mission over

Ouch. If only they’d waited another twenty minutes before publishing. Or maybe been astute enough to remove the page afterwards. More great editorial here.

Update: they finally removed the offending article five days after the event. If you’re interested, I’ve hidden a copy here.


  1. Ahhhh modern journalism!
    Makes you wonder just how much better off we’d all be if they could just hire people to actually DO thier job.?

  2. That is kind of sad though…and how can the be so stupid to not even remove it… Aghh stupid poeple… Poeple more stupid than me…. That is truly sad.

    haha that Jesus thing is funny. I hit him so many times though…will the damn nail EVER go all the way through?

  3. Fact: Journalists are irredeemably stupid. I should know.