Blimey. I just realised that blogjam’s second anniversary came and went nearly a week ago without notice or fanfare. Two years of complete and utter crap, and still growing steadily. Hooray for me!


  1. Yay! Happy second birthday. Not quite a fanfare but I’ll get me clarinet out and play you a shortish concerto. Well done you.

  2. The Real Penguin Army sends its belated congratulations, Fraser.

  3. hurray indeed! and like last year, i forgot – sorry.
    woos for you!

  4. Moderately Evil Penguin

    The genuine Penguin Army of the Penguin Liberation Front (Officials) sends their heartiest greetings.

    Penguinista — Splitter!

  5. Happy xmas to you Fraser and a good new year.


  6. Oh dear, it looks like Moderately Evil Penguin has gone and spent his giro on Buckfast again. Sad.

  7. Welcome in the two year olds club :)

  8. congratulations to this anniversary.
    blogjam was the first blog I ever read, so special thanks to you.

    merry x-mas and a happy new year!

  9. Yay, Fraser – happy belated blog to you, my fine wandering friend! Thanks for your fine blog & have a great trip! mjjj