annual valentines day misery


Another Valentine’s Day passes, and once more the postman has nothing for me. It’s turning into an annual non-event. Even Google are mocking me, with their ‘romantic’ toolbar skin. Bastards.


Valentine’s Day factoid: Glaciers are formed from the tears of lonely penguins.


  1. Happy smellintines day Fraser :D
    Really it’s just another corporate gimmick to suck you into spending more money. but still, its nice to be luved. :)

  2. I couldn’t work out where the f***ing hearts came from. You know everything, Fraser.

  3. I sent you a card. I heard they lost your post that day.

  4. valentines day is mint- its a day for smirnoff red and laughing at your sucker of a flat mate whos old woman boyfriend is cooking her a meal in the kitchen next to lounge in which you are happily pouring vodka down your neck with your mates and laughing at how much money they’ve had to spend on someone else, how they are trapped in a dull boring life, how they are sapped of independence, and how their ‘special treat’ for valentines day is camping in the garden, cos said boyfriend didnt think that just maybe prices go up and rooms and tables get booked up quickly. just maybe valentines day is day for laughing back in the face of smug relationshipped friends!

  5. Bloody royal mail they lost and or stole 14.6million of my valenties so i had them fined.

    Fraser, what happened to that porn star who liked your little kittens? I thought that was a go-er.

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