1. They never asked me. *sulk*

    My guidleines on the use of penguins and the word “twunt” would have been invaluable.

  2. ‘the worlds best bloggers’ … hmm. So how do you measure bestness?

    And 47 tips? That’s a bit lame, innit. They could of least made it a nice round 50. Then Scary could’ve had a go too.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, pinky. When people do a list of ‘best’ weblogs they usually mean ‘most famous,’ which is the case with some of those mentioned, but certainly not in mine. Either way, Scary’s exclusion is a travesty, and I demand a recount.

  4. Ta. The cheque’s in the post.

  5. No swearing ?! That’s my blog fkcud then, not to mention the grammatical errors.

  6. What do you grandparents think of the recurring use of “Bollocks to this, I’m off to…”?

  7. It’s at this point where I tactfully try and point out that in reality my Grandparents are all dead. I’m sure they’d have issues with my colourful use of the English language, as would my Dad. But he’s dead too… so bollocks to this, I’m off to buy life insurance.

  8. tip #51: If the inspirational muse has left you and you can’t think of anything to blog about. Write about Google referrals.

    tip #52: When blogging, always picture Gina Lollobrigida in your mind. Works wonders and cures all sorts of internal angst.

    tip #53: Don’t underestimate the importance of talking down to your readers. They love it, the dirty bitches.

    tip #54: Forget writing earnest intelligent and well thought out blogs. You’re not fooling anyone. Instead, write a big pile of shit. Its much more entertaining and is a good excuse to drink a lot.

    tip #55: Most importantly, enjoy your blogging. Readers can tell when your hearts not in that post about the joy of kittens you just blogged. And if you’ve tired of posts about kittens or rabbits with pancakes on their heads, then its time to stop blogging altogether.

  9. I heartily concur, especially with the part about talking bollocks. I’ll admit I’m unfamiliar with the joys of Gina Lollobrigida, however. I generally think of Zora Suleman.

  10. Too fuckin funny!!!

  11. see if you had said zora a week ago, i wouldnt have had a clue what you meant.
    i had the misfortune of seeing rise the other morning.
    now i think of her too.

  12. Generally????

    As in *general* large breasted sex goddesses?

    I agree – there are too many of them around.

    No more large breasted sex goddesses – that’s always been my mantra.


  13. Please hurry over to Scaryducks’s and see today’s post.
    Tried to vote more than once but it won’t let me.
    Green Fairy has a load of mates.
    Scaryduck needs us.
    We love Scaryduck.