blogjam down under

Rather like Starbucks or McDonalds, blogjam is branching out internationally, and I’m very pleased to be able to announce the opening of the Australian franchise, which can be found within the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald. Bonzer.


  1. Sue him! Sue him HARD!

    Better still, offer to write it for him. With links. And money.

  2. Throw sticks at him Fraser. Better still, throw stones. Even better than that, throw both.

    ‘Cos “sticks and stones may break his bones”.

  3. Goddamn fkn australians. claim fkn everything as their own! I should know! I’m a kiwi, first they take russel crowe, then they try to claim crowded house and now the girl from Whale rider (the movie) just coz she was born in aussie.. even though her family are all kiwis. and now BLOGJAM? For gods sake aussies really have NO identity now do they?
    perhaps a little bit of blatant racism but oh well never mind.