back to school

This evening I started an evening course in Flash animation – I don’t have the patience to teach myself, so I’ve forked over a couple of hundred quid for 14 weeks training. The class is taken by a nice Colombian gentleman with a very high-pitched voice, and is aimed at students with little or no experience of the software – in fact, it seems to be targeted at people with little or no experience of anything to do with the Internet – at one point we were instructed in the dark art of search engine technology (“This is Google, yes? As you can see, I am now searching for a picture of a cow”).

Anyway, I shouldn’t complain. I learnt how to use the most basic drawing tool, how to import external files into the ‘library’, and by the end of the lesson I’d completed my very first target – a flash button that reacts to mouseover and click. Here it is.

More as the course progresses…


  1. I trust you learn to draw penguins in the next lesson, then?

  2. can you please learn to draw things that look a bit less, well you know, less…evil.
    the way the ears go pointy made me shiver.
    and those eyes are burned into my subconscious.
    i wont sleep well tonight.

    i am quite weak.

  3. Weebl and the guys at 2channel better watch out.

  4. Oh! and I thought I was bad at drawing!!
    hehe! it’s a bit evil indeed. Anyway, I wish I could do that!

  5. awww shit thats cute…. and frightenin.. all at once. reminds me of my farty cat… wonder if whiskas will like the product placement. :)

  6. Best flash thing ever!

  7. That’s brill. Wooooo.

  8. nice scary cat action