back to santiago

Hello again. Anyone worried about my absence these last few days need fear no more. I have returned from the sun-bleached North, and have great tales to tell of otters, sea-lions, dolphins, and yes… penguins. Penguins that like hot weather, penguins I now consider to be amongst my personal friends. Sadly I don?t have time to tell you about it all just now, but watch this space as all will be revealed quite shortly.


  1. Great to hear from you again, Fraser!

    Sounds like you’ve been having
    memorable time.

    Poor Charlotte has been getting very
    confused by the peguins here.

    It is all Moderately Evil Penguin’s fault.

  2. Darryn.R over at b3ta knows why you
    missed your AA meeting last night, MEP!

  3. Salvation can only be found through me.

    Lager and alcopops are not the answer.

  4. I think Moderately Evil Penguin is beyond redemption, Jesus Penguin.

  5. No penguin is beyond Redemption my little egg.
    Did not the big bird himself say “Fwarp!”

  6. good to hear from you, fraser. hope you had a great time. no, i’m not jealous. not at all…

    penguins are really cute. well, most of them.

    can’t wait to hear your stories.

    weather in germany: freezing cold

  7. Oh dear, looks like me and MEP are in Charlotte’s bad books. :(

  8. As you should be sinner splitters.

  9. Yay – you’re back! Get some sleep and start blogging again on b3ta for GOD’s sake.

  10. If only I wasn’t a fundamentalist athiest,
    you could absolve me of my sins, JP.

    I don’t think MEP is a believer either, so
    it looks like work may be thin on the
    ground for you ’round here.

  11. Yeah. B3ta’s blog is really poor without you ;-p

  12. Pep & Wifey, you?re both far too kind – b3ta can survive without me for another week or so – I?m far too busy climbing glaciars and the like to go surfing the Internet.

  13. Penguins? Cool! Neuza and I are coming to Chile next month from S?o Paulo, and penguins would be a real triumph after the monkeys and sloths we saw in Bahia. Here’s to the great North American exotic animal blogger.

  14. Penguinista and MEP…. atheism is not the answer.

    Come with me and I shall make you a fisher of fish!

  15. Hmmm, flirty fishing with The Family, eh ?

    Krill is brill’!

  16. Count me in. I’ll bring the nails.

  17. Hehehe.