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Now that is a very nice picture indeed. Quite spectacular, you might say. It shows the central feature of the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia, a group of three volcanic plugs, towers whose walls climb thousands of metres into the air. The reason I posted this was because I’ve at last got round to uploading some more pictures of my recent trip, and this particular one is my favourite. The first time you catch site of these mountains you feel like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters as he reaches the brow of a hill and is finally faced with Devil’s Tower for the first time. It’s truly breathtaking. I’ve been to The Grand Canyon, and this place is better.


  1. Incredible photograph! I’ve seen several of your photo shoots and I must say you have an exquite eye. Thank you for sharing! Today I needed and escape and found a lovely one. I can almost smell the air.

  2. Thanks Anjanette – all I do is point and click…

  3. That’s a very lovely picture. I like the one of the building on the steep hill too, made my eyes go funny. You know what tho? I think you should start a food blog – I’ve never known anyone take so many pictures of food! Looks like you had a great holiday tho :)

  4. Dealey Plaza; Looking at you stood there,
    instantly evokes images of Kennedy’s
    motorcade and, his assassination. Eerie.

    I think you intended to type funicular
    railway, Fraser. My keyboard does that
    sometimes, too. ;)

  5. I’m with Pep on this one. New food is easily one of the first things I look for in a prospective desination. What a glorious belly you must have now :) I’m sure it’s hidden well by the tan.
    That picture is a stunner. Having said that, Old London looks far from shabby down below either. You may point and click, but you point and click at wonderful stuff.

  6. Penguinista: Yes, I did mean funicular. This time is wasn’t a typo, just stupidity. You’re right about Dealy Plaza, though – it’s really eerie. You feel like you’re in the Zapruder Film, it’s quite odd. I went to Ground Zero shortly after they opened it up to the public, but Dealey Plaza had much more of an impact. It’s a spooky place.

  7. Off Topic:
    Have FunTonight – Fraser! :)