i am triumphant

Regular readers will recall my one man campaign against sandwich chain Pret a Manger, a crusade made necessary by the company’s move from a superior – some might say Godlike – recipe for banana cake to a markedly mediocre monstrosity containing nuts. It’s been a bit quiet on the campaign trail of late, but I’m very pleased today to be able to report a major development. I’ve received an e-mail from Pret’s Head of Customer Services, Janet Prescott. She writes:

We’ve taken on board what you’ve said and changed the recipe. As a thank you for taking the time to contact us I’d love for you to have a cake and hot drink on us.

Please could you send me an address and I will pop a voucher in the post to you so you can enjoy this by the end of February!

Well, this is terriffic news indeed! I can return from the front, victorious in battle, triumphant, objective achieved. I feel like Michael Moore after he stopped Walmart from selling handgun ammunition. But without the weird American kids in tow. Or the subsequent Oscar.


  1. Well done mate, although my own attempts to prevent Tesco from selling Easter Eggs on Jan 1st have fallen on stony ground (and greedy pockets).

  2. Guess that proves the squeaky wheel really does get the grease. I’m going to have to start complaining more.

  3. You Go, Frasier!!!!
    Protest Your Own Way!!!
    I am a huge fan of EFFECTIVE Complaining!!!!
    Enjoy your hot drink!

  4. Slow down on the crack will you, sunshine, that stuff can be addictive.

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