New on blogjam: I made a thing. I like to think of it as a valuable teaching aid. It’s all about animals. I hope you are both educated and entertained by its bestial magnificence.


  1. Now that is about the most marvellous thing I have ever witnessed.

    It is educational and stimulating to almost all the senses, and best of all it makes you think.

    *round of hearty applause*

  2. Sir, I salute you.

  3. As all penguins come from the southern hemisphere, do northern hemisphere-dwelling penguins get all confused when they see the water in the toilet going down the wrong way?

    There could be a PhD in this…

  4. Snopes is a pretty trustworthy source.

  5. great, fraser!

    can I download it and use it in school????

  6. So when the 2 snake heads fight over food, does one snake head die or something? How the hell did you ever hear of this and when are there ever two-headed snakes?? I thought that was supposed to be informative!

  7. Oh THOSE two-headed snakes! I hit those damn things in the road everyday while I’m driving to work. Okay well sorry I read Cosmopolitan instead of National Geographic.

  8. Personally, I don’t read anything whilst driving to work, particularly the Daily Sport where the pictures distract me and cause me to drive over pedestrians and penguins.


  10. Great job – you have reached your aim I think. But remember you shouldn’t stop:))

  11. this site is wikid i iz usin it in skool for a power point presintation about the a-z ov animals!!!!!!!!!!

  12. it is really good you can find out about animals that you probbably didnt even know existed!!!

  13. I love animals do you have any animals that start with a O well never mind ANIMALS ROCK!

  14. This web site in the best! It would be great for young school studients. Thanks

  15. ducks’ quacks don’t echo. toffee crisp packit said so. site’s wikid man, innit. i iz uzin it for makin me clevererer, innit

  16. you should have more animal names.

  17. dan an liz, innit is stupid!

  18. I found this Website Extremly Interesting, i could not think of any animals for the following letters u, z. This website has thoroughly broadened my horizons of the knowlege of animals, thank you for this breathtaking experiene, i found the sounds very exciting.


  19. the animals are very cute!!!
    the sounds were not very realistic though, sort it!!


  21. This shit is gay

  22. no offence but you all seem to be over the hook weird, why are you all talking about animals!!! der cool but, WHAT! p.s penguins dont come from eithier da north of south, tooda loo…….

  23. i agree i mean what is dis all abot! they r goin on abot a fuckin load of animals dats what!

  24. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahayaul need sumore animals

  25. Great, we got stuck on animals beginning with X and U so this was really useful. Thanks very much. +++++++++++++

  26. I love this! Who is it that’s so jaded they can’t enjoy alphabetic animals?!

  27. That Is Rubbish! All You Did Was Find A Bunch Of Animals And Chuck In A Few Facts In Alphabetical Order!

  28. Well spotted! We have a genius in our midst…

  29. i think that is program was very educational for my three childeren thank you and please put new animals on this like the caribo.

  30. this is a must see site for anyone interested in animals.
    i think youve done a grand job. A*

  31. you should have more animals.

  32. does anybody know an animal beginning with x

  33. How about an animal that looks like a mountain goat or ram but starts with the letter U?

  34. Ithought this was very interesting for an animal lover to read as i have 22 cats and 4 parrots 2 dogs and 2 snakes

  35. this website is brill it has helped me with my homework and on eof the best animal sites thankyou so much an di hope it helps someone else with their homework

  36. this website is awesome and it has helped me so much with my homework i was so stuck until i came on the internet with my dad thank you sooooo much and i hope it helps someone else. seez ya peeps

  37. Great site, helped me with my home work. What would we do without these sites

  38. i sooo can’t think of an animal beginning with the letter X!! Can you help me out???!!!

  39. hi i no how g-g feels at skol i had 2 think of an animal begging wit x
    …………………………………zantus…………………..who knew………………….

  40. I never new what a dork ment well now I know! *:)

    WHALE’S PENIS!!! YAY!!!!!!! :)

  41. THANK YOU!!! You have an awesome website…I was trying to think of animals that began with the letter “N” and did not think of the nuthatch. …I thought Newt. The pictures on the website are loverly.

  42. Animal startig with an X: xenopus. Some kind of frog :D

  43. Very very nice, good work!

  44. Well I love this websit its cool

  45. hey Jim wanne chat about animals????

  46. very good job p.s what is this about

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    hi c my name it is true. my name begins with b 4 becky i love beavers and bats.

  48. o_o Interesting Fact About the Whale.

    Anywhoo, this is just Like a Powerpoint Project we Have to at school. I may use some of the the Names.

  49. i was doing this project and i needed animals for every letter. i looked everywhere and couldnt find them when i found this website. I LOVE U.

  50. I think it’s cheating using birds in the list!

  51. A bit of intelligence

    Could someone explain the following:
    Der cool?
    New or is it knew?
    Ment or is it mean’t?

    Great site…needs moderator!!

  52. The noise of the whale was absoloutly amazing and the Kookaburra was marvelous. A great site. Thanks

  53. it really helped alot when i got stuck on U through y. I luved it

  54. Hello I love my boyfriend Alex :) I hope we will be together froever!!

  55. The one of the singular can and may confuse the many of the plural.

  56. smelly animals hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha exept for the cat

  57. Great stuff, solved a problem for dad, when posed ‘challenging’ question by cleaver 15 year old son. Apparently got many good marks, brownie points, or whatever. for this information thanks

  58. Great website, helped my young son out with his homework! Like the sounds too. Thank you.

  59. Harry and charlotte

    We thought your web was great make more a-z webs there good








  63. THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST WEBSITES EVER… I LIKE THE KITTY BEST!!!!! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  65. thanx i really needed an animal which starts with x

  66. Thanks a mil for the U, X and Z. My son and I needed this for his cub scouts.

  67. I need an animal that starts with the letters Q and X

  68. Thank you for all your useful information. It has helped me to complete my a-z of animals and birds. I am doing a sponsor a-z for charity at my local after school club for children with luekaemia. We hope to raise a lot of money. Thanks again. Rachel aged 6 and a half

  69. hey
    this website is real cool.. its a real help for students. thanx for making such an awesome website!!

  70. exctly
    it ain’t real dat coool.. though it itz helpful du uh
    ot dat bad.
    can b made better….

  71. this website is good for children from 3-12

  72. hey i live the squeem

  73. this is cool too bad i can’t use it at school. The whole whale penis quote ruins the whole thing otherwise I love it! :)

  74. It’s pretty cool. but i think you should put more animals for each one..x

  75. =D Where did you get the information anyway?

  76. hi i would just like to say can you please put more information and more animalsan your website some children have to do homework and need more information other than that the website is amazing love yaz x x

  77. Fab – I needed to find a animal beginning with each letter of the alphabet – you saved me loads of time searching the internet – A VERY BIG thanks!!

  78. u should weird bye

  79. Awesome – thank you. My son was stuck on a few letters for animals and this was very helpful! :)

  80. at last i know an animal that starts with N, thank you!

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  84. This site really helped me!!! :)