week four flash

Episode four of the Flash animation course has passed in the usual blur. This evening I learned how to use animated gifs in flash, how to use different scenes, and some very basic action scripting. This can be seen in my latest extravaganza, which I’ve entitled “Life: from the Sea to the Serengeti (with added geese).” It probably works best if you have speakers, and turn them up really loud.


  1. Fraser, while I feel your technical skills increasingly are lapping mine a hudredfold, I wasn’t getting any closure from that one… should I wait longer? I have a twentieth-century attention span.

  2. The prolonged absence of wombats from your work is disturbing.
    There’s not even a hint of Hasselhoff, and John Craven has been passed over in favour of a, wait for it, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    Do you *want* to pass this course?

  3. Somehow you’ve bettered the farting cat. Thank you.

  4. I fear your l33t sk1llz.

  5. my speakers were very loud.
    it was ace.
    but i agree that some closure would have been good.
    i stayed watching the loop for about an hour.

  6. I stayed watching it for about an hour too. Completely by accident, though – it took me that long to realise it was a loop and it wasn’t exciting developments in a storyline involving the fish taking on the dinosaurs and the geese taking bets. Entertaining nonetheless.