their hormones so profoundly (I guess using the puerifica … herb?) for these women can also have serious negative consequences for their health? Over which period of time to their breasts grow? Is it just during puberty, or they continue to grow afterwards? Do they only grow that fast when herbal hormones are applied? Or do they continue to grow afterwards? Do take rub the hormone carrying substances on their skin, or do they take them in orally? Coming back to your mother : The minimial weight of a slim Asian woman with normal breasts could be like 50-60 kg, I guess. So when that 50-60 kg would only be 1/4 of her total weight, would her total weight including her breasts be say 200 kg ? Can you describe with some accuracy what treatment these women follow to get such huge endowments? High regards, Andre

  341. Hi ABC, An earlier post of mine did not show up, so here is a repost. If the weight of an average Asian woman would be like 50 kg at the minimum (I live in Holland, there we use kilograms), if her body weight excluding her breasts would be only 1/4 of her total weight, your mother should have breasts of 150 kg!! If I imagine myself a women like that, I cannot see her walking, imagine the breasts actually reach the floor, and the skin of the breast will be stretched severely by the weight. Also during the Cow Festivals, pumping the milk out of two breasts like that, I imagine would needs quite a heavy pump. Would that be an electric pump. How many litres of milk would a woman like that give in an hour? How many litres would she usually give in a day? That must be a lot! Could actually be more than a Cow, when speaking of the Cow word. Myself I imagine a woman like spending most of her time lying down, maybe doing some simple household tasks that lend themselves to being done in that position? I cannot think of bras that big. So would breasts this size go unsupported throughout life? The young women on the FDD site show breasts that often are very perky and point perpendicular to their bodies. Also the movie clips one finds on YouTube for say half of the women move in a very wobbly way. How can that be that given their huge size, they stick out that much perpendicular to the front. My feeling is that should sag a lot more. There also are those women, with the ultra heavy breasts, who sag severely. I have never doubted much those being real. But how about the other ones? Would the all be real? Gr, Andre

  342. PS ABC,

    Continuing, this curious tribe of goddess women, how is nudity of breasts viewed at in these communities? Covering that much breast flesh with clothes in a way that does not look like a blanket seems difficult, so giving some exposure might give these women a more female look. If one considers to what length some western women go to attract attention of male audience by putting a lot of plastic under their skin, why has non of these Cow champions found their way into media heaven on western television? Also Japanese men are keen on big breasts, so curious viewers would not be too far away from their home countries. Actually, is the North of Cambodia/Thailand where these tribes live? Do these women apply herbal hormone treatment to their bodies throughout their lives? Is that continual treatment the reason the flow of milk does not stop? Normal women don’t lactate continuously. How would hormone treatment e.g. only during puberty change that then? Aren’t there any severe side effects to this treatment? E.g. male body builders that use male hormones to enlarge their muscles often go infertile. Is the existence of these kind of tribes with these kind of special women known throughout their home countries Combodia/Thailand? Please forgive me ABC, for asking all this questions. But I find it a great pleasure to ask these questions who has all this information first hand. Actually is the magic treatment indeed application of puerifica mir… as listed at the top of this blog? Or does it also involve other substances? Are they rubbed onto the breasts or used orally? I am very interested in your story of you and your special tribe. High regards, Andre

  343. Andre,
    I’m happy to answer your questions, but I’d rather correspond through e-mail if possible. What is your address? You might want to make an alternate e-mail so that spammers don’t get your real one.

  344. Hi ABC, Maybe you can answer the most superficial and recurring questions from my post. Openness on the theme of this natural breast enhancement is mostly what I am after. I do understand you reply. Gr, Andre

  345. imagine if a woman who had a hormone condition like the one in those pictures, also had the fdd herbal treatment!

  346. Hi I am very interested in these girls so if anyone can send me info on them I would appciate it

    my e-mail is-

  347. Hi all there,
    my mother liked to tell me *anything is possible, you just have to have iron will*. But I suppose she told me so for I was sometime lazy and she wanted to convice me to do the things.

    I must radically say that anything is just not possible.

    We have no proof, so why we should believe? Perhaps its just good business there about. And sure it rounds a lot of money. The one thing I cannot withstand is that Tamar dont want to go to public. I ask myself, why?

    I read about some guy a long time before, that was publiced with he’s photo in one magazine. They mentored something about his 23 cm penis and that on pic he really had a “long hose” on one of his thigh (he wore pink pants). And they said that he had sex with about 2000 mates. Wow, I told to myself.

    But now, what is mentored here on this site, and what is on farangdingdong can be disclosured very easily.

    On farang > they wear water filled balloons with some augmentations/modifications, plus they never show their breasts in full view. They just discovered very clever and original method how to create optical and sex illusions. Have you seen the film green mile with Hanks? I suppose that you know that Coffey (Duncan) is not taller than Brutus ( you can read about their real height on net ). For the film cameramans and guys from the stuff have to used creative camera angels to create illusion that Coffey is taller than anyone in the film and that he is jus a few cm below the ceiling.

    So perhaps they are not photoshopped. And they can made a tons of videos without worry about FX and CGI modifications. Just using water-filled balloons. And the water-filled ballon is good to simulate boob and especially looks good in motion. (I hope nobody believes that lactation on is real)

    So its definitely fake. It is not possible (phisically) to have so saggy breasts flat downto waist and filled (bulged) on knees or below waist. Just impossible.

  348. Ever since I first saw these FDD girls of JS, I wondered how they worked the prosthetics…

    Now, I had known of the “Balloon Girls” popular in Japan among some of the early “Cosplay” types…

    But, they often looked like they had ballons under their shirts and, if you saw them moving, it became quickly obvious…

    So… how did JS or his agents get the FDD girls to look and move so realistically?

    Well, recalling back to the very beginning of FDD, the first clips DID look like balloons in shirts… so did most of the pics…

    However, later on they got much more realistic…

    I thought that maybe they had filled the balloons with water, but that would have weighed far too much and the larger balloons would have sagged to the floor…

    But now… I think I have it figured out…

    If you fill a balloon with an “air-gel,” the most familiar one being shaving cream… it would have just the right characteristics…

    Also, if you go to that web site where they manufacture large breast prosthetics, you’ll see that the fake boobs are filled with a silicone foam… just the right density and flexibilty to look real…

    Many of the fake boobs in movies are done that very same way… a large, breast-shaped prosthetic with a realistic filling…

    This would explain the realistic bouncing and swaying that we see…

    We know, of course, that this is the way that the Mastasia site does it…


  349. It might be hard to believe that such incredibly busty women really exist, but I assure you that they are very real and the story on FDD is true. I wish I could provide irrefutable proof, but if you could only see my mother’s gigantic bosom you would instantly become a believer.

  350. The Tina Small Appreciation Society

    The Tina Small Appreciation Society fans of the Legendary Epic busted Tina Small,who measured 84-22-34

  351. so … i am still waiting to find out if FDD girls are fake or not :) isn’t there any answer after years of investigation and discussion? :) heeh …

  352. I find it kinda sad and kinda funny that people are spending so energy debaiting who gigantic tits are fake and those aren’t when many of could get a normal sized gal,let along anything as fantasically built as Tina Small

  353. gigantic bust are fake and those aren\’t when many of could get a normal sized gal,let along anything as fantasically built as Tina Small-not that she’d want most of these guys,because some blokes act like wankers.

  354. Those are prosthetics.I can’t speak those other women mentioned here.I don’t if they all fakes or tiny women with very big implants,but I’m real.Just because I haven’t knocked on every fans door or at a convention,featuring me as a guest as thought way in the 1980’s and showed my top,don’t make fake.And to those refuse to believe me,well shame on you.I wouldn’t want as a freind-let alone a boyfreind any day of the year or decade.

  355. Greenbush breast enlargement pills?
    Those are the same ones my mum put in my tea around age ten or eleven ?
    That explains everything.

  356. FDD girls homepage? Teeks 96 inch tits. There are 2 girls featured one named Kup with 100 inch tits and another named Nee with 120 inch tits!!

    Huge Thai boobs: It\’s the farang ding dong girls September 20, 2006 10:37 122 Comments » hide Google Search Results You arrived here after searching for the following phrases: farangdingdongtopless Click a phrase to jump to the first occurrence, or return to the search results. The farang ding dong girls are a mysterious group of Thai women who have had their breasts enlarged to enormous proportions to satisfy the needs of their boob-loving farang boyfriends. A single boob job won\’t turn your Thai sweetheart into a farang ding dong girl. It takes up to six operations to turn her cute handfuls into massive comedy breasts and she has to endure considerable discomfort in the process. Western surgeons would hesitate before performing such aggressive multiple breast augmentation procedures. However, their Thai colleagues don\’t have any ethical dilemmas. If a woman wants unfeasibly big tits, she can have them – so long as her boyfriend has the cash. The farang ding dong girls are proud of their huge knockers and they enjoy the public attention. Ask one what her major goal is in life and she will invariably say “To have bigger tits!” Going large is highly addictive. Update: Watch “spicy videos” from the girls via: Mango Sauce

  357. Im writing to tell you all thanks for the opportunity to read this. It was fucking hilarious! LMAO! HANAR is the fucking best! OMG, how can you not laugh at his lashing out?! Please dont take HANAR’s dreams of stupidly big tits. WOW! This was the funniest/pathetic shit ever! BWA-HAHAHA!

  358. Wow, stopped by to check out the site and it has visually changed. I see that some people are getting laughs out of these fantasy based women. Most all women who actually have the gigantomastia problem don’t look like these women. These women are all created for fantasy purposes only. Whether it be Mastasia or Farang they are all fakes. Yes, the women are real, but that’s all.

    Well, see ya guys and girls (if there’s anyone here…-_-).

  359. I have over 700 candiddingdong clips that I have collected over the years. The guys who run Farang/Candid will list additional clips if you request them!!!