breedster mayhem

Strange, disturbing things are afoot at the Breedster community. First of all I contracted a bug that affected my digestive tract and slowed my metabolism down, then an STD that delivered me infertile. Others have experienced the same thing and received a parallel dose of vitriol. Still more are willfully infecting the population with further STDs, apending the title ‘AIDS’ to their user names. Lovely. Personally, I’ve comitted suicide (terminated my account) so that at least I’m unable to infect anyone else.

what's that spell

Finally, there are those who appear to be clubbing together to spell out words on the grid. ‘Otter’, maybe?

It’s anarchy, I tell you.


  1. Mebbe the word is other…

    I guess Breedster is a social networking thing of some kind? In any case, looks like it might be one to avoid. For a while, anyway.

    Peace x

  2. wow – that’s all a bit heavy going. Interesting, but a bit nasty.

  3. Someone spelled PERU in droppings last week, I had warnings about the STD’s but thought it was a joke at the time, we shall see then.

  4. Thessa Smolders


    I was just browsing the web and stumbled on this site. I was pleasently surprised to find a screenshot of *our* OT (which stands for Off Topic) here! How do you like our new project in the upper part of the grid, the white heart? Anyway, keep watching the grid carefully, within a few days something new will appear!


    P.S. It wasn’t spelled PERU, but PERIK, hit search and you will find a louse with that name

  5. But you missed the sparkle of hope in the grid: there is a bug who has the abbility to cure std-infected buggs. Our Jesus in the grid, our Yomanda from Tiel in lice-city!!!!
    One clue: it is a totally purple bug…
    Love, Zomer

  6. Before you jump on that purple bug and/or any of his friends, you should better read my post on the purpose of the game that is actually Breedster.

  7. How can anyone find tha ‘jesus-bug’? Does it have a name? Then we can search for it ;) Gr Liez

  8. Thoses are cool pictures of cute little kittens. I have one who does the cutest things, you couldn’t belelieve, she would do.